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Our Products  >  Apple Loops  >  Sample Magic Tribal Tech-House

Sample Magic Tribal Tech-House

Sample Magic Tribal Tech-House

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Sample Magic

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Sample Magic Tribal Tech-House - Press Reviews

Reviewed by: Music Tech Magazine
January 2010
After a brief break following the excellent Sunrise Sessions downbeat pack, the Sample Magic team is back to the dance floor with the latest loop and hit library, Tribal Tech-House. Taking influences from live Afro-tribal workouts, this pack combines tight, percussive loops with both deep minimal and more upbeat jackin’ tech house.

The DVD contains around 870MB of 24-bit/44.1kHz audio in Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 formats, plus drum hit instrument patches for EXS24, HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT. Speed-wise we’re looking at 125, 127 and 130BPM loops divided into bass lines, beats, combi loops, FX and FX loops, percussion loops, synths and tops. As with all the Sample Magic packs, the production throughout is immaculate and you could happily throw any of the samples into your track in the knowledge that they would sound solid on the dance floor.

The bass lines have been mixed fairly dry with the occasional flourish of effects; all throb with a fat analogue warmth. The expertly produced beat selection contains driving grooves with two or three variations on each beat and some nice percussive elements. You could argue that Tribal Tech-House is a fairly similar affair to the Minimal Techno and Progressive House libraries, but the main difference comes from the more excessive use of percussion. The short percussion loops have been tightened and processed to lock with a straight 4/4 groove and offer variation through imaginative use of pitch, panning and reverb to create depth and space.

Further emphasis on percussion can be found in the individual drum hits folder, where a strong but modest selection of very usable kicks, snares and hats is accompanied by a larger folder of 112 percussive hits. The other folders of FX loops and tops add thinned-out tech loops that can be used to add sparkle to your beats.

Finally, the Synths folder features an inventive selection of both deep grooves awash with reverb and more ravey, upbeat riffs with pitch bends and ring-mod dissonance.

This is another stunning release from Sample Magic in which the quality and production never dips below excellent. If you’re looking for club-ready sounds and tech percussion loops, you won’t find much better than this.

Verdict: Another immaculately produced library from the Sample Magic team, stacked with warm basses, beats and tech percussion.

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed by: iDJ magazine
March 2010
Number 14 in the Sample Magic collection is all about the dark minimal grooves of the tribal variety. With loops ranging from 125 to 130BPM this DVD/CD Rom package is packed with almost 3Gb of files from percussion loops to dubby basslines.

Tribal and percussive elements can add some much needed texture to any rhythm, so whatever your taste, there should be something that suits your production style from the deeper, hypnotic elements to the epic drums save solely for club bangers. Lead-wise we’re treated to everything from vintage synths to squeaky riffs, all of it coming with plenty of instant melodic inspiration. Key labelled with ‘just beat’ and ‘just melody’ variants for easy programming, this works a treat.
Reviewed by: altsounds.com
January 2010
Nothing like a bit of tribal thumpers right up your jacksy. This one is not for the faint hearted, this is for the serious players. Pull your socks up and pop your production hats on as the Sample Magic Crew have unleashed a wee beastie of a sample pack. Techno lovers will be in their element the moment the packaging is opened – unleash the beast.

On Test

Once again these sample packs come ready to rumble in all formats. Apple Loops it is again for the win! You just can’t fault the simplicity and lack of work you have to put into using these packs. Which in a way could work towards becoming a disadvantage on behalf of all old school producers. It depends really on the work ethic, but for myself it’s a handy piece of kit.

There is a variation of simplistic beats, alongside complex structures that really work straight away in your tracks. It’s so damn difficult which to put in though! Each one could end up creeping in slowly or slamming the speakers down. Obviously the quickest way is to match up all the samples that can just go straight in without editing. The “Match” feature in Logic’s Loop browser is great for drum samples. Other key notes can cause you problems. You have to be cautious fitting it in your sequence without being off key, again Sample Magic have provided the information in the sample names by including what note it is. Same goes for the BPM – this is clear within the sub folders and the name of the sample itself.

