Owl City - Producer

Owl City - Producer

Adam Young (aka Owl City) is a synth-pop producer who shot to fame in 2009 with his debut album 'Ocean Eyes', which included seven-time platinum single 'Fireflies'. He has since worked with artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen and Aloe Blacc and has recorded songs for seven animated films such as Wreck-It Ralph, The Croods and The Smurfs 2.

He recently declared his love for RX, Neutron, and Ozone to iZotope in a recent interview saying:

"I made thousands of recordings years ago using an inexpensive piece of gear with noisy preamps, and RX has allowed me to rescue and restore what otherwise would’ve been unusable audio. It’s mind-blowing!"

"Neutron is like having another pair of ears listening to what I’m doing and offering a fresh perspective. So often, I am listening to an element of a mix and I know it needs something but I can’t figure out exactly what. I put Neutron on, and I go “that’s it!” That’s exactly what it was missing. Ozone goes on every mix I do as well. When I deliver music to record labels or management or mix clients, Ozone allows the music to live alongside everything else and it’s the final polish I couldn’t do without. All in all, my career wouldn’t be where it is today without iZotope products."

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