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Ian Boddy Beatalogue (Download)

Ian Boddy Beatalogue (Download)

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Average rating 5 / 5 stars based on 1 customer reviews
1 customer reviews

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Ian Boddy Waveforms

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Ian Boddy Beatalogue (Download) - Press Reviews

Reviewed by: Music Tech
May 2010
Beatalogue is the follow-up to Ian Boddyís Drumalogue samples library. Where his previous pack focused on individual electronic drum hits, this collection looks at glitchy loops filtered and mangled through a modular synth system.

The download-only pack contains around 200MB of 24-bit mono audio in Wav, Apple Loops and Re2 forms. You know to expect something a little out of the ordinary from the 300 loops with folders entitled Treated, Twisted and Warped. Each of these folders is further divided into 100, 120 and 140BPM, making this pack useful for hip hop, house, breakbeat and dubstep-speed tracks. The loops themselves come from fairly ordinary sources such as Logicís Ultrabeat and NIís Reacktor and Kontakt, but are then manipulated beyond recognition via a chain of analogue outboard gear The extreme processing and analogue signal path gives the grooves an organic quality, with each loop lasting either two or four bars and with several variations. From subtle raspy glitches to distorted pitched mayhem, one can almost envisage Boddy sitting in a basement surrounded by wires and switches, wearing a mad scientist lab coat as he experiment with the beatsÖ

Because of the extreme nature of the sounds, these grooves would work better as top loops layered over your main kick and snare, and while thereís not a great deal of variety, itís all highly original and very well produced.

Of course, with this kind of skulduggery there will always be a bit of a dilemma: the kind of producers who write glitchy electronic music are often an experimental bunch and as such would probably rather create these kinds of sounds themselves! But if youíre after original-sounding textures to spice up your beats, this is an excellent collection.

Verdict: Organic-sounding glitch grooves, especially useful for quirking up your beats.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed by: Sound on Sound
May 2010
This collection comprises 300 24-bit loops duplicated in Apple Loops, WAV and REX2 formats, with some Kontakt sampler mappings thrown in for good measure. Three nominal tempo groups are provided (100, 120, and 140 bpm), but thereís enough tail on the REX2 slices to slow down the tempos by at least 25 percent before gaps start appearing. Folders are organised into Treated, Twisted and Warped (whatever that means to you) and most of the loops have three or four timbral/pattern variations for fills.

The main selling point of this collection is the evocative sound, which has the undeniable stamp of authentic analogue circuitry. Boddyís collection of modular hardware has delivered exactly that thick, yet compact, sound I strongly associate with analogue drum machines and processing. Itís better captured here, in fact, than I can remember in any other library Iíve come across. Even when distortion is applied with a trowel, the tone remains pleasantly rounded and cohesive and, while this may lead some people to feel that the overall sonic personality is therefore somehow restrained, personally, Iíd be more inclined to interpret it as being in good taste. The provision of entirely mono samples might feel a bit odd, but itís true to the concept and lends a certain vintage chutzpah to proceedings.

In addition to the all-pervading analogue atmosphere, some lovely fluid modulation effects really help give a good ebb and flow to the loops, which is good in some instances where the source rhythm programming comes across as a bit pedestrian. Whether heís using filtering, modulated delay effects or various other weird and wonderful modular sound manglers, Ian Boddy is to be commended for giving those real-time controls a good dose of elbow grease, where lesser sound designers are often content just to lean back in their swivel chairs and watch the twinkly lights. The flip side of this, though, is that we arenít exactly in MOR territory here, so the appeal will be felt most strongly by those with clear electro leanings and a strong constitution.

Frequently exaggerated mid- and high-frequency attack transients reminded me favourably of various old drum modules, but at the low end I couldnít shake the feeling that things were rather flabby much of the time. (There are lots of stray subsonics, too, so Iíd advise high-pass filtering these loops at mixdown for the health of subwoofers everywhere.) For this reason Iíd suggest that youíll get the most out of this you can take advantage of the REX-format loop versions; you could then pick and choose the Beatalogue slices that work best for you in terms of their unique personality and then supplement them, as necessary, with more dependable general-purpose kick one-shots.

All in all, this is a very characteristic library that, despite some rough edges, is well worth investigating if youíre looking for geek-free analogue drum/synth thrills. Thereís very little ballast on board and the price is reasonable, so itís decent value too.

Rating: 4/5

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