Within the kits are some hidden gems. Some of them only short snippets, but well worth the sifting through when it becomes clear that Sample Magic have taken into account the stereo field. Especially when playing around with the combi loops, you could make a whole tune with just a few of these. They feature a beat, bass, sample and groovy rhythm. Wearing headphones gives you a climactic experience with the sub basses!

Tight production and at a stunning 24-bit, these snippets are just wonderful. Techno House cookie creams some may say.

What You Get

Drums > From jackin to tracky, minimal to maximal - 200+ precision-programmed rhythmic treats. Drumbeats

Percussion loops > Inspired live afro-tribal workouts and sparse synthetic beatlines, all with distrinct techno flair. Percussion loops

Basslines > Subby and dubby, deep and clubby floorshakers, cvering the whole genre spectrum. Basslines

Synths > Vintage oscillators, squeaky leads and sublime pads for instant melodic inspiration - all key labeled for your ease.

Combis > Ready-programmed dancefloor weapons, primed to kick-start the groove. Includes 'just beat' and 'just melody' variants. Combi loops

More > Glitchy, techy tops, breakdown-sculpted FX loops, XXXL drum hit archive, tempo-matched swooshes, sweeps, sidechained builds and more... FX

FORMAT: 2.29GB CD/DVD multipack (2,454 files), includes 24-bit Wavs (850+Mb, 796 files), Stylus RMX compatible Rex files (361Mb, 476 files), Apple Loops (534Mb, 476 files) plus EXS24, Reason NNXT, Kontakt II and Halion patches.

Have a go yourself.....

Tribal Tech-House full demo
Tribal Tech-House full demo 2

The Lowdown

It’s the two Q’s for the Tribal Tech-House - Sample Pack (Sample Magic), quality and quantity. This is another essential sample pack to add into the mixer for the budding producer and sampler a-like. Be prepared to sit through the whole pack though, because digging deeper is worth it, trust me.
Reviewed by: Sound on Sound
July 2010
Tribal Tech House presents around 850MB of unique content in Wav, Apple Loops, Rex and Stylus RMX formats, with patches for EXS24, Halion, Kontakt 2 and Reason NNXT, giving a total of just over 2.5GB of data.

The samples are grouped into different folders of loops, including Basslines, Beats and Combi Loops, for example, and a drum-hits folder including Crash Hats and kicks. The loops are further grouped by tempo into 125bpm, 127bpm and 130bpm folders. While this isn’t quite construction-kit format, it makes it simple to piece together the basis of a track by selecting what you need quickly and easily. The melodic loops are also clearly labelled in their filenames to show their keys.

As for the sounds themselves, I started with the beats and was pleased to find that most of the loops offered at least two variations (sometimes more). Because of the quite minimal nature of tribal and tech-house music, these loops often have quite a lot of space in them, which is not only true to form for the genre, but also handy for using them in other contexts, as it allows you to build things quite subtly. Further percussive loops can be found in the Tops and Percussion Loops folders. Many of the loops have little glitchy, processed elements that add timbral and rhythmic interest, without being overbearing. There’s not a huge selection of individual drum hits, but the sounds that are here have been well chosen to fit with the genre and are all very clean, solid and well recorded.

Moving on to the melodic loops, I have to say that, while they are very good and many of them could form the basis for a club hit, they suffer from the problem that is inherent in this type of product: many of the sequences/grooves are great, but having quite short loops in one key seriously limits what you can do with them. The Apple Loop versions have a degree more flexibility because you can transpose them, but I wish that sample-library manufacturers would take advantage of the space available on a DVD and provide all of the melodic loops in at least a couple of different keys.

Personally, I love the sounds in this collection and it contains everything you need to build a dark and brooding track with very little effort. However, at the same time this library feels slightly limited by the restrictions on using the melodic loops, given the single key. Of course, with any library of this nature, the loops are also often very recognisable, so my advice would be to use the samples as a basis and add your own unique elements on top.

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