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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.0 UPGRADE (Serial Card)

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.0 UPGRADE (Serial Card)

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1 customer reviews

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Upgrade for Omnisphere 1.0 customers


This upgrade package is sold as a thin envelope with no media (includes an upgrade code which allows download). Please note that the Omnisphere 2 upgrade download size is 14GB.

Among the many new features is audio import so you can use your own soundsources within the Omnisphere engine, lots of new waveforms, wavetable and granular synthesis, additional sounds and FX and enhanced browsing functionality.

Here is the video introduction to Omnisphere 2.0 by Spectrasonics Founder and Creative Director, Eric Persing;


Vast New Synthesis Possibilities:

  • Audio Import - Use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere
  • Over 400 New DSP Waveforms for the Synth Oscillator - an increase of 100X
  • Wavetable Synthesis - Each Waveform is now a Morphing Wavetable
  • Powerful New Granular Synthesis algorithm
  • Deeper FM/Ring Mod capabilities for aggressive timbres
  • 8 New Filter Types - New Power Filters, Vowel, Resonators
  • New Unison Drift models Analog Polysynth behavior
  • Expanded Modulation with new sources and many more targets
  • Polyphonic LFO and Modulation Envelope options
  • Soundsource Reversing

Now includes over 10,000 sounds!

  • More than 3,000 New patches and soundsources from acclaimed Spectrasonics Sound Design Team
  • New Omnisphere EDM library with cutting-edge, modern sounds
  • New Exclusive Soundsources from Diego Stocco´s Custom Built Instruments
  • New category of Phrase-based Soundsources for granular synthesis
  • Hundreds of new Circuit Bent Soundsources
  • Many Innovative new Psychoacoustic Soundsources
  • New Melodic Cave Stalactites Soundsources
  • …and much, much more!

New Interface:

  • Redesigned Wider User Interface with many improvements
  • New Show Modulation pane opens modulation routings/sources on left side
  • New Mini-Browser available at all times
  • Larger Full Browser Design

Enhanced Browsing Experience:

  • Sound Match™ feature instantly locates any related sounds in the librarySound Lock™ allows endless useful variations by locking sound aspects while you browse
  • Easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third party libraries
  • Greatly Improved sound organization system
  • Fast Progressive Loading allows rapid auditioning
  • Browse Patches by Mood
  • Expanded Genres
  • Browse by Oscillator type
  • Boolean search options

New Arpeggiator Features:

  • Note transposition for step seq-style patterns
  • Arp pattern lock while browsing
  • Speed Offset control allows slow down/speed up effects
  • New modulation capabilities

25 New FX Units:

  • Innerspace
  • Quad Resonator
  • Thriftshop Speaker
  • Classic Twin
  • Bassman
  • Hi-Wattage
  • Rock Stack
  • Brit-Vox
  • Boutique
  • San-Z-Amp
  • Stompbox Modeler
  • Metalzone Distortion
  • Toxic Smasher
  • Foxxy Fuzz
  • Analog Phaser
  • Analog Flanger
  • Analog Chorus
  • Analog Vibrato
  • Solina Ensemble
  • Vintage Tremolo
  • Envelope Filter
  • Crying Wah
  • Stomp-Comp
  • Precision Compressor
  • Studio 2-Band EQ

Flexible New FX Features:

  • 16 FX units per patch
  • Full matrix modulation of every FX slot
  • New Aux FX rack per patch with Pre/Post fader sends
  • Hundreds of New FX Presets and Racks
  • Lock FX while browsing

Improvements/Special Features:

  • Live Mode with key splits
  • Enhanced Orb with Attractor mode
  • Tweak Trilian Custom Controls Interface inside Omnisphere
  • Global Clock Speed (Halftime, Doubletime, etc)
  • - and more!


Press Reviews

ANR 2015

“Way more than an update: a tool that any composer/producer should consider” - Audio News Room

CM Expert´s Choice award

"Omnisphere 2 is an instrument that you couldn´t exhaust the potential of in a lifetime of music making. It´s powerful, soulful and worth every penny." Computer Music writer Ronan Macdonald makes Omnisphere 2 his Expert´s Choice of 2015.

Cm Editor´s ChoiceCm Performance

 "If being at the cutting edge of sound design appears anywhere on your list of music production priorities, it´s an instrument that you simply have to own. [...] an absolute triumph of virtual instrument design." - Computer Music (Rating 10/10)

"So, has Omnisphere 2 lived up to its previous reputation as the king of software synths? I say without a doubt. Omnisphere 2 is a tool that will live on and provide endless sounds and inspiration for musicians, producers and sound designers for the foreseeable future." - AskAudio Mag

Music Tech excellence award

"Omnisphere 2 is root and branch rethink, a ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’ brainstorm that’s delivered an instrument that’s never sounded better, nor offered a greater amount of creative potential...Thanks to some genuinely innovative features, not to mention a wealth of extra sonic material to play with, it’s hard to imagine any software instrument delivering the same breadth and sheer sonic excellence as Omnisphere 2"Music Tech

"With Omnisphere 2, the sheer diversity and quality of sounds is stunning. To build something of this magnitude is no easy undertaking, and Spectrasonics should be applauded." -ProSoundNews

Mtech Gold award"With new sounds numbering in their thousands and a search facility that delivers the inspirational as a matter of routine, upgrading still seems like a no-brainer to me, whether you care for the technical advances or not. The best software, just got better" - Sound on Sound

"Regardless of whether your appetite for exploration merely scratches these surfaces or has designs on diving much deeper, Omnisphere 2 deserves to be filed in the ´must have´ catagory" - Future Music

 "Omnisphere 2 is the best thing ever invented - more useful that the wheel!" - MusicTech



  • Serial Card
System Requirements
Windows MAC

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