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DELETED Garritan Personal Orchestra 4th Edition

DELETED Garritan Personal Orchestra 4th Edition

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1 customer reviews

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Create lush symphonic music from over 150 software orchestral instruments

Garritan Personal Orchestra is an award winning high quality orchestral library that has become the industry standard.  It has developed an enthusiastic following for its versatility and ability to create realistic sounding orchestral music quickly and easily.

GPO4 is also available as a serial download

Personal Orchestra 4 is state-of-the-art software that reproduces the sounds of the musical instruments in a symphony orchestra, right from your computer. This award-winning collection has set the standard for orchestral sample libraries.

Create lush symphonic music with this collection of software instruments. There are over 150 software orchestral instruments - delicious strings, intimate woodwinds, joyous brass, powerful percussion, a Steinway virtual piano, a glorious concert organ, heavenly harps and more.

What´s New in GPO 4.0...

New ARIA Advanced Instrument Engine – ARIA, a new and highly-optimized instrument engine, goes beyond ordinary samplers. ARIA is intuitive, efficient and versatile, loads instruments quickly, and places very low demand on your computer’s processor.

Additional Sounds, Project SAM Brass & Ensemble Presets - GPO4 includes select brass samples from Project SAM that strengthen the brass section of Personal Orchestra by adding punch and excitement to your musical compositions.  GPO4 also includes choir sounds, extended ranges for select instruments and Ensemble Presets.

Auto Legato - GPO4´s new Auto Legato intelligently detects when you are playing a smooth line with overlapping notes and automatically applies correct legato transitions between notes. Creating realistic phrasing has never been easier. Auto Legato also makes playable trills extremely easy.

Integrated Ambience Reverb & Stereo Stage - GPO4 now integrates the high quality Ambience reverb with the ARIA Player and has individual mixing sends for each instrument. Stereo Stage imparts spacious stereo imagery for GPO4 instruments.

MIDI Playback and Recording Features - The Standalone ARIA Player allows you to load and playback MIDI files.  You can also produce audio recordings of the MIDI file or record yourself playing live.

Designed for Compatibility - GPO4 runs on both Macintosh and Windows and a variety of formats to fit your workstation and your workflow (VST, Pro Tools RTAS, and OSX Audio Units). It natively supports 64-bit platforms, works with Windows 7, and is programmed for Steinberg´s new VST Expression, which simplifies the use of musical articulations. GPO4 is further optimized for use with the AKAI EWI Wind Controllers andseamlessly  integrates with popular notation programs such as Finale 2010.

Tunings and Scala File Support - Put GPO4 exactly in tune with your ideas. The ARIA Instrument Engine supports control over individual instrument tuning, the frequency serving as the overall pitch standard, and Scala definition files, a standardized format for scale degree tunings.

Graceful & Easy Authorization - ARIA authorization employs a personalized digital keycard. Simply drag and drop the personalized graphic card onto the ARIA Instrument Engine to authorize it and get playing in seconds.

Personal Orchestra Patch List:
Full Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello & Basses) Solo Stradivari Violin, Solo Gagliano Violin, Solo Guarneri Violin, 9 Violins for Ensembles, 1st Violin Section (12 Players), 2nd Violin Section (10 Players), Solo Viola, 3 Violas for Ensembles, Viola Section (10 Players), Solo Gofriller Cello, Solo Montagnana Cello, Solo Pierray Cello, 9 Cellos for Ensembles, Cello Section (8 Players), Solo Double Bass, 3 Double Basses for Sections, Double Bass Section (7 Players)

Full Brass (Trumpets, French Horns, Trombones & Tubas) Solo Trumpet (Three Soloists) - including one from Project SAM, 9 Trumpets for Ensembles - including 3 from Project SAM, Trumpets with Straight Mutes, Trumpet forte Overlay, 2 Solo Piccolo Trumpets - Trumpet Section from Project SAM
Solo French Horns (Three Soloists) - including one from Project SAM, 9 Horns for Ensembles, French Horns with Mutes, Horn forte & fortissimo Overlays, French Horn Section from Project SAM,
Solo Tenor Trombone (Two Soloists) - including one from Project

SAM, 6 Trombones for Ensembles, Trombone f Overlay, Solo Bass Trombones (Three Soloists) - including one from Project SAM, Trombone Section from Project SAM

Tubas (Three Soloists) - including one from Project SAM, Tuba forte Overlay, Solo Contrabass Tuba

Full Woodwinds (Flutes, Oboes, English Horns, Clarinets & Bassoons) Piccolo, Solo Flute, 3 Flutes for Ensembles, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Oboe (Two Soloists), 3 Oboes for Ensembles, English Horn (Two Soloists), Solo Bb Clarinet, 3 Clarinets for Ensembles, Eb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, 3 Bass Clarinets for Ensembles, Contrabass Clarinet, Solo Bassoon (Two Soloists), 3 Bassoons for Ensembles, Contrabassoon (Two Soloists)

Timpani, Wind Machine, Grand Symphonic Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Tubular Bells, Bass Drum (adjustable fundamental), Snare Drum, Orchestral Cymbals, Gong & Tam-Tam, Crotales, Triangles, Mark Tree, Cowbells, Hand Bells, Assorted Percussion Toys

Keyboards, Harps & Choir:
Steinway Concert Grand Piano, Duo 1 & Duo 2 Pianos, Concert Pipe Organ (11 Stops / Pedals), Harpsichord (3 Stops), Celeste, Harp 1 (Venus), Harp 2 (Wurlitzer), Glissando Harp Package & Full Choir Lite

Press Reviews

Value award "The definitive ‘people’s’ orchestral library improves yet again. It’s affordable, lean, intuitive and efficient, with excellent sounds suitable for pros and amateurs alike." – Music Tech

CM Value"Considering the low, low price, GPO4 more than delivers with its solid-sounding, highly playable orchestral instruments." - Computer Music

"No other library allows such a quick and effortless setup of a full orchestra, and few possess as many instrumental options." - Sound on Sound


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The Garritan license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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