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Our Products  >  EastWest Hollywood Choirs GOLD

EastWest Hollywood Choirs GOLD

EastWest Hollywood Choirs GOLD

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East West

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The epic follow-up to 1999's Voices of the Apocalypse and 2005's Symphonic Choirs

EastWest HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS is a brand new, ground up, choirs virtual instrument from Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the producers of Symphonic Choirs, the best-selling and most awarded virtual choir of all time.

Featuring a blockbuster female and male choir with unprecedented dynamics that will instantly transform your next project into a cinematic masterpiece, Hollywood Choirs also includes a new improved WordBuilder plugin.

Get that powerful, blockbuster sound that opens up new 3D soundscapes to help create incredible and emotional journeys for your audiences for many years to come.


Hollywood Choirs Key Features

  • A collection of male and female choir instruments
  • A WordBuilder program that turns text into sung words
  • Approximately 59 GB of 24-bit, 44.1 khz samples, All Mixes (Diamond Edition); 8 GB of 16-bit, 44.1 khz samples, Main Mix (Gold Edition)
  • EastWest´s PLAY 6 Software including a new instrument search database (earlier PLAY versions are not supported with this library)
  • Native Instruments NKS compatible
  • Hollywood Choirs and PLAY 6 User Manuals (PDFs)
  • An Installation Center application to set up the virtual instrument, PLAY software, and documentation


The WordBuilder allows the composer to type in any word or phrase and have it sung by the choir. 26 additional phonemes were recorded for Hollywood Choirs compared to it´s predecessor Symphonic Choirs resulting in improved realism and support for more languages.

For convenience you can now sync WordBuilder to your DAW so it follows the track. The new group Instrument loading avoids having to load up to 13 Instruments, and there are many more incredible under the hood improvements resulting in an easier to use superior tool.

Hollywood Choirs includes 110 new editable pre-built WordBuilder phrases in English, German, and Latin that are exclusive to this product, and that can be quickly and effortlessly dropped into your mix or used as a starting point to create your own custom phrases.

"This is the third choir EastWest/Quantum Leap has recorded," says EastWest producer Doug Rogers, "we learnt a lot from the previous productions and Hollywood Choirs is the culmination of that experience. In particular, the choirs´ ability to sing any word or phrase has been significantly improved resulting in more realism; and there are many more sound options to enable the user to sculpt the sound to their requirements."

"In the past 12 years, there have been many attempts by others to improve on what EastWest/Quantum Leap achieved with Symphonic Choirs," says EastWest producer Nick Phoenix, "Small improvements were made to various aspects of choir sampling, but the emphasis has been on pre-recorded and severely limited phrases. If composers are not tired of hearing the same faux Latin phrases repeated over and over, those listening certainly are. No single choir virtual instrument has managed to deliver a fluid, intuitive and great sounding choir that was capable of singing any words in any language, soft or loud ... until now."



  • New instrument database enables users to search and load any of EastWest´s 12,000+ instruments in seconds
  • Unified navigation bar for Main Menu, Settings, Browser, Mixer and Player buttons
  • Collapsable instrument sidebar with access to advanced instrument properties
  • Integration for Akai Professional and M-Audio VIP 3.0 supported keyboards
  • Integration for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol Keyboards and Maschine Software
  • New and improved convolution engine for better performance with Reverb and Amp FX
  • Many other impovements


  • Virtual Instrument

    NKS compatible

Product Type
System Requirements
Windows MAC


  • Intel Dual-Core i5 2.7 Ghz or above
  • 8GB RAM or more
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or later
  • 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming


  • Intel Dual-Core i5 2.7 Ghz or above
  • 8GB RAM or more
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Sound card with ASIO drivers
  • 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming

An iLok key is no longer required, but an iLok account is required for a machine-based (electronic) license to be placed on your computer. Optionally, you may also place the license on a iLok hardware key (not supplied) for portability. An internet connection is required for a one-time product activation.

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The East West license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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