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DELETED iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced (Serial Download)

DELETED iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced (Serial Download)

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Zotope´s complete mastering system in a single integrated plug-in includes eight essential mastering tools: Maximizer, Equalizer, Dynamics, Stereo Imaging, Post Equalizer, Harmonic Exciter, Reverb, and Dithering. Now also includes Insight - iZotope´s award winning audio metering suite!

Your mix isn´t finished until Ozone is on it
The process of mastering ranges from correcting mistakes made in the mix to preparing a recording for target listening environments. Like a final coat of polish, mastering makes the difference between a good-sounding mix and a professional-sounding master. With Ozone 5, we´ve delivered the biggest update ever to our critically-acclaimed software mastering system, making it easier than ever for anyone to master their audio simply and efficiently.

Setting a new industry standard for mastering tools, the all-new Ozone 5 Advanced extends the standard version of Ozone 5 for greater flexibility, precision, and control. Based on feedback and requests gathered from mastering professionals, Ozone 5 Advanced includes exclusive controls and features like the Meter Bridge suite and 6 individual component plug-ins based on Ozone´s mastering modules.

Key Features of Ozone 5 Advanced

Pristine Sound
In Ozone 5, every module has been updated with refined signal processing algorithms to bring you a new level of mastering quality. The most complete mastering suite available has never sounded better.

Guided by iZotope´s expertise in DSP research, Ozone 5 combines the best nuances of both analog and digital worlds:

  • Analog-modeled processing combined with linear phase precision
  • Flexible sonic capabilities for adding realistic warmth, bite, punch, and space to your mix
  • New IRC™ III Limiter for louder, fuller masters that preserve crisp transient detail
  • Fully-revamped hybrid Reverb module
  • Mid/side processing for tailoring the center and the edges of the stereo image separately
  • Documentation that helps demystify the mastering process
  • New Triode Exciter modes to replicate classic analog warmth

Optimized Workflow
We´ve redesigned the Ozone user interface to make it even easier to dial in the professional sound you want. New users can get started right away and experienced Ozone fans will feel right at home.

Workflow enhancements allow for finer control while keeping important features right at your fingertips:

  • Comprehensive preset manager with over 250 professionally-designed presets
  • New per-module presets and intelligent module Amount Controls
  • User-definable signal routing and extensive automation support
  • CPU-efficient and optimized for today´s low-latency DAW environments
  • Individual plug-ins for inserting any of Ozone Advanced´s modules as independent plug-ins in your host: EQ, Maximizer, Dynamics, Stereo Imaging, Harmonic Exciter, and Reverb
  • Additional controls in nearly every module for greater flexibility and precision

Visual Feedback
With Ozone 5, see your mix like never before! A broad variety of updated metering tools provide unprecedented visualizations of how mix elements fit together, guiding both your eyes and your ears to the perfect-sounding master.

Each processing module is complemented with useful spectrums, phase meters, vectorscopes and level histograms. For example, use the Gain Reduction Trace view to help set the compressor´s release time, or watch the Correlation Trace to catch instantaneous phase problems.

  • All-new Meter Bridge with a full suite of extended audio analysis and visualizations tools within one convenient and configurable window
  • Exclusive Meter Tap plug-ins for visually analyzing multiple streams of track and bus audio data
  • High-resolution real-time 2D and 3D Spectrogram plots and a real-time, resizable Spectrum Analyzer
  • Enhanced Loudness Meters with BS.1770-2, EBU, K-System, True Peak, and RMS options

Feature Details

Meter Bridge
Ozone 5´s powerful new Meter Bridge provides a full suite of customizable audio analysis tools. Visually monitor your mix throughout the entire mastering process, whether you´re making adjustments, troubleshooting problematic mixes, or comparing your mixes to reference tracks. As a bonus, the Meter Bridge serves as an enlightening educational device for anyone hoping to learn more about the art of mastering.

Building on essential visualizations from Ozone´s individual modules, the Meter Bridge includes an exciting array of new metering tools in a convenient, resizeable, and configurable window.

Unlike typical "waterfall" plots, Ozone´s unique real-time 3D spectrogram creates a detailed topographical map of audio using iZotope´s high-resolution spectrogram capabilities.

  • Choose between high-resolution and real-time 2D or 3D scrolling spectrogram plots
  • Perform detailed inspections with Freeze and Zoom modes.
  • Easily examine Gain values by frequency with a convenient mouse pointer readout.
  • Rest easy: Ozone 5 Advanced takes advantage of video card graphics processing for full-screen 3-dimensional metering, leaving more processing power for your audio.

Meter Taps
For eye-popping visual insight through groundbreaking new workflow, feed information on multiple audio streams to the Spectrogram via Ozone Advanced´s special Meter Tap plug-ins. With Ozone on your master bus, add Meter Tap plug-ins to individual tracks or buses, then open the Meter Bridge to see how mix elements combine in rich Spectrogram detail...all in real-time!

