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Zero-G Ambient Textures (Boxed)

Zero-G Ambient Textures (Boxed)

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Zero-G Ambient Textures (Boxed) - Press Reviews

Reviewed by: Music Tech Magazine
April 2003
With the continued success of Reason spawning an entire industry of refill material on CD-ROM, we suspect non-Reason users are beginning to feel like an oppressed minority. But with the promise of more new releases over the coming months, it’s a trend that’s set to continue. Those who have no Reason to be here will have to decide whether to climb aboard the bandwagon or sit it out until the next big thing comes along. Don’t be surprised if that turns out to be Reason 3 … The first two collections come from Zero-G – the sound production arm of Time+Space. Ambient Textures and Chemical Beats cover very different ground stylistically as well as instrumentally. The former bears the rather Eno-esque subtitle, Audio Excursions Within Tonal Landscapes – and as it turns out, that’s a pretty accurate description. Altogether there are 1,000 patches, breaking down into 300 for the Subtractor analogue synth, 259 for the NN-19 sampler, 201 for the Malström synth and 240 for the new NN-XT sampler. Because Malström and NN-XT are new to version 2 of Reason, this obviously rules out the use of these patches by those who haven’t yet made the upgrade. The Subtractor patches are made up of ambient pads, ‘harsh’ synths, string sounds, sound effects and L-R ‘mock stereo’ pads.. Malström’s patches also include ambient pads, together with gated synths, sound effects and strings. Between the two samplers there’s a further collection of ambient pads, string sounds and vox patches along with gated synths (NN-XT) and the rather anonymously-titled, WAV samples (NN-19). The synths used in the creation of these patches include the Microwave XT, Technics WSA1, Supernova 2 ProX, Micro Q and Alesis QS. Overall, they combine warmth and spaciousness, with enough detail to overcome the blandness and anonymity which often characterise this kind of material. Zero-G provides a demo MP3 file for download from its website. If you like it, you’ll get more than your money’s worth from this collection. For music with an altogether harder edge, Chemical Beats draws on another huge library of loops and samples. Zero-G describes them as having “masses of attitude with huge drum sounds and FX crunched through advanced signal processors and massive grooves to kick-start your imagination”. Phew … The collection breaks down into REX2 and NN-19 samples, Re-Drum kits and a selection of ACIDized WAV files. The range includes a huge selection of individual basses, snares, kicks, toms and cymbals plus ‘chemical’ stabs and pads. Alongside these, you’ll find a genuinely diverse collection of drum, percussion and guitar loops, FX, radio and ‘tech’ loops, and ‘mad’ loops.. There’s an incredible energy at large here, and predictably, this is most evident on the looped material. But even the individual samples have a potency about them which will need careful handling. If you’re up to the challenge, then look no further.

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