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ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 (Boxed)

ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 (Boxed)

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Symphonic effects and legato ensembles

Discover the fully updated 1.6 Editions of the orchestral library series that forever changed the film scoring game: The Symphobia Series.

Symphobia 2 is the acclaimed sequel to the original Symphobia. All-new orchestral effects, massive amounts of fresh and inspiring symphonic effects, exclusive legato ensembles with real legato transitions, Dystopia III and a brand-new interface. Symphobia 2 is the new no-brainer addition to the Symphobia series for any film, game or TV composer.
Symphobia 2 does not include Symphobia 1. Both libraries are unique products with unique content. 




  • Real tutti recordings of symphonic ensembles
  • Industry-first orchestrated legato ensembles with real legato transitions
  • Extensive, multi-articulation patches
  • New and inspiring symphonic effects
  • 27 GB library in Kontakt´s compressed sample format (54 GB uncompressed)
  • 44.1 24 bit audio format
  • Genuine concert hall recordings
  • Real-time mixing of close & stage mics
  • Kontakt Player 5 license included
  • Native Kontrol Standard support


The 1.6 Edition of Symphobia 2, released around Christmas 2017, offers a hair-raising set of brand-new string section effects, dubbed the Ghostly Strings, as well as over 16 new features, including improved control over articulation switching, articulation locking and round robin. As always, this 3 GB* update is 100% free for all existing Symphobia 2 users! The full list of what´s new includes:

  • New content: Ghostly String Effects
  • New Multis
  • Improved playability for all orchestral legato instruments (pointier playing)
  • Articulation selection slider
  • Mic output routing
  • Speed Control more widely available
  • Better legato reliability & speed
  • Ability to lock selected articulations
  • Ability to lock and/or stack round robins
  • Ability to set release trigger length
  • Ability to enable/disable sustain pedal
  • Articulation names on Komplete Kontrol
  • Velocity knob now controls velocity offset
  • Searchable single articulation snapshots
  • On-screen info for all controls in Kontakt
  • Refreshed UI design
  • Backwards compatible with v1.51 (for existing projects)


If you own the original Symphobia, Symphobia 2 will greatly expand your possibilities. To name a few, the Symphobia 2 string section adds minor and major DXF trills, different lengths of crescendo-decrescendo, new crescendos and new spiccatos. The full orchestra section has powerful new sustain and staccato articulations, and a beautiful Wide Octaves articulation with modwheel control. The separate horn section in the original Symphobia has been expanded with a blockbuster 8-player horn ensemble.

If you liked the effects in the original Symphobia, you are going to love the ones in Symphobia 2! Having covered the basis, we could explore the world of orchestral effects further and look for interesting new sounds and more specific techniques. There are now effects banks entirely dedicated to ponticello, flageolet or other playing techniques. You will also find beautiful looped textures that can be triggered in different keys. These phrases will instantly give your production a realism boost, but leave enough room to add your own personal touches.

An industry-first: real legato transitions for orchestrated sets of instruments. Various differently arranged ensembles were captured performing legato intervals, playing in unison or octaves, and were meticulously edited and scripted. A great example is the noble sounding Horns Violins Violas set, which offers real legato performance of French horns, violins and violas playing in unison. No layering was used whatsoever. The legatos, transitions and orchestrations you hear are all real.

Each of the sets has been recorded in a specific range and dynamic, dictated by the orchestration and the musical context of the orchestration. Apart from the Legato Ensembles we also included a number of legato solo instruments. [Hear a demo now]

Our popular Dystopia section is back and is better than ever! Explore the dark side of SAM with processed hits, spheres, scapes and risers, based on the recordings of Symphobia 2 and some of our other libraries. Also be sure to check out the Symphobian Drums.

Symphobia 2 is powered by Kontakt and comes with a brand-new interface. In the centre are the instrument and articulation displays. The left half of the interface contains all the switchable options such as Master EQ, release trails and microphone mode. The right half of the interface has all the controllable options such as instant ADSR, reverb and DSP effects.

Like the original Symphobia, Symphobia 2 was recorded in a beautiful concert hall environment and has been edited and programmed in two microphone sets: close and stage. Each program now contains both microphone sets and has a convenient switch button to choose which mic set you wish to use. Both mic sets have been carefully mixed to instantly fall into place in your mix. When switching mics, the samples for the unused mic will be purged from RAM.

The Legato Ensembles opened up exciting new possibilities for creating Multis. We created Multis that allow you to play two, even three legato instruments simultaneously as well as various combinations of polyphonic articulations and a legato instrument.
With names such as "Make It So" and "When All Hope Is Lost" it´s easy to find the Multi that best matches your project or scene.



Powerful articulations by full, pre-seated orchestra

Subtle strings with winds recorded together

Dark Textures
Rhythmic Textures
High Textures
Tonal Textures
Tutti Clusters

Orchestral hits, stabs, rips & swirls

Stacked, premixed orchestral effects



Ghostly String Effects - NEW in 1.6!
String Ensemble Extensions articulations
String Ensemble Effects
Violins with Violas articulations
Violoncelli articulations
Music String Phrases
Eight Player Horn Ensemble articulations
Horns with Trombones
Trumpet Octaves articulations
Flute with Piccolo articulations

Bass Clarinet & Contra Bassoon in Octaves
Basoon & Celli in Unison
Flutes & Clarinet in Unison
Flutes & Violins in Unison
Horns & Trombones in Unison
Horns & Violins & Violas in Unison
Celli & Doublebasses in Unison
Violins in Octaves


Solo Flute
Solo Horn
Solo Low Whistle (in D scale)
Solo Uilleann Pipes (in D scale)

Processed and mangled sounds taken from the Symphobia 2 recordings

Brass trio chords in maj, min & dim
String trio chords in maj, min & dim
Wind trio chords in maj, min & dim

Concert Hall Noise
Orchestra Tuning

28 inspiring multis

Click here to download detailed articulation list


Press Reviews

CM Performance"A magnificent sounding collection that complements the usual orchestral libraries with its full-on approach." - Computer Music (Rating 9/10)

"...for sheer orchestral realism, the ensembles and effects are unsurpassed." - Music Tech (Rating 9/10)

FM Platinum Award"Symphobia 2 won´t let you down. Its recordings are rich and enhanced greatly by new, natural sounding articulations but its darker textures, in particular, make sound design and composition an absolute joy and very few libraries fuel inspiration right out of the box like this one. [...] A score writer´s dream." - Future Music (Rating 9/10)

5/5 SoS"... if absolutely nothing in it stirs you, it might be advisable to consider an alternative career in accountancy." Sound on Sound (Rating 5/5)

Scorig Tutorials


  • Virtual Instrument
  • Kontakt Library

    NKS compatible

Product Type
System Requirements
Windows MAC

Library specs

  • 54.2 GB audio pool (actual recordings)
  • 27.1 GB on disk (compressed Kontakt format on disk)
  • 44.1 kHz 24 bit audio format
  • Library version download: 1.6
  • Library version boxed: 1.51

System requirements

  • Minimum Kontakt version: 5.6.8
  • Mac: OS X 10.11 or higher
  • Windows: 7 or higher
  • Minimum CPU: i5
  • Supported plug-in interfaces: Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
  • Works with Kontakt (full version) and Kontakt Player (free version)
Other requirements
USB 2.0 or 3.0 port for installation of the USB version of SYMPHOBIA 2

Compatibility notes

  • No support for OS X 10.10 or lower
  • No support for Windows XP or Vista
  • Not compatible with Kontakt 4
  • Not compatible with RTAS
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The ProjectSAM license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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