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Help us interview Jordan Rudess and win!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For most Prog Rock and Synth fans, the name Jordan Rudess is instantly recognisable. A world-renowned progressive rock keyboardist for Dream Theater who is also enormously successful in his own right, Jordan’s playing technique is enthralling to listen to and purely hypnotic to watch with a level of excellence that also extends to his compositional and arranging abilities.

JR Hexatone Pro

The latest string to his bow sees Jordan confirming furthermore that the iPhone should be considered as a legitimate musical instrument with the release of a groundbreaking new iPhone app. The JR Hexatone Pro enables users to create rhythm patterns in six directions going back and forth, all thanks to complex algorithms. The app is loaded with a massive library of 400 samples and 40 factory sessions and can also be loaded with user’s own custom samples.

Ivory Pianos

Fans of Jordan will know he is also a long-time fan and friend of Synthogy – one of the world’s leading developers of virtual piano software. Their Ivory product line which includes Ivory Grand Pianos, Ivory Italian Grand and Ivory Upright Pianos, has become the industry standard for music producers and composers all over the world. In fact, Jordan loves the sounds so much he recorded his recent solo album ‘Notes on a Dream’ entirely with Ivory!

So here comes the good bit…

We’ll be interviewing Jordan Rudess in October for a special Time+Space online feature and we’re giving you the chance to ask the questions!

Send your question/s for Jordan to us and we’ll pick the ten best for the interview. The entrant for each question that is picked will receive a special Time+Space 25% discount code and the winning question (picked by Jordan) will win all three Ivory products plus a copy of Notes on a Dream signed by the man himself!

So, get your thinking caps on – what questions have you been dying to put to Jordan that other interviewers have neglected to ask? We’re looking forward to receiving some original and imaginative entries!

Jordan on tour

Send your question/s to marketing@timespace.com with the subject ‘I would like to ask Jordan Rudess…’ Alternatively just use this email link and enter your answer.

Closing date for questions is 30th September 2009. You may enter more than one question, however only one question per person can be picked. Winners will be notified by email prior to the interview which will be published on the Time+Space website in October.

Check out the video below of Jordan playing at Winter Namm January 2009


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