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DAW Updates  >  Logic Pro X 7

DAW Updates

Logic Pro X

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Apple have released a massive update to Logic Pro X, version 10.1.1. This is a free update to registered Logic Pro X users. Simply go to the Purchases section in your App Store and install the latest updated version.

Logic Pro X 10.1.1 update

Stability and performance

  • Logic no longer sometimes stops responding when you open it with Euphonix control surfaces installed
  • Resolves an issue that could cause the Download Manager to appear empty
  • Logic no longer sometimes quits unexpectedly when you use Izotope RX4 as external audio editor


Main window

  • Disabling Automation view in the Main window no longer causes region-based automation that has been switched off to playback unexpectedly
  • Click-holding a region now immediately brings up the Region Info window
  • It is again possible to split a take region with the Scissors tool
  • Editing automation during playback now works properly in projects that start before 1 1 1 1
  • Writing automation for send mutes now works as expected
  • The cursor keys on control surfaces no longer sometimes trigger unexpected key commands
  • Region based automation for all Smart Control parameters now displays reliably
  • Logic now displays the tempo correctly when the Display Tempo As preference is set to "Frames Per Click with Decimals," or "Frames Per Click with Eighths," and the frame rate is 50, 59.94, or 60 fps
  • Audio tracks edited with Melodyne in songs that originated in Logic Pro 9 now play back in sync
  • Logic Screensets that include only plug-in windows work as expected again
  • MIDI regions recorded in Cycle mode no longer sometimes have a measure before the start position of the recording when the first note is performed within the Cycle Pre-processing time before the downbeat
  • The "Beats from Region" function works as expected again
  • Logic no longer outputs an audio pop when switching between certain patches
  • Editors
  • Deleting fader events for region based automation in the Event List editor now properly removes the interpolation events between them
  • Clicking the plus button in the Sysex Fader editor again adds events as expected
  • All audio take regions now reliably display in the Track Editor
  • The Brush Tool no longer gets stuck in fixed pitch mode when selected after using the Pencil Tool
  • While using the Brush tool, pressing Shift while pressing the mouse button no longer erases the recently brushed notes
  • There is now an option "Snap MIDI Draw and Automation” in the Piano Roll Snap menu
  • Auto Set Locators no longer improperly follows note selections inside of regions
  • The Toggle Loop trigger setting in Touch Tracks again works as expected
  • The Piano Roll now reliably opens with the visible area showing the notes contained in the selected region
  • Undo now reliably works after moving events in the Piano Roll
  • Looping regions with Show Drum Names enabled in the Piano Roll no longer causes notes to transpose unexpectedly
  • Muted notes in the Piano Roll no longer play when clicked
  • Scale Quantize no longer sometimes moves notes that are already in the selected key
  • Touching the Ruler in the Piano Roll with a rubber band selection no longer causes visible Time Frame handles to move to the wrong position
  • MIDI events clicked in the Piano Roll now output on their set MIDI channel as expected
  • The “Delete and Select Next Event” key command now works properly in the Piano Roll
  • Using the right/left arrow keys now reliably triggers notes in the Piano Roll when a different track is selected in the Main window
  • On/Off buttons in the Environment again operate correctly with a short mouse click
  • Environment cabling is now reliably maintained when importing Environment layers not a project
  • The Note Head menu in the Environment Mapped Instrument editor is no longer empty
  • MIDI Draw automation points now follow the mouse as expected when editing in an independent Piano Roll window
  • Mixer
  • Pre-fader sends are no longer affected by VCA fader changes
  • Replacing Drum Kit Designer with Drum Machine Designer on a Drummer track channel strip no longer converts the track to a Software Instrument track
  • Audio Device controls no longer sometimes display non-functional buttons for the attached audio interface
  • Undoing the deletion of a channel strip in the Mixer no longer leaves the channel strip in a non-functional state
  • Plug-ins
  • Changing the Knee value in the Platinum Compressor no longer causes unexpected changes in sound and metering when switching to the Classic VCA Compressor model
  • Multimeter plug-in instances saved in previous versions of Logic now load with the correct settings
  • Logic Remote and Controls view in Logic Pro no longer show the RMS/Peak controls for the Compressor models that do not support RMS/Peak
  • Songs using Lexicon PCM Native bundle plug-ins no longer exhibit audio artifacts when played back
  • Accessibility
  • VoiceOver can once again access audio channels as well as the track header volume and pan controls
  • Control Surfaces
  • Channel names now update correctly on control surfaces when opening or clos track stacks in Logic
  • Logic Remote again reliably connects to Logic Pro X at launch when you set the Startup Action to “Ask" in Logic Pro
  • EuCon Artist control surfaces can again control a channel’s send level in Logic

For more information about Logic Pro X, please see www.apple.com/logic-pro 


Previous System Requirements for Logic Pro X 10.1.0

  • 4GB of RAM
  • Display with 1280-by-768 resolution or higher
  • OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Requires 64-bit Audio Units plug-ins
  • Minimum 5GB of disk space. 35GB of optional content available via in-app download