  • Use Compare Mode to overlay, tile, or stack different Meter Tap streams and see their relationships, then bring different audio streams into focus to see how each fit the mix.
  • Tailor the display to your preferences with customizable colors.

The Meter Bridge´s resizeable and undocked Vectorscope provides useful display options for examining the stereo image of your mix.

  • Lissajous and Polar modes provide multiple visualizations of stereo field activity and activity history.
  • Stereo Balance meters illustrate the balance between Left and Right channels.
  • Correlation meters indicate the degree of similarity between Left and Right channels.
  • Channel Operations let you quickly diagnose mono and/or phase compatibility issues.

Spectrum Analyzer
The Meter Bridge also includes a completely resizeable (including full-screen) real-time spectrum analyzer.

  • Variable zoom by both time and frequency.
  • Mid/Side, Left/Right, Linear, octave band options and more.
  • Completely independent settings from Ozone´s EQ spectrum display.
  • Spectrum fill shows an accurate overview of high frequency information.

Loudness Meters
Ozone 5 Advanced continues to extend Ozone´s high-resolution stereo loudness metering.

  • Options include K-System, BS.1770-2, True Peak, and RMS.
  • BS.1770-2 metering is compliant with recommendations by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R BS.1770-2) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU R128) for determining subjective program loudness and true-peak signal level.

Component Plug-ins
Have you ever wished you could use just one of your favorite Ozone modules on a track or bus? With Ozone 5 Advanced´s new component plug-ins, now you can. And thanks to Ozone 5´s new per-module presets, you can easily create and edit presets within just the component you need. However, when you want the convenience and audio quality of Ozone´s routing and crossover network, it´s simple to open presets from Ozone Advanced component plug-ins within Ozone Advanced itself..

Ozone´s critically-acclaimed Maximizer is essential for giving your recordings professional loudness and fullness. This powerful tool allows you to keep your master from clipping while dramatically lifting the perceived overall audio level. Ozone 5 features the third generation of iZotope´s proprietary IRC™ (Intelligent Release Control) Limiter, which uses an advanced psychoacoustic model for transparent limiting. By running several different loudness control algorithms in parallel, IRC III intelligently chooses the algorithm in real-time that produces the lowest psychoacoustically perceivable artifacts. It´s perfect for any master where you want more loudness without sacrificing crisp detail: keep the subtle snap of a snare rimshot in a country single, or give a club track incredible impact.

Key features

  • Features multiple modes of Intelligent Release Control technology for transparent limiting.
  • New "Intelligent III" mode provides exceptional handling of transients without pumping or other undesirable limiting side effects.
  • Predictive limiting of "inter-sample clipping" keeps true analog levels in check.
  • Adjustable threshold/margin, release and character controls let you fine-tune the Maximizer´s response to your source material.
  • Visual feedback provided through Gain Reduction Trace meters, a loudness histogram, and Mini-Spectrum display.
  • Stereo link control lets you unlink stereo channels to process left and right separately, and freely adjust between fully linked and independent limiting on both channels.
  • Transient recovery adds emphasis to transients to help preserve rhythmic detail while maximizing loudness.

Equalizer & Post Equalizer
Ozone includes 2 paragraphic equalizers that combine 8 bands of adjustable bell filters and a variety of additional filters including High and Low Pass, High and Low Shelf, and Flat (Butterworth). Use the first EQ for initial shaping of your master, then take advantage of Ozone 5´s new Post Equalizer for even more shaping later on in your signal chain, after the Dynamics and Exciter modules. New Analog-Matched EQ curves preserve analog behavior at high frequencies, giving Ozone 5 more authentic analog frequency response than EQs costing twice as much (or more!).

Key features

  • Choose from analog-modeled EQ with "soft saturation" modeling or digital linear phase filtering with up to 16,000 bands of precision.
  • Compare your mixes with a powerful spectrum analyzer that offers real-time and average modes, critical or third octave bands, and snapshots.
  • The revamped Matching EQ makes it easier than ever to take spectrum snapshots of reference recordings to create "automatic" EQ curves, then apply them to your master.
  • Mid/side mode provides independent, superimposed EQ curves for center and edges of the stereo image.
  • Workflow enhancements: EQ left and right channels independently, and make precise EQ tweaks by zooming in and out both in time and frequency.
  • In Mixed Phase EQ mode, each node in Ozone´s EQ can be linear-phase (flat phase response), minimum-phase (analog-like phase response), or maximum-phase. Variably adjust between these settings to change the transient response and pre-ringing characteristics of each individual band.
  • Unique new visualizations of phase delay and group delay by frequency let you see and better understand what effect your EQ choices have on the signal.
  • Independent curve shapes let you use the same analog-modeled filter shapes in all EQ modes, including linear phase and Matching modes.

