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Save your audio and save money with iZotope's RX 6 September sale

Friday, September 1, 2017

"We didn´t think it could get any better than RX 5, but we were wrong - there´s seemingly nothing RX 6 can´t do when it comes to sorting out sub-par recordings and spectral manipulation." - Computer Music magazine

Since iZotope released RX 6 earlier this year, the audio repair software has been highly commended for its breathtaking new tech and its ever-more advanced abilities to rescue sub-par audio in both music and post production scenarios.

Highlights of RX 6 include...

New technology - solves some of the biggest issues in post production including low-end wind rumble, lavalier mic rustle, and voice isolation.

Microphone bleed removal - a new De-bleed module for drums and  other acoustic instruments like piano, vocals, guitar, and more.

Dialogue & Vocal Repair - new repair tools designed specifically for dialogue and vocals including Mouth De-click, Breath Control, and the innovating new Spectral De-ess module.

Composite View - bring in up to 16 individual audio tracks and edit them as if they were one, easily removing audio issues that appear across multiple microphones – a huge time saver!

and more!

Click here to view the full RX product line and take advantage of up to 50% off until 29th September

Already own an RX product? There´s an upgrade option in the sale for you!

  • Upgrade to RX Elements from RX Plug-In Pack for just £38.95 click here
  • Upgrade to RX 6 Standard from £119 click here
  • Upgrade to RX 6 Advanced from £235 click here
  • Upgrade to RX Post Production Suite 2 from £275 click here

Don´t own RX but own another iZotope product?

You could be eligible to buy the RX 6 Crossgrade and save 50% with a price tag of just £155 - only available for a limited time! Click for details

Post Production Suite 2 - Save over 35%!

This package contains over £1500-worth of software solutions for everything from dialogue editing to mixing and delivery. It includes RX 6 Advanced, Neutron Advanced Mixing Tool, RX Loudness Control and Insight Metering Suite.

Buy it from just £275 until 30th September! Click here for more details

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