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Big Fish Audio Ambient Black (Download)

Big Fish Audio Ambient Black (Download)

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Big Fish Audio

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A collection of original instruments and textures suitable for all ambient music.

Ambient Black is the second of a linked pair of sound design-based virtual instruments designed to provide composers and producers with a collection of original instruments and textures suitable for all sorts of ambient music.

As its name implies, Ambient Black covers the darker end of the ambient spectrum, focusing on harsh, aggressive, atonal, mysterious, and industrial sounds. Ambient White, the first VI in this series, covers the opposite end of the ambient spectrum.

The majority of sounds used in the creation of Ambient Black were derived from organic sources: found sounds and audio recordings subjected to extreme sound design techniques, prepared and/or heavily processed musical instruments, and sounds recorded in natural environments. Those synth sounds that were used were also processed with sound design techniques, and/or combined with various organic sounds and instruments.

The end result is a product that combines acoustic, humanistic, industrial, and electronic elements to produce an organic-sounding virtual musical instrument.

The Instrument Patches
Ambient Black features over 280 different instrument patches and combinations (over 6.5 GB of uncompressed wav data), divided into seven categories:

1. Multi-Layered Instruments
2. Drones & Atmospheres
3. Bass Instruments
4. Percussive Instruments
5. Melodic Instruments
6. Looped Instrument Phrases
7. Effects & Textures

The most complex instrument patches in Ambient Black are the Multi-Layered Instruments, which were created using combinations of patches from the other six categories. These patches are organized by their basic type, using the following prefixes:

ATMOS Layered Atmospheres and Pads
BASS Layered Bass Instruments
FX Layered Effects & Textures
LOOP Layered Looped Phrases
MELO Layered Melodic Instruments
PERC Layered Percussive Instruments




Multi-Layered Instrument Patches
Many of the Multi-Layered Instrument patches consist of multiple evolving atmospheres, effects, textures, and/or looped phrases. For best results, try playing these patches with one finger, or in octaves. This suggestion doesn´t apply to Layered PERC patches, which in general don´t have any pronounced melodic or harmonic content; playing multiple notes at a time with these Layered patches can produce some interesting polyrhythmic patterns.

Effects & Textures
The Effects & Textures category includes a number of strange and aggressive sounds that were primarily designed to be used mainly as cinematic sound design elements. Most don´t have an identifiable pitch or key-center, though some can be used as drones in certain musical contexts.

Percussive Instruments
The Percussive Instruments include several different acoustic, industrial, and electronic drum kits. There´s also a selection of cinematic hits, glitches, industrial sounds, and other unusual percussive sounds.

Drones & Atmospheres
Many of the Drones & Atmospheres are long, and evolve over time. Try holding a key for 10, 20, or even 30 seconds, and listen to how each of these sounds develops. Because most of these sounds are huge and dense, try playing just single notes or octaves.

Melodic and Bass Instruments
The Melodic and Bass Instruments are mainly single-note patches. However, a few of these patches also few have some underlying harmonic content, and can be used as Pads.

Looped Instruments
The Looped Instruments include simple repeating patterns and some more-complex patterns created by mixing multiple loops together. Most of the loops lock to tempo, but some do not; this was done intentionally, in order to add an element of randomness and unpredictability to some of the patches. Looped Instruments should be played like the Drones & Atmospheres, using solo notes or octaves for less-complex patterns and different intervals for more experimental and harmonically-dense effects.


Press Reviews

"Ambient Black is made from some very cool sounds that will inspire and complement your next dark score[..]This dark, industrial, dystopian tool kit could be just what you need if your looking for something new to inspire or augment your next suspense score. After a quick play-through of the instruments I was inspired to start creating a sinister sculpture of musical maleficence." - Sample Library Review

"This is an incredibly well-produced collection of terrifying and unsettling sounds that would be an excellent toolkit for anyone working on dark music or media projects" - Rating 8/10 - MusicTech


  • Virtual Instrument
  • Kontakt Library
System Requirements
Windows MAC
Download Mp3 Demo(s)
Download Mp3 Big Fish Audio Ambient Black (Download) Demo Download 1
Download Mp3 Big Fish Audio Ambient Black (Download) Demo Download 2
Download Mp3 Big Fish Audio Ambient Black (Download) Demo Download 3
Download Mp3 Big Fish Audio Ambient Black (Download) Demo Download 4
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Please note:
While most types of usage are allowed under the Big Fish Audio license agreement, there is a clause prohibiting their products being used to create library or production music. It may be possible to obtain a special license, please contact us for more information.

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