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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Download)

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Download)

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Average rating 5 / 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
11 customer reviews

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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Download) - Customer Reviews

5 / 5 stars Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Reviewed by: Det
Superior drumsound
I used SD2 for years and was happy with it. But now, with SD3 there is a new level of drum sound that makes the drummer sitting behind my monitors with high end sound! You find any sound you want. Every Instrument is recorded with high end sound and quality. The preset are ready to use without changing anything in its values. The Kits are for every genre, ready to give the song the right groove and sound!
5 / 5 stars Sunday, October 15, 2017
Reviewed by: Petteri Hyyppä
All you need is SD3
Superior Drummer 3 combines the best sides of Superior Drummer 2 and EZdrummer 2 as well as adding completely new features.

What I love about SD3 is that it allows me to make a quick and easy, great sounding drum track for a demo or a composition idea much like ED2, but then you can also go a little deeper under the hood to make small adjustments if something doesn't sound quite right for your track. Without spending a lot of time or needing a lot of expertise.

Yet, if you truly need to sculpt the sounds for a final track, you have that possibility to the extent I don't think any other other virtual drum software has ever had. Whether you want to build your drum tracks hit by hit, or using MIDI clips, or by playing electronic drums (or even acoustic drums using the new tracker feature!), SD3 seems to have almost every feature you could possibly need.

If there are any features missing, I would say different drummer AI personalities/playing styles for those who can't play (or proficiently edit notes) themselves. Also, expansion packs for orchestral percussion and other traditional percussion from around the world would be a nice addition.

Overall, a strong recommendation from me. The price is fair for what I believe might be the only drum software most people will ever need.
5 / 5 stars Thursday, October 12, 2017
Reviewed by: ReedyBoy
Superior Drummer 3 has floored me!! The new library is awesome, the updates to the onboard mixer just exceptional and the addition of the tracker functionality along with the song creator has taken Superior Drummer to another level.

You often read reviews with an element of nagging skepticism wondering if the reviewers are simply trying to sell product. Well in this case, I have been simply overawed by the simplicity of use, the sounds (basically the whole package).

The only minor issue for me personally was the addition of the electronic kits in the library. (I'm a rock and roll guy and don't really see them being much use to me, but the rest....... simply awesome). All this and I still really haven't scratched the surface!!!

Mighty praise you may think? Well in this case Toontrack totally deserve it. This product is totally awesome!!
5 / 5 stars Thursday, October 12, 2017
Reviewed by: Marcus Soares
Greatness at new level
With Superior Drummer 3, Toontrack improved the already awesome Superior Drummer 2 in almost any way possible and a couple of ways that we haven't even dream about. The quality of the sounds, the crew involved in the production, the streamlined interface, the attention to detail, and tracker above it all! Everything spells a robust and mature product, years ahead of the other drum instruments available in the market today. In fact, it's much more than a simple virtual instrument, it's a drum production powerhouse. It's greatness upon the great, what's not to like?!
5 / 5 stars Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Reviewed by: Nigel
Superior Drummer 3 a major improvement
I have been using Superior Drummer 3 for about a week now - where I live the internet is slow so download was a massive undertaking but it was well worth the effort. I have a number of drum packages - Ezdrummer, Superior 3, NI Various packages, Slate and Addictive Drums - Superior 3 is a MASSIVE improvement over them all - it is deep but already the results I am getting are exceptionally good - definitely my go to drum package now and I'm sure with experience, the results will only get better and better.
5 / 5 stars Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Reviewed by: Gee Gee
Way more than I bargained for
I used to be so pleased with EZDrummer. Looked into getting Superior now and then, but what about all my expansion packs. So now when watching the highlights about Superior 3 and hearing the magic words... You can use all you EZDrummer stuff! I didn't wait a second to cross grade.

I find that Superior 3 isn't really what I bargained for, but so much more. Still getting new oohs and aahs every day. What an excellent product!!! For anyone who's looking to have drums on their songs, THIS is the way to go!!!
5 / 5 stars Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Reviewed by: the audio eng
Toontrack kills it with SD3!
Firstly, having been creating drum tracks with Toontrack's products from early days of dfh Superior then SD2, I was dead excited to read that they had finally released an update in SD3 - I wondered just what step change they could justify after a fairly lengthy stint since SD2 hit the market...