For more information about Logic Pro X, please see www.apple.com/logic-pro

Logic Pro X 10.1.0 update

New features and enhancements:

  • 10 new Drummers that produce beats in a variety of electronic and hip hop styles including Techno, House, Trap, Dubstep and more
  • Drummer provides specialized sound and performance controls for dialing in electronic or hip hop drum grooves
  • New Drum Machine Designer plug-in for customizing electronic drum kits
  • Redesigned Compressor plug-in features scalable, Retina-ready interface and 7 models including the new Classic VCA
  • Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio and is able to stack up to 8 voices
  • Note Repeat and Spot Erase modes allow classic drum machine style techniques for creating beats in realtime
  • Automation can now be part of a region, not just the track
  • Relative and Trim Automation modes extend the options for fine-tuning existing automation
  • Manage large-scale mixes more easily with the addition of console-style VCA faders in the mixer
  • Mixer now allows remote control of microphone and other input settings for compatible audio interfaces
  • Realtime rendering of fades allow them to work with Flex Pitch and speeds up project load times
  • The Plug-in Manager now allows you to customize the organization of your menu
  • Support for Mail Drop and AirDrop in OS X Yosemite makes it even easier to share your Logic projects
  • Expanded sound library includes over 200 new synth patches and 10 Mellotron instruments
  • The Piano Roll editor now features a Brush tool for creating or deleting a sequence of notes with single mouse gestures
  • Smart Quantize proportionally corrects the timing and length of notes to preserve the musicality of your original performance
  • Track Stacks can now be disclosed/undisclosed directly in the Mixer independently of the Tracks area
  • New Collapse view option in the Piano Roll Editor lets you see more notes in less vertical space

Main Window

  • When an Apple Loop is added to a new track, the channel strip volume is now set to match the pre-listen volume in the Loop Browser
  • There is now an option that allows the looped portion of looped regions to have a darker shade than the parent region
  • The cycle locators in the LCD now reliably show the cycle state in projects originally created by earlier versions of Logic
  • The "Slice at Transient Markers" command now works on regions up to 256 bars in length
  • The Patch Library can now be used to browse and assign patches to the right-hand channel strip in the Tracks area Inspector when it´s selected
  • Replace mode recording onto a Take Lane of a group track that is clutched no longer removes that track from the group (this allows group comping to work as expected once the group is reactivated)
  • Dragging the right edge of a region to the right in songs that start before 1111 no longer results in unexpected jumps in the region border
  • The Zoom to Fit Selection command now includes the looped portions of looped regions
  • Logic no longer fails to record when the SMPTE start time is 00:00:00:0000 and there is a Record pre-roll
  • Creating a MIDI track with a device configured in Audio MIDI Setup now behaves as expected
  • When recording MIDI, Logic now captures notes played up to 1 bar before the first downbeat
  • Logic no longer shows a File Not Found error when renaming an audio file that´s stored outside the project folder in the Project Audio window
  • When the locators are set to start at 1 1 1 1, the Insert Silence at Locators command no longer adds an unneeded 4/4 time signature and changes the LCD display to -9 1 1 1
  • The "Split by Playhead" command no longer moves SMPTE locked regions when performed at high zoom levels
  • Creating a new Software Instrument track no longer causes Logic’s global tuning to reset to A440 if it´s been changed


  • The Option key can now be used with the Scissors tool to divide a long note into a set of equal length shorter notes
  • The Event list now immediately updates to show notes copied into the Score or Piano Roll editors
  • Edits to notes performed in the Event List are now immediately reflected in the Piano Roll
  • Deleting an event definition in the Step Editor now selects the next event definition
  • It´s now possible to select a group of events in the Step Editor by Shift-dragging over them with the pointer
  • The Finger tool can now be used to move events in the Step Editor
  • When a region is moved in the Tracks area, its position in the Step Editor bar ruler is now immediately updated
  • The MIDI In and MIDI Out buttons in the Event List and Piano Roll now synchronize between the two editors as expected
  • The timeline in the Step Editor now updates immediately when the Division format is changed in the LCD
  • Right-clicking in the MIDI Draw area of the Piano Roll no longer causes selected regions to be de-selected
  • MIDI Draw in the Piano Roll now reliably shows labels for all MIDI controller types
  • The Paste command is again available in the Piano Roll contextual menu


