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DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download)

DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download)

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Features multi synthesis types, intuitive controls and a great range of sounds

Blue has now been replaced by Blue II.

Click here to view the BLUE II product page

Blue is a professional, easy-to-use, cross-fusion virtual synthesizer by sound designer Rob Papen and music software developer Jon Ayres.

This cross-fusion synthesis delivers FM Synthesis, Phase Distortion, Synthesis, Wave Shaping Synthesis and Subtractive Synthesis in one creative combination!

Blue has six oscillators which can be connected in various ways, two analogue style modeled stereo filters, an enormous range of processing and modulation options and an incredibly powerful sequencer and arpeggiator, all brought together with the inspirational Rob Papen presets for a wide range of musical styles.

Despite these heavy features, Blue is so easy-to-use thanks to its user interface and the innovative ‘easy edit’ page for quick sound changes!

BLUE - it will exceed your expectations!

Key features:

  • Six Oscillators modules which include Analogue, Additive and Spectral type waveforms.
  • Osc. A and B offer PWM modulation and symmetry control.
  • Oscillators can be combined in several ways using 32 different modulation routings in the Algorithm screen.
  • Oscillators can have FM modulation or Ring modulation and can be oscillator hard synced.
  • Each oscillator can be output to the filters, the effects or output as dry.
  • Dedicated screens available in the LCD screen section for Algorithm selection, Phase distortion / Wave shaping settings and Oscillator Envelopes
  • Two analogue modelled stereo Multimode filters, offering 6dB LowPass/HighPass, 12dB and 24dB LowPass/HighPass/BandPass/Notch, Ring, Comb and Vox (formant).
  • Filters with panning, panning modulation options and pre-filtering distortion.
  • Easy filter control by pre-defined modulation controllers like Envelope, Velocity, Keytrack and Modulation Wheel Nine Envelopes, AHDSFR type.
  • Direct connection to the Oscillators volume, Filters frequency and main Volume amp to make sound editing fast and easy. Graphic and fader-control of Envelopes in one go.
  • Dynamic curves and midi tempo based features like delay and envelope retrigger.
  • Four Multi-Envelopes, These free highly sophisticated envelopes can be built up using up to 16 sections. Full graphic control and additional menus with presets, load and save functions. Dynamic curves and midi tempo based functions
  • Ten LFOs with various waveforms and are midi-syncable. Directly connected to main targets to make sound editing easy and fast. Directly connected LFO´s for PWM A/B, Filter Frequency A/B, Tremolo (amp), Vibrato (main pitch) and Three Free LFOs. LFO have adjustable, free/poly/mono modes, keytracking, symmetry, smoothing, attack, decay and humanize functions.
  • Three modulation Step-sequencers with sequence loop start/end, poly/mono/free play modes, speed controls and step smooth function. Copy/paste/clear functions.
  • Modulation Matrix with 2 pages of 10 slots. 12 synth sources & 23 midi sources and 91 synth destinations.
  • 32 step mono sequencer, with sequencer length, speed adjust, slide amount, swing amount, volume smoothing. Each step has On/off, Reset, -32/+32 Semitune, - Volume, Slide on/off, Filter A, Filter B and Free modulation settings. Clear, load and save functions to exchange sequences in between presets.
  • 32 step arpeggiator, with sequencer, seq length, speed adjust, slide amount, swing amount and step length control. Each step has On/off, Slide on/off, Reset, -32/+32 Semitone, Step length, Velocity, and Free modulation. Clear, load and save functions to exchange arpeggiators in between presets
  • Poly/Mono/Legato/Seq/Arp synthesizer play modes. Portmento featuring legato, switch-able constant time/constant rate.
  • Unison 2 / Unison 4 / Unison 6 mode with detuning Chord memory with strum function.
  • Adjustable Precision setting per oscillator to simulate the instability of vintage analogue synthesizers. 16-voice polyphony. Voice amount control.
  • Global settings save with each individual preset like: keyboard velocity response curve, over-sampling settings and filter control smoothing. Easy Edit page for fast new sound results or for easy access tempo changes. External controller hardware (fader-box or synth) settings can be saved and restored.
  • Two HQ effects-blocks with serial and parallel mode. Available effects: Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion, Low Fi, Stereo Widener, Reverb, Comb Filter, Gator, Speaker Simulator, Wah/Delay, Chorus/Delay, Autopan, Waveshaper, Ensemble and Compressor. Midi tempo based settings in most effects . Equalizer for total overall sound. Sound banks of 32 presets inside build in browser. Preset handling with copy, paste, clear and compare function.
  • Preset banks are sorted into style-maps for easy search. Respond to midi program change and bank select. All settings included the global settings are stored inside each individual preset. 1800+ Presets in clear catagories by Rob Papen and DnB sesion banks with Giana-Brotherz.
  • ´Fast preset browser´™ launched by right clicking on the ´Preset´™ button with ´Recently browsed´ and ´Favorite´ functions



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Press Reviews

"Blue proved its worth with some wonderful rhythmic sounds... Let me put it another way: There used to be two third-party synths that I routinely relied on in addition to those that come with Live and Logic. Now there are three." - Keyboardmag US

"Lots of synthesis types and options. Great range of sounds. Intuitive interface." - Computer Music

"His Albino synth has been at the heart of many of my past productions, but with Blue, I may just have found a virtual instrument to take it´s place..." - Absolute Music

"...for people who really enjoy sound designing, Blue should provide an excellent voyage of discovery." - Sound on Sound

  • Virtual Instrument
System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7/8, RTAS (10,2Mb); VST 32/64 Bits (19Mb)


  • Mac OSX 10.5 or higher
  • AAX (13,2Mb); AU & VST 64Bits (26,4Mb); AU, VST & RTAS, 32Bits (39,6Mb)
  • Tiger (OS-X 10.4) AU, VST and RTAS (39,4Mb)
  • AAX 64 bit Pro Tools 11 now supported
Download Mp3 Demo(s)
Download Mp3 DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download) Demo Download 1
Download Mp3 DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download) Demo Download 2
Download Mp3 DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download) Demo Download 3
Download Mp3 DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download) Demo Download 4
Download Mp3 DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download) Demo Download 5
Download Mp3 DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download) Demo Download 6
Download Mp3 DELETED Rob Papen Blue (Serial Download) Demo Download 7
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The Rob Papen license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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