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iZotope Trash 2 inc Expansion packs (Download)

iZotope Trash 2 inc Expansion packs (Download)

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Average rating 5 / 5 stars based on 1 customer reviews
1 customer reviews

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iZotope Trash 2 inc Expansion packs (Download) - Press Reviews

Reviewed by: Computer Music
February 2013

Trash was the third iZotope plugin to see a major update in 2012, and the visual similarities with Ozone 5 and Alloy 2 are immediately apparent.

The update features a new general architecture, new distortion algorithms, redesigned filters, a new convolution setup and an improved output limiter. However, in practical terms, much also remains the same.


The Trash module has been heavily revamped, with the additional new distortion algorithms meaning there are now seven preset categories (Distort, Drive, Faulty, Fuzz, Heavy, Retro and Saturate).

There's also an output filter for high and low shelving. The most significant new feature, though, is the new waveshaping window. Here you'll see the current 'base' algorithm (red), to which you can apply your own multi-point modification curve (yellow). The resulting waveshaping curve is then shown in blue.


Overall, we're very impressed with Trash 2's flexibility and rich sound, and existing users will welcome an upgrade bringing it so well into line with iZotope's other plugins


Broad range of distortion sounds Great new EQ/filters. Expanded convolution. Excellent modulation. Powerful waveshaper.


No panned split routing. Not enough filter-modulated presets.

Verdict: An update of a classic, Trash 2 is one of the most versatile and sonically impressive distortion plugins around.

Rating: 9/10

Click here to read the review in full at musicradar.com
Reviewed by: Music Tech
January 2013
The original Trash was one of iZotope’s earliest plug-in effects, featuring filters, an impulse response module and a toolbox of distortions capable of some complex and truly nasty sounds. Although we take things like multiband saturation and distortion for granted now, back in 2003 when it was released, Trash was a unique and powerful plug-in. Fast-forward nearly ten years and iZotope has finally seen fit to overhaul the software, giving it an entirely new sonic architecture, improved sound quality, new features and optimised performance.

With the exception of a new delay section, the fundamental modules are the same but with a number of tweaks to improve both flexibility and workflow. First up are the two filter modules, which give you six bands and a choice of over 20 different filters from clean and warm to saturated, screaming and vowel types. Although the filters are placed before and after the distortion by default, you can freely change the order of all the modules, even choosing to run the filters in parallel if you so desire. On top of this you now have the ability to modulate the position of each node, either via a sidechain input, envelope modulation or syncable LFO, opening up the possibility for incredibly complex, multi-layered EQ sweeps to add detail to your sound. In typical iZotope fashion, the polished GUI is a god-send here, giving you a second node to select the frequency, gain and Q, with a small dot that shows your current position. That said, with all six bands going things can look a little hectic.

Next comes the multiband Trash module, where you can select up to four bands, each with two distortions in series and the option of an additional HP/LP filter after each stage to help tame wild harmonics. You can choose from over 60 different waveshapes, then edit the distortions with the incredibly flexible, graphic-based waveshaper. Or you can choose to make your own waveshapes with a number of different drawing options, although these can’t be saved individually and have to be saved with the preset.

Once you’ve crafted your distortion sound you can feed the signal through the amp and speaker convolution module, which features over 100 new impulse responses from traditional cabinets to more off-the-wall creations and spaces. However, what really opens up the sound-design potential is the ability to load your own WAV and AIFF files, meaning you could easily add reverb or any number of effects into the chain. Next we have an analogue modelled compressor and noise gate with up to four bands, which have essentially been lifted from Alloy 2 and feature the same excellent visual feedback and flexible sidechain options. Finally, the new delay module has six types of delay, ranging from clean and digital to crunchy, bit-crushed and warm tape/tube settings. We were surprised by the quality and versatility of the effect, and additional sliders for width and colouration can add extra life and 3D space to your sound. Thankfully, iZotope has included a limiter at the final stage to help protect both your ears and speakers, as even the smallest of tweaks to the Trash module can turn a subtle crunch into a shredding wall of sound.

Other features include stereo width and imaging controls in the Convolve module, wet/dry sliders for all the modules (except the filters), and a post filter with resonance for the delay. There are also 300 presets, plus the option of more from the Edge Expansion pack, but we found many of these to be a little on the aggressive side.

