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Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro (Download)

Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro (Download)

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User-friendly choir instrument for Kontakt Player

Soundiron has worked with Native Instruments to bring Olympus Choir Micro, the compact, starter edition of their mighty Olympus Symphonic Choir library to Kontakt Player. It now features full NKS support in both Komplete Kontrol and Machine.

This new version of Olympus Choir Micro makes extensive use of the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboard´s Light Guide feature, which lets you see keyswitches and active key ranges right under their fingertips, as well as exposing many of the useful library features directly to compatible hardware. In addition to full NKS support, Soundiron have built a new user interface and added lots of brand new custom FX presets to expand your creative palette.

Olympus Choir Micro is the official introductory pack to Soundiron´s mighty Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection, but it goes much further than that. This light-weight, user-friendly choir instrument stands alone as the perfect tool for musicians who just need a basic choir in their mix, without all the fuss. Divided into matching men´s and women´s divisi sections, Olympus Micro includes a classic set of great-sounding ´Ah´ and ´Oo´ vowel sustains, with both natural and smooth "pad" modes. It also offers a pair of synchronized Latin and Russian sustaining words (called "polysustains"), as well as ´Ah´ and ´Oo´ staccato syllables.

Featuring content from Soundiron´s acclaimed Olympus Symphonic Choir Collection, this choir was recorded in a large, natural hall with 63 hand-picked singers from SF Choral Society, Volti, SF Opera and the SF Symphony Chorus, conducted by maestro Robert Geary. The massive Olympus Choral Collection was designed for professionals in mind, with over 44 GB of content, over 40,000 samples and hundreds of distinct articulations to provide a total scoring solution ideal for any professional composer.

Soundiron understand how daunting such a huge collection can be and the significant investment it represents, so they designed this Micro pack as a fully functional and playable kit to offer just a taste of the enormous possibilities that their full Olympus Collection offers. Yet it can also simply serve as an great-sounding basic stand-alone choir instrument for anybody that just needs a basic full, warm choral sound with a world-class sonic richness and fidelity. Whether you´re curious about Soundiron´s Olympus Symphonic Choir, or you´re new to virtual choirs, Olympus Micro is the perfect low cost and easy way to begin your journey.


Soundiron´s custom scripted Kontakt user interface gives you flexible control features like attack, release, transient start offset, dynamic swelling, layer blend, panning, Tempo Sync, Pad mode, and Key Range. There’s also controls for Vibrato, Legato, 3-Band EQ, and reverb with over a 50 custom impulse responses featuring life-like spaces, such as cathedrals, churches, halls, bunkers, garages, tunnels, chambers, rooms and creative FX convolution impulse responses.

  • Full Men´s and Women´s divisi sections, with editable key ranges
  • 100BPM Latin "Dominum" chromatic Poly-sustain chants w/ release syllable
  • 140BPM Russian "Raduisya" chromatic Poly-sustain chants w/ release syllable
  • "Oo" pp vowel sustains w/ releases
  • "Ah" ff vowel sustains w/ releases
  • "Oo" and "Ah" staccatos
  • Use the Offset, Attack & Release controls to shape your own syllables, sustains and phrases
  • Automatic polysustain host tempo-synching for Kontakt 5 presets.
  • Swell control allows real-time dynamic performance shaping.
  • Independent Release timing and Release Volume controls, to control room decay
  • Simulated divisi & dual-layer polyphonic legato with customizable controls
  • Independent Pan controls for each divisi section
  • Bonus Special FX presets for creating atmospheric pads and soundscapes.
  • Per-section and per-layer polyphonic legato with adjustable speed, interval-range and gliss intensity
  • 10 Special FX impulses integrated into the interface to create your own effects
  • 10 Natural Environmental Reverb Impulses, including Halls, Cathedrals, Churches, Studios, Bundkers, Garages and more.
  • 3-band parametric EQ with sweepable mid
  • Master Full Ensemble Preset with independent controls for men´s and women´s sections
  • Divisi Men´s and Divisi Women´s Section presets, with dual layer blending, crossfading and phrase morphing
  • 5 Bonus Atmospheric FX presets


  • Product Version 3.0
  • 448 MB Installed
  • 252 Samples
  • 32 Kontakt 5.6.8 .nki instrument preset banks
  • 24 bit / 48kHz lossless NCW format samples
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player (version 5.6.8+)


  1. Kerry Myers Soundiron Olympus 2.0 Demo
  2. Blake Ewing -  Ascension
  3. Robert Johnson (Fathom) -  Approaching The Craft  

  • Virtual Instrument
  • Kontakt Library

    NKS compatible

Product Type
System Requirements
Windows MAC

Works with the free Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX) and the special “Libraries” rack.

Windows 7 or higher required for PC.

OSX 10.10 or higher required for Mac.

Dual Core CPU, 2 GB System Ram, SATA or SSD hard drive recommended for this library.

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The Soundiron license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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