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DELETED Spitfire Audio PP020 - Evo Grid 2

DELETED Spitfire Audio PP020 - Evo Grid 2

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Spitfire Audio

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Sorry. This item is currently unavailable to order.
LAST CHANCE TO BUY! Spitfire Audio titles will no longer be available from T+S and all other resellers from 1st June

Chapter two of the new "evo grid" experience. a whole new raft of super long chamber string evolutions

Chapter two of the new "evo grid" experience. a whole new raft of super long chamber string evolutions to perfectly compliment the first instalment or sit proudly as it´s own super-inspiring compositional tool. orchestrated by ben foskett and recorded in the dry vintage craft studio that is evg#2 is quite simply a class act!

Requires a full version of Kontakt 5 to run. (Will not work in the free Kontakt player).


• 3456 samples • 31.92GB uncompressed .WAV • 21.92GB disk space required (double this during the DL and installation process)


After the barn-storming success of EVG1, the hundreds of emails of encouragement, some great requests and feedback and a month or so of us working with EVG1 in anger, we decided to return to make a complimentary, or indeed standalone version of the Evo concept, that opens the next chapter in the evo journey.

Performed by some of the most progressive avant garde string players in London today and Recorded dry at the amazing Air-Edel studios via the finest vintage mics, neve pre-amps and vintage Cadac desk. Spitfire went about recording 48 different and very long Evos. Evo 2 has focussed on requests for "straighter" sounding evolutions, and "extreme" Evos where the Spitfire team thought they could push the envelope even further.

Whats more after 18 long months working on the BAFTA winning "Alien Isolation" Christian Henson felt the need for "a straight note that just did ´something´ every once in a while at random intervals. "To give the sense of life and movement" within any scene. These are classified as ´episodic´ Evos and the whole Spitfire team think these are the jewel in EVG2´s crown. Randomly mix between each of these three classes of Evo, or just within each category.

With a GUI Inspired by the EMS VCS3 you can instantly select (or peg) what evo sits on each of the 12 key ranges. This gives you literally an almost infinite number of personalised configurations. Toggle your pegs around, or hit "Randomise", replay the MIDI and no cue will ever sound the same twice! The pièce de résistance here though is the ability to play ultra minimal music whilst holding your audience captive with the ever changing kaleidoscope of progressive string techniques.Whilst playing the material orchestrated by Ben Foskett, we couldn´t stop ourselves from creating an additional 5 grids of awesome warped, saturated and totally transformed versions of each and every Evo.


We have specially curated these extraordinary Evos into a number of spring-out-of-the-box patches. These demonstrate not only the tense and extreme elements of the library but also the curiously engaging ´episodic´ evos... From simple "tutti" patches containing all 288 Evos spread evenly across your keyboard to diagonal patterns, specially curated peg patterns and a feature for you to randomly created peg patterns from the near infinite number of possible configurations. With a number of FX accessible from the front panel this is a tool designed for producers, composers, sound designers and editors needing spellbinding, award winning material from the minute your finger hits the keyboard.

Spitfire Audio Education

  • Virtual Instrument
  • Kontakt Files
Product Type
System Requirements
Windows MAC

  • The included Kontakt Files, are compatible with the latest Kontakt engine. (will not work in the free Kontakt Player).
  • 21.9 GB in download product from 31.9 GB of WAV data from 3456 samples.


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The Spitfire Audio license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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