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DELETED iZotope Neutron Mixing Console XGRADE (Download)

DELETED iZotope Neutron Mixing Console XGRADE (Download)

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Average rating 5 / 5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
2 customer reviews

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DELETED iZotope Neutron Mixing Console XGRADE (Download) - Customer Reviews

5 / 5 stars Friday, January 27, 2017
Reviewed by: Adam McCready
Clearer mixes and clearer mixing techniques.
As a regular user and fan of Izotope music creation and production tools it didn't feel like a gamble when taking the plunge with the new Neutron mix plug in. Downloading and authorising was quick and easy and I was soon and running applying it to individual tracks in Ableton Live on the early stages of a new project I am developing so a good time for experimentation. The results were instantly obvious on a synth bass track, a drum rack track, a rhythm guitar track and programmed beat track. Simply using the presets immediately reaped rewards with each individual track finding a more comfortable position in the mix with a greater sense of rhythmic and harmonic cohesion which revealed a couple of sequencing errors I had made so the track was improved and my work was improved. The unexpected bonus with using Neutron is that working with it helps to develop good mixing techniques and practice by highlighting areas such as frequency masking that once you recognise you learn to avoid so it's not just about passively using presets, actual active engagement with your mixes is improved. It's a terrific product and another addition to the Izotope product line up.
4 / 5 stars Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Reviewed by: Anonymous
iZotope has opened a new door to the mix with Neutron. It presents a couple of phenomenal features, Track Assistant and Masking Meter. With a click of the button, Neutron listens to the track and determines the type of the sound. Then it picks up a rough setting for the track and adjusts the details per the listening results. Two guitar tracks will likely end up with similar settings but the details are tailored to the specific track. These may not be always perfect, but the results are pretty good to start tweaking for perfection. In other words, Neutron learns the characteristic of the track and gives the custom-tailored preset for that specific sound signature. It's like having infinite number of presets. And the best part is, you don't have to choose from hundreds of the presets. The Masking Meter is probably the top time saver feature of Neutron. It visualizes the frequency conflicts and lets you easily adjusts the EQ settings. I would've given it full score if the CPU consumption was a little less. If some of the Neutron features look interesting, full functional demo is free for 10 days.

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