Nainita Desai - Composer

Nainita Desai - Composer

Nainita Desai is a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and a Music+Sound Award winner. She has composed scores for hundreds of flagship documentaries, which have garnered OSCAR, BAFTA, and EMMY awards.

Recent commissions include the BFI feature films Darkness Visible, landmark BBC series Earth’s Natural Wonders and Rituals, and narrative video game Telling Lies for Annapurna Interactive all releasing in 2018. You can read our interview with Nainita about her BAFTA Breakthrough Brit here

She has also just finished working on the score for the second series of 'Earth's Natural Wonders' a BBC documentary series examining what it takes to survive in some of the most extreme places on the planet. Here are the T+S plugins Nainita says she used the most when composing the score:

Nainita is a long time customer of Time+Space and one of the Composers we asked to name their 'Top 5 Plugins of 2017' in our recent blog post.

Here are the plugins she choose:

Native Instruments - Una Corda

"I’m a big fan of imperfection in sample libraries. My favourite piano at the moment is Una Corda by Native Instruments. It’s based on a custom-made contemporary piano with one string per key built by David Klavins in collaboration with Nils Frahm. It’s central to the score to an Interactive game for Annapurna Interactive at the moment.

The ability to change the fabric of the hammer hitting the keys with elements such as cotton and felt or changing the mechanical nature of the piano really helps add real texture and character that truly informs the composing process. It’s hugely inspiring!"

Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2:

"It’s still my top trump card I use all the time on every project. The fact that it is continually refreshed with excellent new sound sets by The Unfinished and other sound designers means it is a staple part of my musical composing diet."

"I’m also enjoying gems from Output (REV), Vir2 (Fractured), and Heavyocity (Gravity) – I love the subtleties of the reversed short transient sounds in REV that add a little bit of sparkle to a track."