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Our Products  >  DELETED IZotope IRIS+5...

DELETED IZotope IRIS+5 (Serial Download)

DELETED IZotope IRIS+5 (Serial Download)

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Includes Iris plus five sound libraries for a great value bundle price

CM InnovationCM PerformanceMusic Tech Excellence

If bought separately, the items in this bundle would cost you £294!

Unearth a world of sounds you’ve never heard before. Driven by iZotope’s award-winning visual selection technology, iZotope Iris™ is a groundbreaking sample-based synthesizer that harnesses the power of both your eyes and your ears. Fuel your creativity with Iris’s new spin on sound design, perfect for musical inspiration and sonic experimentation.

Here´s what the press reviews have said about iZotope Iris...

"If the idea of taking total control over every aspect of your samples, precisely extracting frequency-defined sections and then creating truly unique sounds out of them gets your imagination going, then this is a phenomenal studio tool that you absolutely have to try." - Computer Music (Rating: 9/10)

"A powerful synth that makes the process of creating soundscapes and unique sounds easy. A must for sound designers." - Music Tech (Rating: 10/10)

"Iris is a sound designer´s dream come true: it´s sample resynthesis made into an art form. The spectral selection works like magic and is so inviting that within a matter of minutes, all you want to do is poke around in samples looking for treasure. [...] Highly recommended." - Sound on Sound

"There really is nothing else like Iris on the market today. If all this raw synthesis power was available through a bewildering hierarchy of menus and sub-menus, then Iris would still be an amazing synthesizer. The fact that the interface is so simple to use is testament to iZotope and their team." - Future Music (Rating: 9/10)

"For the user who can never get the sound they’re after just-so, here’s your solution." - DV247 Read the full review

What is IRIS?

Iris is an innovative sampling re-synthesizer that frees you to create sounds that could never before be produced. Start by dissecting up to three distinctive audio samples, using Irisʼs spectrogram display and easy selection tools to spotlight the most interesting spectral characteristics. Blend and layer your modified samples, then beef up their impact with a choice of suboscillator waveforms.

Still hungry for more? Add attitude and dimension to your creation by applying iZotopeʼs world-class effects and processors, including chorus, reverbs, distortions, delays, and filters.

For the synth enthusiasts out there, never fear! Favorite synth features like amplitude envelopes, LFOs, root note detection and key mapping are all there for advanced musical control, as well as the all-new Radius® RT for real-time pitch-shifting while preserving your sample’s timing.

Key features of IRIS

  • Discover what’s inside any sound: Load audio into Iris and explore spectral details that a regular waveform locks away.
  • Highlight what intrigues you: Extract and isolate the most interesting sonic components with a full suite of visual selection tools.
  • Combine the unthinkable: Layer completely diverse sound sources into totally unique combinations…what do a tattoo needle and a swamp bird and a slot machine sound like together?
  • Stay musical: Rely on automatic root note detection to help shape musical material from noise, ambient textures, soundscapes…even mistakes!
  • Enhance and invigorate your sound: Apply world-class iZotope reverbs, distortions and delays, then take advantage of extended synth features like amp envelopes and LFOs
  • Get amazing sounds immediately: Spark your imagination with over 500 patches by world-class sound designers, or design your own with Iris’s 4 GB library of diverse sound samples

Click here to find out more about IRIS

IRIS Sound Libraries

This bundle also includes five fantastic sound libraries, each designed for exclusive use with IRIS and giving you even more audio ammunition...

The five sound libraries include: (click titles to view full details)

Glass is a shimmering collection of glass ambiences, reimagined via Iris´s spectral selection capabilities.

Wood is an adventurous assortment of creatively-recorded samples, all produced from our friends, the trees.

Food Patches and samples of onion chopping, frozen peas, broken eggs, beef slaps, soda fizz and much more.

Toys Soundscapes, pads, synth, bass and lead patches from the innocent to the downright creepy.

Voice Growling leads, ethereal choirs, percussive and beatboxing effects, indie pop-style vocal pads, and much more.

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The iZotope license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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