Ozone 5 includes a fully-revamped modeled Reverb module for adding a consistent and realistic sense of depth and space to your audio. Combining analog-style realism with digital flexibility, Ozone 5 uses convolution to create realistic early reflections, then constructs the late reverb tail algorithmically for increased control and a smooth decay. Designed to put a final sheen on the entire mix, Ozone´s Reverb can enliven a live recording or flat-sounding mix while still preserving any sense of space created by reverb on individual tracks. Add subtle room tone without an obvious reverb effect, or thicken a mix with longer reverb decay times.

Key features

  • Ozone 5 provides improved Plate and Room modes and a brand-new Hall mode.
  • Control room size, pre-delay, width, frequency cutoff and more to personalize your mix´s sense of space.
  • Includes special controls to adjust the high and low decay times, solo the wet signal, adjust the frequency response, and monitor the width and phase of the reverb signal.
  • Mid/side processing lets you "dry out" the center of your mix while adding space to the edges, and much more.
  • New Early Reflections setting allows independent control over early reflections for precise control over the character of the reverberation.
  • Additional Reverb Modes simulate additional spaces for more variety and flexibility, including Theater, Cathedral, and Arena.

Ozone provides the finest dither algorithms available, allowing you to effectively convert and dither to 24, 20, 16, 12 or 8 bits. This is useful for, as an example, mastering a track for a CD (16-bit) from a 24-bit source. Ozone includes our proprietary MBIT+™ dither algorithm that reduces quantization distortion with minimal perceived noise. This algorithm is a very smooth, quiet and almost "analog-sounding" technology.

Key features

  • Choose from three types of dither algorithms with six different noise-shaping amount controls.
  • New Dither Shape view helps provide quick recognition of desired settings.
  • Includes integrated DC offset filtering, auto-blanking and dither harmonic suppression for dynamic and transparent conversions.
  • Unique set of bit scopes and DC level meters provide a complete view of the digital bitstream and conversion process.

Harmonic Exciter
Ozone´s multiband Harmonic Exciter is more colorful than ever, with new enhancements for dialing in the perfect amount of bite or warmth to add to your master. Add analog character with a variety of Harmonic Exciter modes: easily add tube or tape saturation, accentuate even harmonics, and add punch or sparkle to your project. In addition, multiband and mid/side modes give you a huge range of sonic possibilities across the frequency spectrum and the stereo field.

Key features

  • Choose from Retro, Tape, Warm or Tube exciter modes, all of which offer their own unique saturation characteristics.
  • Select the new circuit-modeled Tube saturation for subtle warmth and transparent dynamics control.
  • New Saturation Spectrum display shows excitation by frequency.
  • Natural-sounding Peak Saturation adds harmonics without drastic gain changes.
  • Unique multiband time offset controls for tightening and adding "attack" to bass and kick.
  • Includes additional tube Triode and Dual Triode modes for subtle dynamic and distortion effects, modeled after circuits with a 12AX7 vacuum tube, renowned for its warm vintage sound.

One of most powerful tools in Ozone is the multiband Dynamics module, which incorporates compression, limiting, expansion and gating. Finely tune the dynamics of your mixes with independent control over up to four frequency bands. With the all-new interactive Threshold control, set threshold points for the Limiter, Compressor, and Gate while never taking your eyes off of the gain reduction meter. Superimposed loudness history (histogram) and input/gain reduction meters provide extra insight while making your detailed Dynamics tweaks.

Key features

  • Features analog modeled, linear phase, and hybrid crossover filters with adjustable bandwidth and Q.
  • "Learn" mode automatically sets crossover frequencies based on incoming audio.
  • New color-coded All Bands mode lets you view and adjust all relevant settings for every dynamics stage of every band in one convenient location.
  • Find the perfect compressor settings with the Gain Reduction Trace view, which plots the gain reduction of all dynamics bands on top of a scrolling waveform.
  • Real-time visualization of the dynamics within each band, including gain reduction meters, level histograms, spectrum analyzer, and X-Y compression curves.
  • True Envelope Detection detects levels evenly across all frequencies and prevents aliasing or artifacts that RMS detection can cause.
  • The Detection Circuit Filter adds a variable slope high-pass or tilt filter for reducing pumping, ideal for single-band compression modes.
  • Variable Knee control offers a per-band, continuously variable knee control for every dynamics band for more subtle and transparent compression.

Stereo Imaging
Ozone allows you precisely adjust stereo width and imaging for your master using a multiband Stereo Imaging module. As with the other multiband modules in Ozone, the module works with up to four frequency bands, letting you have independent control over stereo width by frequency. An integrated Vectorscope and Correlation Meter give you essential visual feedback for the mastering process, including new "Polar" vectorscope modes and a Stereo Balance meter.