Well, they certainly haven't disappointed; in every area in fact from SD2! Like you, the most important aspect of any (virtual) instrument is how good it sounds: quite simply, this MASSIVE library of impeccably recorded & mastered drum samples including electronic, are absolutely stunning!! Without question, the most convincing virtual drum kits I've ever used. Having been using this for a month now since purchasing through Time&Space, I challenge any sane individual to dismiss these in a track as authentic live drums, even as exposed standalone kits. Seeming to significantly improve over the existing great drums for SD2, worth noting you can continue to access the SD2 library and SDX expansions (not dfH though).

The other key highlights for me are the sheer depth in how you are able to customise your drum sound, be it though wide selection of samples, seemingly infinite tweakability and an fully-featured mixing console - a drum DAW within your DAW if you like!! All can be saved and edited with your main mix. You can even import your OWN samples to form part of your kit. Nice.

The Tracker feature is outstanding where your imported audio drum loop is analysed and select drum parts tracked to MIDI file, eg. picks out individual Snare hits so you can replace with any of the SD3 samples, or even the entire audio loop translated to MIDI loop. In nearly all cases I've tried this AI function, it has done a sterling (read: miraculous) job - you may need to fine adjust to get it perfected occasionally, but we are talking mins... really great add-in that I can see myself using more and more.

Overall, Toontrack have been very thoughtful in the re-invention of their virtual drum instrument. 'Untreated' raw, premium quality drum sample material being the start, with a very rich feature set to open up virtually any possibility of adjustment to suit you genre and track mix. You do need to bear in mind that the not insignificant - even nowadays - 230Gig library that comes with SD3 needs a home in your workstation set-up. In my case, taking up 1/4 of my new 1TB SSD, however a worthy fill in my mind.

It is hard to argue with Toontrack's statement that this is a "complete drum production studio" and defines to me the current state-of-art in drum VSTi's - for the moment anyway...!

A must have purchase at any level if you are serious about music production.
5 / 5 stars Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Reviewed by: Anon
Toontrack Superior Drummer
Hi I am writing this review as I feel excitement and passion about the music I make. Over the last 5 years I have tried and purchased most drum sample starting with XLN,BFD and a few others with the aim to create realistic and authentic drums tracks. Bye the way I'm not a drummer I am a producer and work entirely in the box. When logic introduced the drummer track some years ago it was a god send as now I could replace the midi I had made from my drummer track and use BFD or XLN but even after all the tweaking I still found something lacking in the completed drum sound. Only recently did I try Superior drummer and the level of customisation and perfect drums samples left me amazed as I have never experience this with the other programs.

The song creator allows me to find my grooves and place them with perfect intro and verses I could not be more happy these are the best virtual drums on the planet.
5 / 5 stars Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Reviewed by: Robert Collins
Blown Away
As a long time user and fan of SD2 and EZD before that I was assuming that the differences SD3 would be mostly aesthetic but consider me proved wrong and then some.

As a non-drummer the depth and scale of the included content and the mind blowing range of customisation straight out of the box (download) means that I can innovate in my tracks with very little actual talent on my part.

You won't be disappointed.
4 / 5 stars Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Reviewed by: Anon
Great new features
Love all the new features that come with SD3. The tracker looks great although I haven't yet used it. The effects in the mixer are a welcome update from previous versions and allow full drum mixing within the software itself. Saving tracks within your DAW, or giving a drummer with an E-Kit a mixed sound to play through.

My only criticism is of the kits that come with it. They are amazing recorded and captured by George Massenburg and have a nice rawness to them. However I tend to mix a lot of heavy rock/metal and the hard hits just aren't there. I feel their MIDI velocity of 127 is the equivalent of previous Toontrack products 100. I am sure there will be a wealth of expansion packs to come in the future which will cover all styles and quite frankly it doesn't matter anyway because all SDX and EDX packs are compatible.

If you liked SD2 or the EZDrummer series and want new features an upgraded player then you can't go wrong.
5 / 5 stars Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Reviewed by: Pommes
Works with my DTX out of the box
I am a drummer working with electronic drums, I do this since about 15 years. Now it is the first time I found a software instrument which works with my Yamaha DTX module without the need to adjust para meters.

With all other software instruments I always had to adjust the Hihat open and close settings for example, and also reassign the cymbols and Toms most of the time. With this software I just connect the module to my Mac, and I have the perfect assignment of midi notes and a very good sounding drum without the need to adjust anything. Of course it is possible to tweak the sounds and midi in all kind of manners, but that would be another review. Highly recommend if you use electronic drums for life performance.

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