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Overloud Exclusive TH3 Time and Space Free Edition(Download)

Overloud Exclusive TH3 Time and Space Free Edition(Download)

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Average rating 5 / 5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
3 customer reviews

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Overloud Exclusive TH3 Time and Space Free Edition(Download) - Customer Reviews

5 / 5 stars Monday, August 21, 2017
Reviewed by: Aaron Dyson
Giant killer
Thanks to Time+Space and Overloud for this free edition software. Easy to download and get setup rather quickly and quite easy to use out of the gate. At first sound test I was like, oh boy, I see why this is free. Being a persistant tweaker I gave it a chance and started messing around with and and yes, there it was, the giant killer tones to rival some of the leading competition. To simplify it in terms of dialing in tone, less is more and the position of gear in the chain affects the sound dramatically. Be aware of those 2 and I'm sure you'll enjoy. The pedals sound better than my more expensive software that I own and that really shocked me. Overall the interface is easy to use but my one beef with it is when you want to change a piece of equipment to a different position in the signal chain it can be slow, very slow and awkward. Also this has a better noise gate than my other software. It's awesome! I wouldn't hesitate buying the full program when I can.
5 / 5 stars Friday, August 4, 2017
Reviewed by: charlesvk
Versatile and good sounding Amp Simulator
From time to time, Time + Space has great offers. This exclusive edition from Overloadīs TH3 is one of them, if you ask me. I like the sound of the different modules and it seems like this plugin has been well thought through. Itīs easy to use, has a clear interface which is resizable as well, it is very versatile in the way you can patch the different components and the full edition has really a lot of different amps, cabinets and stomp boxes to choose from to create your preferred rig, with a splitter and mixer too, so you can run your chain in parallel as well. It even has a built in tuner. After having created your signature sound, you can save it too. Nice touch that you can position the mic in front of the cabinets in this free version; in the full edition there are several mics to choose from and you can position those to your heartīs content and theyīre phase aligned. All in all a very generous gesture with some good sounding modules to get you started - not just for guitar players.
5 / 5 stars Thursday, August 3, 2017
Reviewed by: julio
great sound
I was impressed with the quality of the amps, variety, quantity and practicality of putting together my own sound. For me it's always difficult to ring and ring until I get a timbre that leaves me satisfied and this with the cabs of the VST itself is a task that takes a little time, at least for me, but since I already have my Impulse Response (simulation of Speaker) was very good to see that several amps worked with him right away. Inside it you can add your preferred impulse response and not be confined to what the TH3 offers and this raises the possibilities even further by avoiding until you need a boost loader after the amp to simulate the speakers. Everything can be done within it. The TH3 also features several pedals, several overdrives, flangers, reverbs and Fuzz pedals that are excellent combined with high gain amps giving another texture to the sound. You can also add two amps at the same time.

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