Roni Size, DnB Producer and DJ

Roni Size, DnB Producer and DJ

Roni Size is a British record producer and DJ, who came to prominence in 1997 as the founder and leader of Reprazent, a drum and bass collective.

With so much already accomplished in his career, it´s no surprise that this year is set to be a busy time for Roni. Currently in the studio producing his next Roni Size album, whilst also working with the band on a new Roni & Reprazent album, stay tuned to hear about these soon.

Software used:

iZotope Ozone

iZotope BreakTweaker

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

Sam Spacey Epica Bass

Roni Size on Epica Bass...

"Epica Bass is a user-friendly bass mod that fills in the gaps in your mix. I´ve only had it for a few weeks but already it´s one of my go-to synths when you want to use something simple that´s less taxing on your creativity"

Roni Size on BreakTweaker...

"BreakTweaker is not just great for tweaking breaks, it´s the ultimate sound design for destroying any sound, kick, bass or break. The randomising attitude of never capturing the same thing twice is like the old school ´what the hell is that´ like when you load up a song on Your Q- base 1040st and the midi channels are playing the wrong sounds,but it sounds great so let´s keep it!!

Ok you´re probably a little lost if you were born in the 80s, 90s,... but for those who know Tweaker is the "let's smash it up dirty then make it clean". It creates ideas that you would never ever program but if you could you would with this machine. The punch from the drums are fantastic raw and dirty and all the different functions makes this a stand alone no-distraction ass kicker. BreakTweaker ... Or get Twerking, personally I like both but today let´s Tweak..."