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Toontrack EZdrummer 2 (Download)

Toontrack EZdrummer 2 (Download)

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Average rating 5 / 5 stars based on 56 customer reviews
56 customer reviews

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Toontrack EZdrummer 2 (Download) - Press Reviews

Reviewed by: Computer Music
July 2014
Quite brilliantly, EZdrummer 2's new Search page enables you to search for grooves based on their similarity to one dragged in from the Song Track or library.

EZdrummer 2 makes creating convincingly realistic drum kit tracks an amazingly straightforward process. The new search engine, Song Track and Track Creator work very well indeed, and the superb groove editing setup give super-fast results.

For -
Much slicker interface
Great-sounding new kits
Flexible Search facility
Deep Edit Play Style system
Nifty Song Creator facility.

Rating 10/10

Click here to read full review at musicradar.com
Reviewed by: Music Tech
June 2014
Review extract

With so many great sounding virtual drumming solutions, it’s interesting to see how much attention is now being diverted to the usability and musicality of the instrument as well as its sonic performance. Aspects like the Tap 2 Find feature, therefore, as well as the powerful integral sequencing features, really mark EZdrummer 2 out from the crowd, and certainly offer a host of intuitive musical possibilities that go above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from a virtual drummer. More than just an incremental update, EZ Drummer 2 defines the next generation of virtual drumming software that many will seek to emulate.

The new kits sounds great, but it's the much-improved browser and flexibe internal sequencing features that really sets EZdrummer 2 apart from the competition.

Powerful and intuitive virtual drumming.
Musical control set.
Nice balance between contemporary and vintage kits.
Works with previous EZX libraries.

Rating - 9/10

Click here to read full review at musictech.net
Reviewed by: Rhythm
July 2014
You’re probably well aware of Toontrack’s EZdrummer software – if not then you should be, as it represents one of the least complex and most affordable ways for e-kit players to expand their sonic palette by hooking up to their computer.
Ever the ones for self-betterment, Toontrack have overhauled the software and bought us V2, which the company reckons has been ‘designed to erase any technical barrier between you and your creativity and introduces several groundbreaking features for quick and easy songwriting”
Among the new features is the facility to build entire drum tracks from scratch using a library of live-played MIDI grooves and fills, and while these are possibly useful to us drummers as a course of inspiration, they’re aimed (as mentioned in the wuote above) at fingerers, twangers and sing-ists looking for a fast way of creating a backing track. Of more interest, then, are the new drum sounds that we can play from the confort of our mesh heads. These have recorded completely from scratch nu award-winning producer Chuck Ainley (Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits) at Knopfler’s british Grover studios, and Toontrack has built in some extra functionality including effects.

Ezdrummer 2 comprises five drum kits, arranged into two sub-groups of presets: Modern and Vintage. The Modern kits were recorded through Neve 88R and EMI TG desks, while the Vintage sounds were captured through the last remaining EMI REDD 51 console – if you’re into your recording tivia, you’ll recognise the REDD 51 from its association with The Beatles, as seen on the original sleeve for Let It Be. The total pool includes a DW Maple, Yamaha 9000 and Gretsch USA custom (Modern) and two Luwigs: one named ‘Ludwig 60s’ and a Vistalite. You get seven snares, ranging from 13”x6” DW Edge through two kinds of Lugwig 400 to a 14”x8” Pearl Vinnie Paul signature model. There’s also a choice of shall materials on offer: CoB, carbon fibre and bronze with open and damped samples of most of the snares. Finally, there are the cymbals – 10 crashes, three rides and three pairs of hi-hats. It’s nice to see that there’s a decent offering here, as cymbals are often an afterthought with these kinds of sample packs. It’s have been nice to see one or two splashes, but with five ‘slots’ for crashes/rides, we reckon the average e-drummer will run out of pads before they get that far.

Hands on
Flicking through the presets, there’s a definite improvement with the overall feel of the software. Patches load quickly; a godsend if your computer lacks the power to cope with some of the bigger libraries out there. Sound-wise, we found ourselves gravitating towards the ‘Vintage’ presets more than the sometimes-over-processed-sounding Modern kits. Not in a retro fan-boy way, but the Vintage kits have more of a raw ‘live’ feel to them. That’s not to say they don’t make use of the on-board effects, either. Throughout all of the presets you’ll find distortion, tape saturation, compression and reverb, there’s even phasing and bitcrushing plus the delay module that helps faithfully recreate Bonham’s sound on the included ‘Levee’ preset.
One gripe, however, id that there’s no way of adding effects to your own custom kits from scratch. Instead, you need to be a nit sneaky and find a patch that already uses the effect you want – even if the kit isn’t right – then edit the sounds around the effect. Thankfully, EZdrummer 2 works with all existing EZX packs, and Toontrack, has even written new ‘V2’ presets for each. What’s more, it lets you mix-and-match individual kit components from different collections and EZX packs. For example, you can now easily take a snare from your Metalheads pack, and mix it in with the kick drum from the Americana collection, while throwing in some disco toms and hand-claps to create and entirely custom (if not questionable) kit!

Verdict: There are many new features in EZdrummer 2 that makes it as applicable to songwriters as to us drummers. The groove library makes piecing together a drum track very quick, plus you can tap in the sort of rhythm you’re looking for, and it’ll match with its closest beat. However, EZdrummer and its EZXpansion packs mean that it remains the most diverse and affordable way to records drums from your e-kit. Toontrack has just made it even better.

Usability 5/5
Sound quality 4/5
Value for money 4/5
Rhythm rating 4/5
Reviewed by: Sound on Sound
May 2014
Review extract

The new features are genuinely useful, not only in extending the range of sounds that can be teased from the various kits and combinations, The number of miking options and the quality of the 'bleed' or spill added by a nice acoustic space allow the creation of very realistic-sounding drum parts. But also in making it much easier to select or combine elements from loops in the library. It is a credit to Toontrack that they have introduced such a massive upgrade without any of the improvements conflicting with existing EZdrummer working methods.

Click here to read full review at soundonsound.com

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