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Strezov Sampling WOTAN Male Choir (Download)

Strezov Sampling WOTAN Male Choir (Download)

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Strezov Sampling

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Male choir combining never before sampled vocal timbres with next-gen scripting

PLEASE NOTE : You will need the full version of Kontakt 5 or later to use this product. It will NOT work with the free Kontakt Player.

After spending three years exploring various methods to sample choirs Strezov Sampling finally brings to you the next generation of virtual choirs. Focusing on one of the most iconic choir timbres of the last decades in the history of film soundtracks - The Khazad-dûm male choir - Wotan is the ultimate box of tools to evoke the sound of a long forgotten kingdom.

Comprised of ten tenors and ten basses (including basso profundos), all part of many choir recording sessions for artists like Two Steps from Hell, and recorded in the Sofia Session Studio Wotan is the perfect addition to the critically acclaimed StormChoir range adding a whole new layer of dimension and detail.


  • 5 GB compressed and optimized sample content
  • Instant Lord of the Rings sound!
  • Separate recordings of ten tenors and ten basses
  • The lowest basses ever sampled (Kontra G)
  • 8 powerful syllables recorded within 3 dynamic layers
  • Sustain (1xRR) and Staccato (2xRR) samples
  • 3 mic positions - Close, Decca, Hall + custom convolution reverb
  • Whispers and Shouts with multiple RRs recorded for all syllables
  • Bonus sample content - 3 types of clusters recorded for tenors and basses within 3 dynamic layers!
  • The powerful Syllabuilder engine with CONNECT and MORPH modes that allow you to create your own sample content within Kontakt
  • Ability to Load and Save your lyrics, built-in preset manager
  • Integrated Help
  • Combined and premixed men patch
  • Lite patches for composers who don´t need all features of the library


Syllabuilder Engine 2.0

When it comes to virtual choirs there are basically two approaches: Phrasebulding (StormChoir series) and Wordbuilding (Rhodope series). Wotan combines the simplicity and sample recording of phrasebuilding with the advanced editing functions of wordbuilding. This allows you to have amazing sounding results within seconds, but also to build and create new sample content with only few mouse-clicks. Create complete choral patterns inside the GUI or connect different syllables and morph them to add motion to your choir arrangements. Save and Load complete lyric presets to quickly get yourself into the actual composition or enhance your setup with predefined quick words.

All samples have their natural attacks included. However if you want to tighten them up the Syllabuilder Engine allows you to set custom attack, release, volume and offset values for each field independently. Something completely new and greatly missed in all phrasebuilding choir libraries.

Clusters/Effects and the Manual

Rather than seperating whispers and shouts Wotan includes them as part of the natural dynamic range. Playing with very low velocity on your midi keyboard will trigger whispers, while high velocity triggers shouts. Both effects recorded with multiple round robins, so you can really use them to create music. Of course the GUI allows you to completely customize the behaviour of this unique and intuitive concept.

A powerful next generation virtual male choir also should give the user the ability to use musical clusters with real recorded dynamics in them. Wotan features some of the most loved choir clusters ever used in music history. If you think of Ligeti you know what Wotan´s clusters are all about.

Making our new choir engine as accessible as possible was the primary goal during its developement process. That´s why Wotan has an integrated manual in the advanced options menu explaining every little feature in detail.

Press Reviews

"Excellent sound and the highest quality available in terms of choirs." - Amazona.de

"The sound of this library is excellent, as I’ve come to expect from Strezov Sampling’s recordings. Add to that an extremely useful syllabuilder interface that easily expands upon the possibilities inherent to no more than eight syllables, and the library becomes hard to resist. It makes for a great stand-alone male choir that is capable of a large range of dynamics, registers, and phrase capabilities, as well as a wonderful complement to the low end of your existing choir libraries." - Film and Game Composers (Rating: 9.7 / 10)

  • Kontakt Files
System Requirements
Windows MAC
  • Kontakt 5+ FULL version - FREE Player NOT SUPPORTED
  • 5 GB Hard drive space for the library
  • Min. of 4GB RAM
Download Mp3 Demo(s)
Download Mp3 Strezov Sampling WOTAN Male Choir (Download) Demo Download 1
Download Mp3 Strezov Sampling WOTAN Male Choir (Download) Demo Download 2
Download Mp3 Strezov Sampling WOTAN Male Choir (Download) Demo Download 3
Download Mp3 Strezov Sampling WOTAN Male Choir (Download) Demo Download 4
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