Noisia - Dance Music Producers

Noisia - Dance Music Producers

Dutch dance music production trio Noisia have been very prolific since their debut release back in 2003, appearing on a variety of labels including DeadMau5´s ´mau5trap´ label.

Noisia have remixed artists such as Robbie Williams, Moby and The Prodigy. They also own 3 record labels - Vision, Division and Invisible.

Software used:

Noisia on Trash 2 - "Most people will be interested in our stuff for the bass. There, Trash is essential to our sound—the dirtiness, but also the subtle dirtiness"

Noisia on Superior Drummer - " If you've ever wanted to mic up a kit and really get into recording your own drums then it's a great starting point if you're coming from making music in the box and not being a recording engineer. The flexibility and the possibilities are just really cool. When we started out, Drum 'n' Bass and Jungle was all sampled breaks. The ability to create your own breaks opens up huge possibilities."