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Heavyocity PUNISH (Download)

Heavyocity PUNISH (Download)

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Inject character and edge into any mix or instrument track

From subtle warmth to extreme drive and compression, Heavyocity Punish injects character and edge to any mix or instrument track. Modelled after the company´s custom analog signal chains, Punish gives you control over Compression, Saturation, Transient Design, EQ, and Limiting. At the heart of it all is the global Punish knob. Simply set your ranges, and use the one knob to dial in the devastation.


  • Dynamic FX plugin based on Heayocity´s infamous PUNISH knob and custom analog signal chains
  • Take control of Compression, Saturation, Transient Design, EQ, and Limiting
  • Easily modulate all effects´ parameters to bring character and life to your sounds
  • Expertly crafted presets to get you started right away



From subtle warmth to extreme drive and compression, PUNISH injects character and edge into any mix or instrument track. It’s the same PUNISH effect that you know and love, as featured in Heavyocity’s award-winning line of virtual instruments, now in VST/AU/AAX plugin format.

With three distinct compression models, the PUNISH Compressor offers a wide dynamic range, topped off with that classic analog warmth. The plugin features a smooth Class A-style Buss Compressor (Console), an aggressive, fat sound with a classic “knee” (Modern), and a warm vintage limiting amplifier-style (Classic).

The PUNISH Saturation module also features three different models, all with their own unique brand of warmth, drive, and character. With a classic broadcast mic-pre (Vintage), a chunky harmonic saturation (Modern), and a fat tube saturation (Tube), the PUNISH Saturation module can add a bit of grit to a track, or drive the whole thing into overload.

Providing control over the attack, sustain, and output gain, PUNISH’s Transient shaping module enables users to bring stronger transients back into the signal after saturating the sound. The module also features Hold control to determine length of the attack.

The EQ module is basic but powerful, offering lift of the high and low frequencies. Set the EQ to Pre or Post to affect highs and lows before the Comp, Sat, and Transient...or after.

To prevent clipping, PUNISH also features a Limiter at the end of the chain. Soft clip amount and release time controls are key, when that Saturation starts to get things truly hairy. Modeled after Heavyocity’s custom analog signal chains, PUNISH gives you control over Compression, Saturation, Transients, EQ, and Limiting. Chain the modules together to get that signature PUNISH sound, or isolate them to experience each dynamic effect on its own. And at the heart of it all is the global PUNISH Knob. Simply set your ranges, and dial in the devastation.


Global Punish Knob

At the core of the plugin is the central Punish Knob. Heavyocity has designed an intuitive way to modulate all of the parameters, quickly and easily bringing life and movement into your sounds. By simply clicking the “edit” button, and setting the halo values, the central PUNISH knob becomes a highly-dynamic tool, capable of any and every degree of PUNISHment. Start off clean and warm and go punchy -- or expand the ranges to really let ‘er rip. When your track really kicks in, a twist of that center knob gives you all the attitude you´ll need.

Analog Signal Chain

Heavyocity has been using their in-house custom analog chains to mangle and manipulate sound sources for years. From epic percussion to cinematic pads and stings, their line of award-winning VI’s always get touched up by their stable of Bus Compressors, Tube Saturation, and Limiting Amplifiers. It’s part of what has made instruments like GRAVITY, Vocalise, and AEON so compelling, and now they’re placing those custom signal chains into your hands. Meticulously modeled from the best in classic and analog units, PUNISH brings together a studios-worth of gear in one dynamic new FX plugin.

Expertly Crafted Presets

To get you up and running quickly, PUNISH is stocked full of crafted presets, laid out over six categories. This is where the versatility of PUNISH really shines. From Bass to Drums to Mixing/Mastering, PUNISH has a wide range of applications. Whatever it may be, PUNISH has a setting for you -- with over 90 presets arranged by instrument type, and a bonus folder of some HY staff favorites. They’re a great starting point, though an option to save your own presets is also available.



Press Reviews

"Heavyocity´s cleverly crafted plug-in is ready to deal out all sorts of audio chastisement, from gentle scolding to extreme torture." - Sound on Sound Click here to read the review in full

"PUNISH is a great combo of glue, punch, and character. You can really dial in the desired intensity, it’s incredibly well-conceived and the PUNISH Knob is genius.” - Rik Simpson, Producer - Coldplay, Jay Z

"Punish is a great plugin, built from excellent component processors that can both transform and finesse your sounds. Pusish combines excellent processing with simplicity to tweak or transform sounds." - Computer Music - 10/10

"The analogue-modelled effects sound great and the ability to manipulate, and therefore automate, as many parameters as you wish with a single control is very useful indeed." - Music Tech

A very fast and very tweakable one-stop black box to make your tracks bump, grind, pop, scream, or shout." - Damian Taylor, Producer - Bjork, The Killers, The Prodigy

"PUNISH is brilliant. Accurate and precise, it can add simple punch to your track or mixes or completely destroy them! It already did wonders on my Analog synth tracks for the Deus Ex Mankind Divided soundtrack!” - Sascha Dikiciyan, Mass Effect 3, Tron: Evolution, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Quake Series


  • Effects Plugin
System Requirements
Windows MAC

Windows 7 or later

Mac OS X 10.8 or later

Plugin Formats (both 32 and 64-bit)

Supported Hosts
Pro Tools 10+, Live 9+, Cubase 8+, Logic Pro X+

Other Requirements
iLok.com account required for computer activation (USB dongle not required)

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The Heavyocity license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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