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Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload)

Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload)

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Organic and synth melodic instruments, arpeggiated instruments and epic One-Shots

Heavyocity AEON Melodic virtual instrument delivers everything from lyrical and expressive to dark and aggressive sounds across 25Gb of organic and synth melodic instruments, arpeggiated instruments and epic One-Shots.

This unique collection combines traditional, ethnic and orchestral instruments with searing synths and edgy samples, all created with Heavyocity´s signature quality.


Twist, Punish, Effect

Globally affect the preset with one of the 4 Master FX (delay, Mod, Drive and Convolution). You have control over four effect-specific parameters (like effect amount, rate, size or depth).

Dial in the aggression with the signatire ´Punish´ knob, a combination of saturation, distortion, and compression. Or, modulate the shape of the sound with the new ´Twist´ knob.

Master your Sound

AEON´s user interface was designed for composers and sound designers by composer´s and sound designers, providing simple, intuitive ways to alter the sounds withough leaving the interface.

Three levels of effects are intrinisically bound to the Melodic and Rhythmic Components - apply effects globally, engage the Advanced Trigger-FX or tweak individual sounds.



AEON offers over 130 multi-sampled melodic instruments and 80+ synths and basses (ranging from pristine and ethereal to punchy and aggressive). Sculpt your tone with per-channel Tune, Pan, Level, and EQs or add sizzle and punch with the 4-band Master EQ. New in AEON is the ability to control the modularion of filters with an envelope or LFO. Alter the amount and rate of an LFO, or trigger the Filter with an ADSR envelope.

The unique ´AEON Hits´ consist of complex melodic one-shot impacts, perfect for adding an epic quality to your track.


AEON´s advanced arpeggiator allows for composition of melodic and rhythmic phrases. Load one of the 5 factory presets, or save your own for use in any preset. You have full control over ste amount and can adjust time signature, note subdivision (straight or triplet), individual note duration, pitch and velocity.

There are also controls for retrigger, glide, poly/mono, octave randomizing, and playback type (chord, pairs, etc). It includes 8 fully customizable and linkable patterns per preset to create long and intricate melodic phrases (up to 128 steps).


Three levels of effects are intrinsically bound to the presets - apply effects globally, trigger performance effects, or tweak individual sounds.

Master Effects control distortion, reverb, delay, and modulation.

The Advanced Trigger FX are switchable real-time effects with incredible scope for intuitive, creative sound-tweaking. Control the attack and decay of each triggered effect, or turn on the sequence, and modulate the effect in time.

The Punish and Twist knobs preside over everything, adding signature drive and character.


Organic Instruments

Over the course of two years, Heavyocity captured in-depth recordings of a wide array of instruments. Over 10,000 samples were recorded at 48 kHz, 24-bit in world class studios. Instruments ranging from Tuned Cowbells and Upright Bass to pristine Crotales and Harps provide you with a vast range of timbres at your fingertips.

Unique Ensembles

AEON provides a vast range of sampled material including a number of unique ensembles. Performed in unison, these ensembles were made up of instruments like Tuned Dinner Bells, Stringed Oil Cans, and Plucked Guitar.

Pure Analog Synth

For AEON, Heavyocity captured true analog fatness from a combination of modular analog synth rigs. Carefully crafted, tuned, and tracked, these sounds range from serence to horrifically aggressive.

Tech Specs

  • 25+ Gb
  • 9,800+ samples
  • 315 NKIs:
  • 70 Deeply Sampled Organic Presets
  • 78 Synth Presets
  • 29 Hybrid Presets
  • 124 Arpeggiator Presets
  • 39 Signature AEON Hits
  • Distortion, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, ADSR, Filter, EQ and LFO controls
  • Advanced Arpeggiator
  • Advanced Trigger FX
  • 48kHz/24-bit samples

Press Reviews

Cm Performance"Aeon delivers an excellent palette of sounds. It´s great for soundtracks and sound design, but also for when you just want something a little different to throw into a track." - Computer Music - 9/10 and a Performance Award

Electronic Musician Editors Choice 2014"Instead of industrial, clangorous tones, the collection leans heavily on organic-sounding samples, ranging from guitars, dobro, and banjo, to odd convolved combinations of synthesizer tones; cello and bass drum; upright bass, oil can, and guitar - with inspiringly musical results. Add a killer arpeggiator, triggered effects, and the ability to alter loops on the fly, and you have a sound library for the ages." - Electronic Musician awards AEON the Editor´s Choice 2014 accolade

Music Tech Choice

"Overall, the preset selection is vast and varied. Throughout the pack the production value is high and can be adapted as the user needs in a variety of ways for variation and general expression." - Music Tech (Rating 9/10)

  • Virtual Instrument
  • Kontakt Library

    NKS compatible

System Requirements
Windows MAC
Download Mp3 Demo(s)
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 1
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 2
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 3
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 4
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 5
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 6
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 7
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 8
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 9
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 10
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 11
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 12
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 13
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 14
Download Mp3 Heavyocity AEON Melodic (Dowload) Demo Download 15
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The Heavyocity license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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