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How do I install and register Superior Drummer 2?


Installing Superior Drummer 2.0
Please ensure you are logged in as an Administrator and have no User Access Control restrictions enabled before proceeding (see your operating system’s help files for details).

1) Insert DVD number one (1) and navigate to the /Install folder relevant to your platform (MAC or PC).

2) Double-click on the Superior Drummer Installer located in this folder and follow the instructions. If choosing a default install, the software will automatically be installed in the appropriate location for your currently installed virtual instrument host. You should however verify that this is the case and choose to perform a custom install and change the destination target if this is not appropriate for your host (see your host manual for further details).

Once the Software Installer has completed successfully, the Installer will automatically launch the installation of the Superior Drummer 2.0 Sound Library. You will be given the opportunity to choose between four (4) different custom installations - from the 4 GB basic install to the full 20 GB Sound Library. Please make your selection, then browse your file manager and select the desired location for the Sound Library installation. The Sound Library can be installed to any internal or external drive.

Please allow every DVD to finish and wait for your system to prompt for new media before inserting a new DVD. Installing the Sound Library can be time consuming, so please be patient!

Should the install process be interrupted for any reason, please restart the Installer and choose the same install option and install location. Should installation still fails to complete but DVD1 completed successfully, you may still be able to start working by manually linking the minimal install from within the software. Please refer to the last chapter at the end of this manual for instructions.

Registering Superior Drummer 2.0 and Authorizing your Computer
If this is your first Toontrack product, please begin by setting up a user account at http://www.toontrack.com/register/ and register your product by using your unique serial number, found on the back of the DVD sleeve (or alternative placement on the product packaging).

If you already have one or several Toontrack products registered to an account, simply log in and register.

On first launching Superior Drummer® 2.0, you will be prompted to authorize the software. The authorization screen will display your unique Computer ID and ask you to key in an authorization code in order to use the software.

To obtain the response code, please follow the on-screen instructions:
1. Copy or manually write down your unique Computer ID from the Authorization Screen.
2. Go back to your account and click the “Authorize Product” button in the right hand menu.
3. Add a short “Computer Description” for your convenience.
4. Paste or manually enter the Computer ID to generate your Authorization Code.
5. Paste or manually enter the Authorization Code back into the Authorization Screen in Superior Drummer® 2.0
6. Press <Authorize> in the product interface.

You will be greeted with a congratulation to confirm that Superior Drummer® 2.0 has been successfully authorized. Should Authorization fail, please first make sure the computer ID displayed in the Authorization Screen indeed matches the one you used to generate your code. If not, please repeat the above steps and use the proper ID.

Should Authorization still fail, please review the Authorization FAQ located at http://www.toontrack.com/faq/ If the problem remains unresolved after consulting the above repository of issues and you need to contact support, please make sure to include your serial number, Computer ID, and a detailed description of the issue so our support advisers may help you as efficiently as posible.

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