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Impact Soundworks Juggernaut (Serial Download)

Impact Soundworks Juggernaut (Serial Download)

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Impact Soundworks

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Massive electronic sound design tool for drums, impacts, basses, FX and more

Juggernaut is Impact Soundworks´ flagship virtual instrument for electronic sound design, containing percussion, drum kits, impacts, slams, sweeps, textures, reverses, basses, and much more.

Much like its little brother, the free Cinematic Synthetic Drums, the library is built from entirely original, synthesized sounds from a huge array of sound sources.

This collection is inspired by the synthetic elements found in many modern film & game scores, trailers, and popular EDM (electronic dance music) genres like dubstep, drumstep, and complextro.

With this library, compatible with Kontakt Player, you can instantly produce cutting-edge sounds using a wide variety of presets or create your own variations from scratch quickly and easily.

Juggernaut consists of three sound sets: drums, FX, and basses, spread across two Kontakt patches and an external set of WAV files.

Drums are divided into 8 categories: kicks, snares, thips, crashes, splashes, slams, perc, and tonals, all of which have 10x RR.

FX include sweeps, impacts, reverses, textures, risers, and drops, while basses are categorised into Solid, 1shot, Mover, Distortion, and Fuzzy.

The Drums & FX patch includes a 32-channel mixer with FX rack, multiple playing and audition modes, and dozens of preset categorized kits.

The Bass patch features a synthesizer-style interface with filters, a rhythmic sequencer/gate, larger FX rack, envelopes, and modwheel control.

Crafting the library of Juggernaut was no small task. Together with a team of brilliant sound designers and film, TV & game composers, Impact Soundworks crafted over 500 unique sound sources using everything from vintage analog monsters to modular chains, guitar pedals, FM, and wavetable synthesis. NO drum machines were used.

The roster of sound designers includes Mick Gordon (Need for Speed, Killer Instinct, Wolfenstein TNO, countless trailers), Jordan Fehr (Hotline Miami, DKC Returns, Supre Meat Boy), Erik Ekholm (Universal, UFC, Top Gear) among others, all of whom contributed their unique voice to the library under lead designer Andrew Aversa.

The goal for this library was to create a truly customisable instrument as opposed to simply a collection of presets. For example, drum kits are not locked away in the depths of the Kontakt editor. Instead, they are presented in a sleek mixer-style interface.

You can quickly swap out individual parts of the kit, changing volume, panning, or tuning, as well as add whole-kit effects such as transient design, saturation, reverb, tempo-synced delay, EQ hype, and filtering. With a single click you can audition an entire category of sounds to find the perfect kick, snare, or sweep that inspires you. You can save and load your own kits just as easily.

Likewise with the Bass patch, there are over 50 bass sources at your fingertips ranging from dubstep growls and nasty overtones to smooth subs and ominous stabs.

The rhythmic sequencer and FX section each come with their own set of 10+ presets, meaning for any given sound source you can create over 100 variations for any one sound without knowing anything about synthesis! Of course, if you delve in further, modifying the filter/LFO, assigning midi CCs, and creating your own custom patterns, the possibilities are quite literally endless.

Lastly, for the working composer that needs even more instant gratification and flexibility, we´ve included all FX & percussion samples in WAV format as a bonus download.

Adding extra dramatic transitions such as risers, reverses, and sweeps is a simple matter of dragging WAVs into your DAW and lining them up with your track. This is an incredibly easy way of adding sonic ´ear candy´ to your tracks; between this and all the other faetures, we think that Juggernaut will quickly become an essential tool in your arsenal.

Summary of Features

  • Over 500+ unique sound sources
  • Cinematic FX: impacts, risers, drops, sweeps, reverses, textures
  • Deep multisampled basses - Solid, Distorted, Fuzzy, Motion, 1shot
  • Kicks, snares, thips, slams, splashes, crashes, perc, and tonals
  • ALL original content, no drum machines
  • 10x RR for all percussive sounds
  • Comprehensive scripted patches - BASS and DRUMS & FX
  • Dozens of preset drum kits
  • Custom bass rhythm and FX presets
  • One-click FX: reverb, delay, EQ, compression, etc.
  • Custom user presets
  • Open & editable set of 24 WAV samples for drag-and-drop use in your DAW
  • Requires 4.5gb of space
  • Requires Kontakt 5 OR Kontakt Player 5

Download Sizes (RAR files)
Parts 1-4: 1GB each
Part 5: 23Mb

Press Reviews

“Juggernaut is hard-hitting, high-impact and unapologetically ´electronic´” – Computer Music

  • Virtual instrument
  • Kontakt Library
Product Type
System Requirements
Windows MAC
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The Impact Soundworks license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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