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DELETED ESI ESP1010e - Press Reviews

Reviewed by: iDJ magazine
August 2009
With eight in, eight out, mic and instrument inputs the ESP1010e can handle all your audio and MIDI messages. Key to the new ESP1010e is the included PCI interface card. FireWire and USB 2.0 have been long considered fast for data transfer but still not fast enough for today’s musician; the PCIe interface card, however, offers a much faster and reliable data transfer.

The 19” 1U rackmount box is simple to set up. Most of the inputs are on the front, including the two XLR mic inputs, two ¼” jack instrument inputs, two headphone outputs and analogue inputs one to four. The rear features the remainder of the analogue inputs (five to eight), the SPDIF in and outs, all eight of the analogue outs and the MIDI ins and outs. The EDI connector hooks up the rack box to the PCI card with the supplied two-meter cable.

Two of the inputs are equipped with microphone pre-amps, both with balanced XLR connectors and a switchable phantom power supply that can be used with both dynamic and condenser microphones, although you will need to add on an external PSU for the phantom. In addition, two instrument inputs are provided to directly connect and use guitar input signals.

The 24-bit converters on the eight analog inputs and outputs ensure top quality data conversion, as do the 24-bit 96kHz coaxial digital input and outputs. The two inputs and outputs give you 32 channels of MIDI in total.

Once installed, click on the ESI icon on your desktop and the dropdown menu allows you to set up the control panel for the ESP1010e. Adjustable latency, routing options, volumes, gains and mutes can all be set on this screen. Channel inputs, headphones mixes and the SPDIF setting are also selected from the control panel.

DirectWire is ESI’s own bespoke driver technology. The onscreen DirectWire panel can be used for routing audio streams internally within applications using EWDN audio MIDI drivers. For many apps, the DirectWire feature allows internal routing, which does away with the need of external wiring configurations.

Whichever DAW is your poison, Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk, Sonar, Logic, Cool Edit, Vegas, etc, the ESP1010e allows you to spice things up and add a multi channel recording solution to the DAW package. And the packaged Cubase LE4 features 48 audio tracks with full 24 bit, 96kHz operation, 64 MIDI tracks, VST plug-ins and full VSTi support. It also combines powerful audio and MIDI recording features with professional editing and effects.

The supplied drivers for the ESP1010e are only for Windows unfortunately, and I did have some teething problems, but the very useful user guide did help me through the issues painlessly.

As with all ESI products the ESP1010e does what is needs to without any superfluous fuss. Its only drawback is that it’s Windows only. That said, the data transfer rates are excellent and it is definitely a huge improvement over USB and FireWire.

Pros: Price and speed of data transfer
Cons: Windows only version

Verdict: ESI doing what they do best, affordable yet quality.

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