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Zero-G Super Cinematic Collection

Zero-G Super Cinematic Collection

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Extensive cinematic and SFX bundle in multiple formats - 70% off

If it´s cinematic sounds you´re after, this exclusive Zero-G bundle will deliver all the soundscapes, pads, textures, drones and atmospheres and more that you could ever need to instigate a variety of moods and tensions among your audience.

This bundle contains: 

Zero-G Aftershock

AfterShock is a huge collection of abstract events, atmospheres, ambiences, hits, sweeps, risers and effects, morphs and transforms, drones and tones and lots more. This beautifully crafted library can be used in many different TV, film and game genres especially action, fantasy, science fiction and horror as well as for various EDM genres and anything requiring sophisticated and extreme sound design.

Zero-G Critical Mass Audioscapes

Influenced by the latest in cutting-edge Hollywood sound design and film scoring, this library contains a wealth of sonic material ideally suited to cinematic and video game projects. Critical Mass provides you with a vast expanse of new and experimental sound materials generated using the most leading-edge digital signal processing techniques. This colossal collection of sounds has themes ranging from chilling deep space horror all the way through to sumptuous heavenly atmospheres.

Zero-G Cyberstorm


Cyberstorm has been created by film and games FX supremo Frederic Devanlay who has produced special effects and atmospheres for some of the most popular games and movies. The Cyberstorm concept is all about future robotic warfare with intense mech versus mech combat, close quarters battles and epic futuristic sci-fi action effects. All the weapons of the near future battlefield are utilised from autonomous battlefield robots, main battle tanks, powered infantry to unmanned drones.

Zero-G Cinematic IDM

Cinematic IDM

This massive library explores the cinematic side of IDM music and the most modern and experimental aspects of cinematic music. The result is a library that combines all the thrill, drive and drama of the best of cutting-edge dance music with the sense of exploration, innovation and avant-garde of movie soundtrack creation. Cinematic IDM is ideal for composers of film, TV and game soundtracks who want to create exciting soundscapes for action sequences and high-tension sequences as well as for scenes of suspense or horror.

Zero-G Electro Cinematic

Electro Cinematic

This library has been specifically conceived for modern futuristic and sci-fi oriented projects in need of the latest trends in the field of synthetic sound design but could equally be used by dance producers who are looking for something unique and ear-catching for their latest project. It features a huge array of innovative sonic elements which are ready to loop, sequence, process or resynthesise to fit the most demanding productions.

Press Reviews

"Is Aftershock worth it? Yes, if you´re looking for futuristic soundscapes for your productions. Aftershock will save you from fiddling around with synths and plugins to create sounds similar to it. Why reinvent the wheel when you can get a sample library that has everything you need to create the score for Blade Runner part 2?" - Sonic Boom Bap

"Packed with bells, clangs, ambiences, whooshes and other FX/riser/impact type sounds, though, Critical Mass also succeeds as an expansive resource for electronic music producers." - Computer Music (Rating 8/10)

"The level of detail is hugely impressive, from the clatter of falling debris to the sounds of mines activating and bullets ricocheting. [...] We can´t really fault this library: it´s large, competitively priced and exceptionally well-produced." - Music Tech, Rated: 10/10

"The blend of sound design elements, and modern electronic rhythms works very well and, at this price, some cutting-edge and ultra-cool electronic music cues are just an instant away for almost anyone." -Sound on Sound, Rated: 5/5

"Beefy synth basslines and hard-hitting robo-industrial beats kick off the very well stocked loops folder..the rest of the library is more about sound design and in that regard it´s a veritable playground of possibilities" - Computer Music

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Product Type
Hits Loops
System Requirements
Windows MAC

Please see individual product pages for system requirements

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The Zero-G license agreement allows this product to be used to produce library or production music.
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