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DELETED A Class Series: Dubstep Plates^

DELETED A Class Series: Dubstep Plates^

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Digital Redux

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DELETED A Class Series: Dubstep Plates^ - Press Reviews

Reviewed by: iDJ magazine
November 2008
The thirst for more and more sample libraries never seems to diminish. Digital Redux’s A Class Series drops a bunch of fresh bombs to follow up on the successful releases of 2007. The samples are created using their own extensive recording facilities by a team of live musicians and producers. The latest offering includes Dubstep Plates, Phat City Beatz and Bass is Nasty, and here’s the lowdown…

Dubstep Plates
One for the dubstep producer, this comes in the form of 30 construction tracks. Each construction track moves from the dark and moody to dubby and upbeat pieces. Each one is stripped down and presented with each element available for use in multiple formats for easy integration into your productions. With over 4.25GB of data and recorded at 24-bit the DVD contains 865+ audio samples and 225+ REX2 loops. The construction tracks are all set at 140BPM and take their names from the boroughs of London – Brixton, Hackney, Islington and so on. This is an essential tool for any producers of dubstep, UK garage or grime.

Phat City Beatz
You guessed it: this is aimed squarely at the hip-hop and R&B producers. With over 500 of the hottest loops, organised by BPM, the DVD touches on all styles, from beats for the club to deeper grooves. With more than two gigabytes of samples, the 24-bit recording is good quality and with 500 audio samples and 500+ REX2 loops, Phat City Beatz is on the money for any producer of hip-hop, R&B, or street sounds.

Bass is Nasty
This is a huge collection of uniquely processed synthesizer bass samples. If you’re looking to add some grit and grunge into your tracks then you’ve come to the right place! The library is not genre-specific and therefore could be used by producers working within many genres, such as drum & bass, dubstep, techno, electro, hip-hop or R&B. The synthesizers have been run through combinations of distortion boxes, guitar pedals, amps, pre-amp, EQs, compressors, and various outboard equipment to make them sound as gritty as possible. For easy selection Digital Redux have divided up the bass sounds into themes, labelled in key. The DVD has more than 2GB of data (all in 24-bit) and contains more than 1,000 audio samples.

As sample libraries go, these new offerings from Digital Redux are pretty easy to use. Filed in easy to select folders and listed by BPM or bars, it won’t take you long to get locked, loaded and ready to loop up. The A Class Series extras add even more value for money, with the extra WAV demo tracks from all the A Class Series sample sets. Value for money-wise you’ll do well if you can find better value for your pound. Don’t expect any frills for the money, though; it does what it says on the box with a brief explanation of content on the back of the case.

IDJ Rating: 86%
Reviewed by: Music Tech Magazine
December 2008
Founded in May 2007, Digital Redux is a relatively new samples library development company from New York that released its first set of five sample packs in September 2007. Each great-value pack featured a selection of samples in a specific genre, covering a broad range from hip hop and chilled to drum ‘n’ bass and electro. The team takes pride in the fact that their producers and engineers are accomplished in their respective fields and aren’t trying to ‘fake’ their genres. The company has now unveiled another five releases, developing this collection further with forays into dubstep, minimal techno and R’n’B.

The neat packaging adds to the quality feel of the packs and the repetition of the cover design makes you feel as though you are building up on collection. All of the audio is 24-bit, 44.1kHz resolution and comes in WAV, AIFF, ACID WAV, REX2, Stylus RMX and Reason ReFill formats.

06: Minimalizms (770MB)
The popularity of minimal electronica, particularly techno, has risen greatly in the past four years. It’s a genre that focuses more on rhythm and repetition than melody and progression, and more often adheres to the motto less is more. This pack includes 30 construction kits that aim to cover the cutting-edge minimal techno scene. Each kit comprise a complete mix of the track, several beat variations (including individual drum hits) and various synth and bass loops. The beats, stabs and deep basses are all suitably glitchy and moody and there’s good use of reverb to create space, but the synths have a slightly under-produced quality that makes them sound thin. The refreshing variety in mood and sounds is unfortunately matched by variations in quality, which can only be attributed to multiple producers contributing to the pack.

07: Dubstep Plates (1.1GB)
Dubstep grew out of the London garage music of the early 2000s, but has really started to mature as a genre only in the last couple of years. While it is generally distinguished by its dark mood, sparse rhythms and omnipresent bass, we are now hearing other styles and moods creeping in to the original template. This pack also features 30 construction kits, but with an added bonus in the form of three folders of dub FX hits. Both dark and moody plus more upbeat, dubby styles are catered for.

08: Phat City Beatz (375MB)
This pack is very different from the first two as it’s not presented in construction kit form, but merely contains more than 500 fat – sorry, ‘phat’ – drum loops. The style is very much urban hip hop and R’N’B, but there’s actually a surprising amount of variety, ranging from classic early 90s hip hop drums to Pharell-inspired sparse rhythms. The loops are presented in groups of 35, ranging from 85–100BPM, and a lot of them are built using a variety of percussive sounds, not just kicks and snares. Because they’re built from hits, the beats sound quite sparse, but this means they can be cranked up to sound particularly huge.

09: Bass is Nasty (795MB)
Make no mistake, there is some truly filthy bass action going on here! These are sounds that could easily make the faint-hearted recoil in terror. This pack features more than 1,000 individual bass notes in WAV, AIFF and Reason ReFill format that can be imported into any sampler so they can be played across the keyboard. The sounds are divided into 12 progressively frightening folders, where they are subjected to a variety of guitar FX pedals, amps, EQs, compressors and other outboard gear.

10: Guitar Legend (690MB)
This pack is a meticulously sampled collection of over 1,000 guitar chords, notes and riffs. Each chord is recorded in multiple lengths through a selection of nine amps and distortions. There are also clean and distorted single held notes. Slightly baffling however, is the riff section, as many of the audio files seem to cut out before the notes have finished ringing. The variety of tones is excellent, although the licks themselves range from good to average.

Minimalizms: A good starting point for anyone wishing to get into the genre – 6/10

Dubstep Plates: Great selection of dub FX, but some sounds may need beefing up – 7/10

Phat City Beatz: A great collection of no-nonsense urban drum loops – 6/10

Bass is Nasty: Joyous, bass filth! – 9/10

Guitar Legend: The chords are a useful tool, but the pack is let down by an average riff section – 8/10

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