Key features

  • Visualize the stereo image with a powerful Phase/Channel meter display that highlights imaging, phase, and potential canceling problems.
  • With the Stereo Width Spectrum view, see the width of your mix by frequency to set crossovers and see the effect of stereo imaging adjustments on different parts of the spectrum.
  • With Antiphase Prevention, add width to any frequency band without causing mono compatibility problems.
  • Apply multiband channel delay controls for adjusting the perceived location of the stereo field or correcting tape azimuth errors.
  • Includes options for mono, phase flip and channel reverse.
  • New Stereoize Mode adds depth and natural-sounding stereo width to mono or very narrow mixes without sacrificing mono compatibility.

Other Highlights

Mid/Side Processing
Mid/Side processing has been a trade secret of many mastering engineers for years. Ozone makes this powerful approach to processing audio more accessible than ever before. With mid/side mode enabled, Ozone converts the stereo information coming into the plug-in into mid and side signals, letting you work independently with the center of the stereo image or the edges. The result? You can surgically EQ the mud out of hard-panned guitars while preserving the vocal and kick drum in the center of your mix. You can add excitation or maybe a touch of room ambience to just the edges, and much more.

Ozone´s Equalizer, Post Equalizer, Harmonic Exciter, Dynamics and Reverb modules all incorporate mid/side modes. Color coding allows you to easily see mid and side settings superimposed. Ozone´s meters can also be used in mid/side mode.

User-Definable Routing
Ozone´s mastering modules are set to a logical processing order by default, but what if you want to create your own custom signal path? Simply open up Ozone´s Filter Graph and you can drag and drop modules to re-order them. No patch cables needed!

Undo History and A/B Tools
Have you ever wished you could undo the EQ changes you´ve made in a plug-in, only to find that your host program can´t Undo these changes? This is a common problem, and one Ozone solves by including a comprehensive, built-in Undo History. Simply step back through your list of actions. You can even set A/B points in the history, so you can decide whether the settings you had a half hour ago sound better or worse than your current settings.

Preset Manager
Ozone´s preset manager gives you over 250 professionally-designed starting points for mastering your projects. In Ozone 5, the MacroPreset system has been simplified and streamlined: quickly fine-tune a preset or your own settings, then use Ozone´s Amount Controls to add more or less processing to each module. Advanced users will appreciate the ability to create presets that utilize all of Ozone´s modules and routing capabilities for instant recall of useful configurations.

  • Ozone 5´s new module-specific presets let you quickly and easily mix and match presets in each of Ozone´s modules for more flexibility.
  • Even more genre-specific mastering presets are included for a wider range of styles.
  • As a bonus, Ozone´s presets are valuable teaching tools for learning to use Ozone´s features.

Metering & Visual Feedback
Some plug-ins present you with a huge array of knobs but very little useful visual feedback. Ozone 5 is designed to give you vital visual information at every step of the mastering process. From phase and correlation meters for analyzing stereo imaging, to histograms and dynamics meters that help you see the effect of dynamics processing, to forward-thinking K-System input and output metering, Ozone gives you a wealth of visual information.

Additional Info...

Click the images below to download PDFs

Dithering in Ozone 5  Mastering with Ozone 5

What´s new in Ozone 5

Please note: for use of the scrolling 3D Spectrogram, Ozone 5 Advanced requires a graphics card that supports Open GL 2.0.


Press Reviews

CM PerformanceCM Editors Choice

"Once you get inside this plug-in, you´ll find its uses go way beyond mastering [...] This massive update takes Ozone to another level, keeping apace with the best of today´s mixing and mastering software." - Computer Music (Rating 10/10)

DJ Mag Star Product"There are many good mastering products on the market today, but few offer so many facilities in such an approachable package, and the additional features and improvements will be welcomed by users upgrading from earlier versions." - Sound on Sound

Music Tech Choice"Ozone has evolved into a powerful mastering tool." -Music Tech (Rating 9/10)

"Offers a dazzling array of options for making your mixes sound great, especially with so many well-designed presets to get you started." - Future Music (Rating 9/10)

  • Effects Plugin
System Requirements

  • XP (32-bit), Vista (64-bit), 7 (32- & 64-bit), Windows 8
  • Graphics card requirements: For use of the scrolling 3D Spectrogram, the Ozone 5 Advanced Meter Bridge requires a graphics card that supports Open GL 2.0


  • OS X 10.6 or later (Intel-based Macs only)
  • Graphics card requirements: For use of the scrolling 3D Spectrogram, the Ozone 5 Advanced Meter Bridge requires a graphics card that supports Open GL 2.0
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