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Softube FET Compressor NATIVE

Softube FET Compressor NATIVE

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Modeled analog compressor, powerful input and output stage distortion

The FET Compressor is an impressively faithful modeling of one of the most iconic compressors of all time. FET Compressor is loved for its aggressiveness and its tendency to add some tasty distortion to the sound source when driven hard.

This compressor loves to be slammed and abused. But few things are so good they can´t be improved, so Softube added a couple of nice features that makes it even more flexible than the hardware original.


  • Sweet input and output stage distortion.
  • Super fast attack time (just like the original)
  • Lookahead (in case you don´t find the original´s attack time fast enough)
  • Modeled "All buttons in" mode
  • Continuous ratio (even between 20:1 and ALL) - but if you want the fixed ratios of the original, just click the ratio labels around the knob.
  • Parallel compression.
  • Detector low and high cut filters
  • External side chain
  • Stereo with synchronized gain reduction
  • Very CPU friendly


In general, the FET Compressor can be used for deeper gain reduction than you would normally use with any compressor. The reason is that even at extreme settings, the FET Compressor shows no trace of the pinched sound many other compressors make when you push them hard. This ability for strict gain control is not least useful on lead vocal tracks that need to be kept in the listener´s face. The distortion also adds a nice grit to the voice, highly useable in rock mixes but in no way limited to that.

Another common use for the FET is in drum mixing, where many engineers use it on room microphones, overheads or across the entire drum buss. Used this way, the FET Compressor has a way of bringing out a large, explosive sound in the Led Zeppelin vein. This is also an application where parallel compression is a useful technique, so we added the Parallel Inject control to facilitate this. To reduce kick drum pumping or let the bass guitar´s low end bloom, use the side chain filter.

But there are still many more uses for the FET. Bass, acoustic guitars, pianos - bring out some edge or use the compressor´s fastest attack setting to round off any transients.

Press Reviews

"...an impressive emulation. The FET Compressor is very musical [...] it´s just fun to use." - Glenn Rosenstein, Producer/Engineer for Madonna, U2, Talking Heads, Ziggy Marley

"Softube is so good, after using the products the first time, I could speak French. Mainly because I kept saying: Pardon my French, but these plug-ins are f**king unbelievable! The FET Compressor in particular is probably the warmest, fattest compressor plug-in on the market." - Tony Shepperd, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Back Street Boys

"The FET is Amazing!!!!!!!!" - Ron Harris, Producer (Christina Aguilera)

"The FET Compressor from Softube is an all-around winner here at my Tones 4 $ Studios. It performs amazing on bass guitar, snare drums and the best, so far, on lead vocals!" - Barry Rudolph, Contributing editor for MIX Magazine and ´New Toys´ columnist for L.A.´s Music Connection Magazine.

"It is a very versatile and creative tool that cannot be mimicked nor matched by any other plug-in as far as I know. I can not imagine myself working without it, even though we have the hardware equivalent in the studio (this one being a DIY 1176 based on the Gyraf schematics) and the UAD-1 card with it´s own flavor of the 1176LN. One thing is certain, Softube know their way around DSP code. FET Compressor is very light on the CPU, which means that you can have as many instances of the plug-in open as you could possibly need. Softube included the possibility to use an external side-chain signal, which is a brilliant move! Finally, an 1176LN that can be abused!" - Pro Rec, Magazine

  • Effects Plugin
System Requirements

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 (32/64 Bit), 32/64 Bit
  • Intel Core Duo, AMD 64 X2, 4 GB RAM
  • Internet connection for content download


  • AAX DSP, AAX native, RTAS, VST



System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.7, 32/64 Bit
  • Intel Core Duo, AMD 64 X2, 4 GB RAM
  • Internet connection for content download


  • AAX DSP, AAX native, RTAS, VST, AU



Download Mp3 Demo(s)
Download Mp3 Softube FET Compressor NATIVE Demo Download 1
Download Mp3 Softube FET Compressor NATIVE Demo Download 2
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The Softube license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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