Paul van Dyk - Dance Producer and DJ

Paul van Dyk - Dance Producer and DJ

Grammy-nominated artist and globally acclaimed DJ, Paul van Dyk continues to dominate the electronic music charts and appears at the pinnacle of Top DJ lists around the world.

In a recent interview with Music Radar, Paul rated Rob Papen's SubBoomBass and iZotope's Ozone amongst his favourite music software. Of the latter he says...

Why do I like it so much? It just makes amazing sounds. If you have a production where the vocals are a little low, you can really get something out of it. And if you use it not for mastering but, for example, put it on some hats or something, you get some amazing stereo imaging - wide open space.”

And of SubBoomBass...

“I like all Rob Papen’s stuff, and SubBoomBass is one of my favourites. There are some really great bass sounds in there. The sequencer is a cool, funky, creative tool to play around with - it enables you to have some creative moments just by trying things out. I used it for the bassline on Rock This from the new album - it’s a dirty, farty bass.”

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Photo credit: Christoph Koe