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Sam Spacey Updates  >  Epica Bass 7

Sam Spacey Updates

Epica Bass

Friday, January 13, 2017

Welcome in the New Year with some free presets for Epica Bass v1.3!

This is a free update to existing users. You will have been sent the additional update as a separate download. New customers will have this expansion included in the latest Epica Bass version.

Epica Bass 2017 Expansion Presets v.1.3 (Jan 2017):

Additional Presets Include:


  • 16th Seq Me Mod.nkm
  • Dark Lord.nkm
  • Dark Xmas.nkm
  • Dawn.nkm
  • In the Night.nkm
  • Koto Chimes 2.nkm
  • Koto Chimes.nkm
  • March of the Violet.nkm
  • Richy Rich.nkm
  • Soft Side.nkm
  • Spacey 1980 01.nkm


  • Absolute.nki
  • Bit Race.nki
  • Connection.nki
  • Cosmic Connection.nki
  • Drifter Pad.nki
  • Input 1.nki
  • Low Fi 80 Lead.nki
  • Top Loader.nki
  • Vocodomono.nki


Features and improvements in v1.2 (Aug 2016):

Full NKS compatibility to Epica Bass meaning it integrates perfectly with Native Instruments´ Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards and MASCHINE hardware.

  • Arpeggiator fix - now 100% in time!
  • New arp functions including Velocity Scale and Mode
  • New LFO temp sync
  • New presets, bringing the total to 625

What´s more, the price of Epica Bass has now dropped to £69.95 (previously £89.95).

Here´s Sam Spacey´s full description of the update...

1: Arpeggiator

The new update V1.2 fixes the timing issue that plagued the original release. The Arpeggiator is now 100% in time and has some new functions added. The Arpeggiator steps progress can now be seen in real time as it plays giving a clear indication of which step is playing.

Velocity Scale: When OFF turns off the velocity control of your midi keyboard/sequencer giving the Arpeggiator total control over velocity, turning Velocity Scale back on still gives the Arpeggiator control over velocity but your midi keyboard/sequencer controls how much the arpeggiator effects velocity....it will make more sense as soon as you try it out.

Mode: The Mode knob selects the direction of travel of the Arpeggiator.

2: LFO tempo sync All 3 of the LFO’s for Pitch, Filter and Volume can now be switched between normal Frequency amount and now Tempo synced to your DAW’s BPM. A large number of bar division choices are available. This can be done by clicking on the Metronome icon above each LFO Frequency knob The LFO to Pitch amount has been increased from 12 Semitones to 36 Semitones

3: NKS Maschine and Kontrol full integration NKS allows for intuitive and seamless interaction between plug-in instruments and KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware. Giving you a mouse-free hands on intuitive way of not only controlling Epica Bass, but also a vastly improved way of browsing/selecting categorised presets.

For those that love designing their own presets NKS frees you from the confines of the mouse and PC screen with each Epica Bass parameter mapped to the hardware controls.

For Maschine or Kontrol users, please follow the installation setups exactly as per the included instructions (provided with the update download) - it is the only way to correctly register any updates within Maschine and Kontrol software.

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