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DELETED iZotope RX5 Post Production UPGRADE from RX1-4 Adv

DELETED iZotope RX5 Post Production UPGRADE from RX1-4 Adv

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Sorry. This item is currently unavailable to order.
Save up to 66% on RX5 software and upgrades until 19th April AND upgrade to RX 6 for free! Prices shown include discount.

Audio repair, mixing enhancement, and final delivery - upgrade from RX 1-4 Adv

RX 5 has been replaced by RX 6 click here to view all RX 6 titles

iZotope RX Post Production Suite includes end-to-end solutions across the entire value chain: audio repair, mixing enhancement, and final delivery. There has never been a more comprehensive solution for your production audio.

This flagship product is an all-in-one audio processing solution for audio post production workflows. Get award-winning and industry-standard audio editing and repair features with RX Audio Editor. Transparent and sonic balancing mixing capabilities, with a dynamic EQ and True Peak Limiter, with RX Final Mix. And an audio plug-in that delivers broadcast loudness compliant mixes globally with RX Loudness Control. You’ll also get a one-year, all-access pass to Groove3 third-party online video training site and 50 free sound effects (customer’s choice) from Pro Sound Effects.


RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor
Rescue any audio from the cutting room floor. RX 5 Audio Editor’s groundbreaking improvements cement RX’s legacy as the industry standard for repairing and enhancing problematic production audio.

Paint your audio problems away within the Spectrogram via the Instant Process tool. From unwanted coughs to scene-interrupting sirens, one click simultaneously selects and processes your audio.

Multiple editing passes are no more thanks to the Module Chain: Simply define a custom chain of audio processing tasks, then fire them off with a single click!

Get the best-sounding dialogue with RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor’s industry-first enhancements. The new De-plosive instantly eliminates all plosives with total transparency, and the Leveler smooths volume inconsistencies with an automatic gain envelope. Intelligent De-breath and De-ess algorithms automatically detect and apply transparent clip gain adjustments, while doing the overall dialogue leveling.

RX Final Mix
Give your mixes, stems and sub-mixes a smooth sonic balance. Mix in real time, surround sound with significantly lower latency. The Dynamic EQ and broadcast standard True Peak Limiter are optimized with intelligent audio processing, to deliver reactive, program-dependent, and more transparent mix results, giving you loud and impactful mixes with on-spec True Peak levels. Ensure clearer dialogue, maximum sonic impact, and more accurate mix compliance with RX Final Mix!

RX Loudness Control
Deliver transparent audio while meeting global broadcast specifications! RX Loudness Control works faster than real-time to ensure your audio mixes are delivered within the appropriate loudness standards. Designed specifically for audio/video post production and broadcast workflows, RX Loudness Control combines industry-leading, intelligent audio signal processing with an easy-to-use interface… unparalleled in speed, accuracy, reliability, and sound quality.

Free access passes for Pro Sound Effects and Groove3.
Get a 1-year, all-access pass to Groove3 ’s third-party online video tutorials. Tailored for beginners and professionals alike, Groove3 offers valuable in-depth education on RX. You can also enhance your understanding of ProTools, Logic, and other leading audio software.

Get 50 download credits to the Pro Sound Effects Library.
Each download comes with a 1-user, perpetual, royalty-free, commercial license for use in an unlimited number of productions. Search, browse, preview, and download from 175,000+ professional sound effects.

Press Reviews

Mtech Gold award"You simply cannot find a better audio repair program anywhere, and iZotope continually strives to offer innovation to even the most demanding of customers" - Ask Audio Mag

"This is a full fledged audio restoration package.  It is a toolset that should be in every audio engineers kit" - provideocoalition.com

Future Music Platinum Award"a remarkable set of tools for anyone serious about audio editing and the unrivalled DAW integration is the icing on the cake: check out the Connect and Monitor plugins. Worth every penny with regard to the Standard Audio Editor toolset, and equally so for the Advanced/Post-Production if your work justifies the expenditure." Rating: 9.6/10 (Future Music)

CM Expert´s Choice award

"There´s nothing that comes remotely close to the supreme power of iZotope´s RX 5 Advanced. It´s advertised as an audio editor and restoration suite - a VERY modest view of what it´s truly capable of. I often use it to gain deep insights into how sounds work." Computer Music writer Owen Palmer makes RX 5 his Expert´s Choice of 2015.






"Delivers loudness compliance information without altering the audio, can make your mix compliant by altering only the few points it needs to, simple to use interface." - Ask Audio

"Working in faster-than-real-time, the software renders your audio to your selected loudness standard, and creates a history graph and loudness report that shows you where any overflows may be occurring." - Bhphotovideo.com

"RX Final Mix includes a comprehensive library of targeted presets to cover the needs of both video editors and seasoned audio post professionals." - Sound on Sound

"You can really fiddle to your heart’s content, insert it at any point, channel or bus, fully automate everything, and spend hours crafting the sound...I would call this an “Expert’s Precision Tool” - ProToolsExpert.com

"An excellent solution for acieving clear, intelligible and standards - compliant audio mixes for post producers." Rating 9/10 - Music Tech  


Future Music Platinum Award"a remarkable set of tools for anyone serious about audio editing and the unrivalled DAW integration is the icing on the cake: check out the Connect and Monitor plugins. Worth every penny with regard to the Standard Audio Editor toolset, and equally so for the Advanced/Post-Production if your work justifies the expenditure." Rating: 9.6/10 (Future Music)

 "A comprehensively equipped package of audio management, restoration and enhancement tools, now incorporating a Post Production Suite aimed at he film and TV market." - Sound on Sound

  • Effects Plugin
  • Audio Analysis
System Requirements
Windows MAC
  • This UPGRADE requires a previous registration of RX 1-4 Advanced
  • Windows: 7 or later
  • Mac: OS X 10.7-10.10 (Intel only)

RX Post Production Suite (fully supported) Plug-in formats:

  • AudioSuite DPM and AAX
  • Premiere Pro CC 2014 and 2015
  • Media Composer 7.0.4 & 8.3.1

RX Loudness Control Host compatibility:
RX Loudness Control is currently compatible as plug-ins for Pro Tools 10-12, Media Composer 7.0.4 and 8.3.1, and Premiere Pro CC. Although we support CC 2015, you will have to manually move the presets from the old location to the new location in order to load them. Additional host support is under development.

RX Final Mix Host compatibility:
VST, VST 3, AAX, RTAS, and AudioSuite will support mono, stereo, 5.0, 5.1, 7.0, and 7.1. AU will support mono up to stereo only. For hosts that support both VST and AU, surround functionality can be used via VST. For AU-exclusive hosts, namely Final Cut and Logic, RX Final Mix supports stereo only.

RX 4 Host compatibility:
In addition to being available in RX 4´s standalone mode, RX 4 modules are also compatible as plug-ins for popular hosts like Pro Tools, Media Composer (up to 8.3.1), Cubase, Nuendo, WaveLab, Logic, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Audition, SONAR, Vegas, Sound Forge, Ableton Live, and many more.

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The iZotope license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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