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EastWest Midi Guitar Series Vol 5 Keyboards & Percussion

EastWest Midi Guitar Series Vol 5 Keyboards & Percussion

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Volume 5 in the MIDI Guitar Series - Keys and Percussion

MIDI Guitar Series Vol 5: Keys and Percussion is comprised of 91 instruments divided into 2 categories: Keyboards and Percussion. In total, this volume contains nearly 23 GB of 16 bit / 44.1 kHz samples. These instruments are redesigned specifically for MIDI guitar controllers and are comprised of multiple award winning virtual instrument collections that includes Ghostwriter, The Dark Side, Goliath, Fab Four, Ministry Of Rock, and ProDrummer.


These newly created EastWest MIDI Guitar Instruments, from producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, differ from the current EastWest virtual instruments, which are optimized for keyboards. They have been designed to take advantage of the complex and unique waveforms produced by a guitar’s vibrating strings. These five titles cover a wide range of musical styles and instrument families.

TriplePlay users will notice the instruments no longer have to be loaded six times for each string. EastWest included a system that loads the instruments on all strings at the same time, greatly reducing the computer resources required. In addition, the EastWest production team, working closely with Fishman´s software developers, optimized the instruments for guitar players. Pitch bends, whammy bar, dynamics, etc. all function as expected, and in fact provide a much more organic experience than using a keyboard and mod wheel. The tracking and latency is superb as you can see in the product videos EastWest produced. The guitar has entered the 21st century with a palette of sounds that are the best available!

"We have been testing MIDI guitar systems for many years, and the Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Guitar Controller is the best in class," says EastWest producer Doug Rogers. "So EastWest and Fishman worked closely together, re-programming the instruments and making adjustments to the software specifically for the Fishman MIDI Guitar Controller. It all works incredibly well as you can see and hear in the videos we produced for each collection. In fact, it opens up a whole new world for guitar players who have been grappling with decades-old technology. I know many of our users consider themselves to be guitar players first, so they will now be able to compose ´anything´ using their preferred instrument, instead of a keyboard."

Fishman founder and president, Larry Fishman states, "The opportunity of collaborating with EastWest is very exciting for not only our two companies, but also for guitarists who are looking to explore new avenues of creativity and sound. EastWest virtual instruments are the choice of top music, film, TV, and gaming performers and composers. We worked with the EastWest team to expand the TriplePlay orbit of guitar-optimized, easily accessed and compatible virtual instruments that will build on the already formidable list of TriplePlay features and benefits."


KEYS (78):
Armadeus Organ
B3 Full Organ
B3 Jazz Organ (3)
B3 Soul Organ (3)
Baby I’m A Clavioline (2)
Because I’m A Harpsichord
Bent Funeral Organ
Brain Damage
Chorus Strings
Church Organ
Clavinet Leslie (4)
Clavinet/Lowery Organ Leslie (6)
CP-80 (2)
Death Piano Nasal
Distorted Cello Ethereal
Distorted Hammond
Distorted Organ
Evil Piano (3)
Farfisa (4)
Floyd Piano (7)
Fuzzy Keys
Glockenspiel and Vibes (2)
GS-1 Hybrid Piano
GS-1 Rhodes Boosted-Tone
GS-1 EP1 (2)
Madonna Piano
Mellotron Strings (2)
Music Box
Pin Piano (3)
Psychedelic Rhodes
Psycho Shimmer Keys (2)
Rhodes 88 Suitcase
Steinway B Piano
Strawberry Flutes
Tunnel Keys (2)
Tutti Fluti
Underwater Piano
We Can Work A Harmonium (2)

Ludwig kit
Dirt kit
11 Bowl Gongs
12 ft Log Drums
Dynasty O Daiko
Earthquake Ensemble
Gamelan Ensemble Tuned
Large African Djembe
Lion Drum Ensemble Hits
Lord of the Toms Ensemble
Middle Earth Ensemble
Moroccan Darubaka
Pharoahs Dumbek
Punjabi Dhol
Tabla Guru

Press Reviews

"These sounds work with standard playing styles, responding dynamically, and producing an end result that - for guitarists - will have a much more natural feel than if they´d played it in on a keyboard.- MusicTech Magazine

  • Virtual Instrument
Product Type
System Requirements
Windows MAC

 Vol.5 Keys & Percussion (23 GB)


  • Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD Dual Core 2.7GHz or higher
  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Sound card with ASIO drivers
  • 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming


  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.7GHz or higher
  • 8GB RAM
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or later
  • 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming


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The East West license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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