  • Changing the automation mode for a group of Aux channels selected in the Track Mixer now works reliably when some of them are assigned to tracks in the Tracks Area
  • Changes made simultaneously to the automation display of multiple tracks are now immediately visible in the Tracks area
  • A tooltip showing position information is again shown when moving an automation or a MIDI Draw point in the Tracks area
  • In Write mode, automation is no longer written for MIDI plug-ins when plug-in automation is disabled in automation preferences
  • A long click on a horizontal MIDI Draw automation line no longer unexpectedly changes it to a vertical line
  • When a region is copied at the same position from one track to another using the same channel strip, Logic no longer asks whether automation should be copied
  • When adjusting velocity in MIDI Draw, the velocity now displays as expected in the Tooltip
  • Engaging the mute switch on one automation lane no longer mutes automation on other lanes
  • Undo now works correctly when used after opening Automation lanes
  • It´s now possible to use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the track list when Automation lanes are disclosed on some tracks
  • Setting an automation mode for an Aux in the main window Channel Strip Inspector now creates a track for the Aux in the Tracks area
  • A single click in MIDI Draw no longer creates multiple automation points
  • It´s no longer possible to place two automation points for the same parameter in a track on the same clock tick
  • When automation is enabled for the first time in a project, the power buttons for track automation now default to On for each track


  • Flex pitch now works in areas of audio regions where fades have been applied
  • When the flex mode is changed on a track, flex is no longer enabled on regions where flex had been disabled
  • When the delete key is used to remove a flex marker in one track of an editing group, the corresponding flex markers in other tracks in the group are now reliably deleted as well
  • Edits applied to split stereo audio files no longer remove or corrupt existing flex edits on those files
  • Resetting manual flex pitch edits no longer causes all flex pitch values to disappear in the Tracks window
  • Double-clicking a flex pitched note in the Tracks area now resets its pitch as expected
  • When a flex pitch edit is applied to a note in a Take, the pitch values displayed for other notes in the Take are no longer incorrectly displayed as having the same value
  • The Create MIDI Track from Flex Pitch Data command now works reliably on the first try
  • Undo after gluing two flex pitched notes together now works as expected
  • Flex pitched notes now continue to display reliably after the region containing them is divided
  • Key signature changes no longer cause unexpected transposition of flex pitched audio tracks


  • Edits applied to fades are now audible during playback
  • Flex edits applied to regions with fades are now audible during playback
  • When switching Project Alternatives, Logic no longer plays fades incorrectly
  • It´s now possible to change the Fade type in the Region Inspector when multiple regions with fades of different lengths are selected

Global Tracks

  • Highlighted text fields in Global Tracks pop-up windows now maintain proper alignment when the window is resized
  • Beat Mapping using “Tolerate missing or additional events” now works with time signatures of 3/4, 5/4, and 6/4 as well as 4/4
  • Deleting beat markers on the Beat Mapping track now reliably deletes the corresponding tempo events
  • The Eraser tool now works reliably when deleting beat markers in the Beat Mapping track
  • The beat mapping track now always shows a handle at the beginning and end of a region, whether or not there is a detected transient at those positions
  • Markers are now displayed in the timeline when the Global Marker track is not visible
  • When the starting time code for a project has been changed from the default, copying an Arrangement Marker no longer resets the project’s starting timecode to 00:00:00:0000
  • If the Marker track is hidden, renaming an Arrangement marker no longer causes it to be shown
  • The Marker Track now maintains its set height when a screen set is recalled
  • Tooltips are again displayed when moving or copying Markers and Arrangement Markers
  • It´s now possible to show/hide individual global tracks after adding a movie to a project
  • Switching from one Tempo Set to another while pressing Option now copies the first Tempo Set


  • Notes in high octaves now loop reliably in all EXS instruments
  • When in MIDI Mono Mode, EXS24 now responds to channel pressure independently per MIDI channel
  • The Recall Default plug-in setting now works with the Delay Designer plug-in
  • It´s now possible to dynamically hide or show parameters in the Scripter plug-in
  • The Arpeggiator plug-in’s Pattern name now instantly updates when changes are made to the selected pattern name, or a pattern is loaded or deleted
  • The Power button in a MIDI plug-in window can now be mapped to a Smart Control
  • Audio Unit MIDI plug-ins now play back at the correct tempo when the project sample rate is set to something other than 441 kHz
  • Scrolling numerical values with the mouse in the Channel EQ again works as expected
  • Ultrabeat and EXS24 now remain in sync when the project tempo is changed during playback
  • When Logic’s playhead is moved while playback is stopped, the playhead in an inserted Melodyne plug-in now updates to show the correct position
  • The Gain plug-in no longer introduces clicks when switching between mono and stereo, or swapping L and R
  • The text showing the db value for the Output Gain slider on Amp Designer displays as expected
  • In the Pitch Shifter plug-in, changing the Stereo Link from Inverse to Normal no longer causes some of the unprocessed signal to sound when the Mix setting is 100%
  • The Ensemble plug-in now outputs audio to the left channel in single voice mode
  • Removing a multi-output Software Instrument track now also removes its associated Aux channels from the Mixer
  • The text for the Show/Hide all Plug-in Windows menu now correctly matches the current state of the plug-in windows
  • Custom I/O labels now show up correctly with the External Instrument and I/O plug-ins

For more information about Logic Pro X 10.1, please see Apple´s release notes:

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