Like all iZotope plug-ins, the slick GUI is easy to read and quick to use, making complex sound design seem easy. The only real improvement we can think of would be the inclusion of more modulation options, allowing you to control the distortion crossover bands or the delay time. Trash 2 is designed to make things sound nasty, and as such is a great tool for anyone looking for unique and dirty synth, guitar or drum sounds. You will, however, need a much more delicate touch and some patience if you want to create subtle warming and saturation effects. If this is your goal, you may wish to look elsewhere, but as a sound-design tool, this is a highly flexible and creative beast.

Verdict: A highly flexible sound-design tool that’s capable of rich, aggressive sounds, has great-sounding filters and a surprisingly decent delay effect, plus an easy-to-use GUI.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed by: DJ Mag
March 2013
iZotope’s Trash has been around for 10 years. First released in 2003, it has gone on to stand the test of time, being used on various dancefloor hits. It gained favour as it was useful on nearly any audio source and could be applied with a deft touch to create subtle sound changes, or walloped on like a gargantuan beast to totally mash up a sound. Ten years on, and iZotope have finally released Trash 2, but far from being just a simple update, Trash 2 is a completely new plug-in altogether.

It looks good, with its redesigned visual display, and sounds amazing. It consists of a collection of individual audio processors, with six modules – Distortion, which is aptly-named, Trash, Delay, Dynamics, Impulse Response Filters iZotope call Convolve, and two separate filters. It really is a complete sound design tool.

All of these elements of Trash 2 can be combined to make merry mischief on sounds, or can be used on their own. In fact, they can be routed to wherever the user wants them to be. This makes for some serious sound mangling, from delicate hints of fuzz to serious ear-bleeding FX. Trash (and now Trash 2) has found fans with a wide range of artists – Nine Inch Nails, Noisia, Garbage, Korn and Sigur Ros to name a few. Anyone looking to add dirt, grime and character to their tracks needs to jump on board the Trash 2 revolution. There is also an expansion pack available, offering even more presets to mess with. All in all, a great plug-in for many varied uses.

Verdict: 9/10
Reviewed by: Future Music
March 2013
Like Ozone 5 and Alloy 2 before it, Trash 2 is simply stunning: a plugin deserving unequivocal recommendation to anyone making music of any kind with their computer. So much more than 'just' a distortion unit, it's a sound design toolbox of vast potential, offering excellent filtering, distortion, compression/gating, convolution and delay in one integrated device. Whether you want to warm up a drum loop or turn it into a writhing percussive nightmare, fatten a bassline or filter the hell out of it, overdrive a vocal or transform it into something else altogether, it really doesn't get easier or more effective than this.

That's not to say that it's overkill for conventional guitar amp simulation duties - the amp models and cabinet IRs are spot on, and guitarists and recording/mix engineers will find it just as inspirational as Dance and Electronic producers will.


Verdict: A magnificent distortion-based audio workshop combining amazing sound with exemplary ease of use.
Reviewed by: Audio Media
July 2013
Distortion sounds are a very personal and characteristic element of any professional’s sound, whether it be full-on mayhem or simple harmonic enhancement. Trash 2 promises to push further past the obvious guitar and bass applications into providing a toolbox of distortion for almost anything. Now in 32- and 64-bit versions for AU, VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX (Pro Tools 10), AudioSuite and DirectX, Trash 2 is ready to smash any DAW around today.
The first thing any previous Trash user will notice is the improved, more intuitive GUI, which brings it in-line with things like Alloy 2 or Ozone 5. This brings it right up to date with a fresh feel.
As before, there are six different modules but the labelling has been updated: the showpiece Trash with two Filter modules for EQ purposes pre and post the Trash module, a newly designed Convolve module, Delay, and Dynamics. Of course, as with Alloy 2, you can also rearrange the order of the modules in your signal chain for further control or surprises. There are also a large in and out stereo faders and a signal display at all times, with a limiter built-in on the output always to hand. This is particularly useful to protect your hearing when experimenting with crazy distortion effects.

With so much scope for user editing and the convolution module, Trash 2 pulls away from other more guitar-based distortion effects to offer a whole lot more. It can turn uninspiring audio into something exciting, rich, and energetic. Alternatively, it can lift small details and bring that wow factor out of a busy mix. Trash 2 is a great tool with so many uses that it far outdoes any other distortion and guitar amp modelling plug-in.

 Click here to read the review in full at audiomedia.com

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