Cinematique Instruments - A Buyer's Guide

Cinematique Instruments - A Buyer's Guide

The people behind Cinematique Instruments have been composing music for feature films and documentaries, as well as producing bands and solo artists, for many years. Whatever, or whoever they’re working with they always try and use exceptional and sometimes weird instruments or sounds.

If you share their love for the unique you will find inspiration from Cinematique Instruments’ sample libraries and virtual instruments to create your own music – whatever your style. To celebrate their arrival at Time+Space we thought we’d take an in-depth look into their sizeable catalogue of products and tell you everything you need to know about the latest additions to the Time+Space family. That’s not all, until the 22nd June you can also save 30% off all Cinematique Instruments titles.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Buy the Vertigo Strings sample library today

Although at first glance Vertigo Strings may look like ‘just another orchestral string library’, once you dive beneath the surface you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that it is so much more. Although Vertigo Strings does have the vast array of violins, violas, celli, upright basses and other strings that you’d expect from an orchestral string library, there are also a plethora of weird and wonderful sounds thrown in for good measure.

Which as you’ll come to discover, is a common theme for Cinematique Instruments titles. You can expect bowed guitars, tape recordings, synth string patches, a vintage harmonium, and so much more. Vertigo Strings’ Ensemble mode allows you to forge the vast array of sounds available together to form your own new, and unique sounding ensembles.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Composers looking to add suspense and tension to their soundtracks with some genuinely unique and eerie sounds.

Buy the Interval Les Femmes sample library today

Interval Les Femmes is a female vocal choir which combines the voices of Insa, Mel, and Basia – 3 incredible female artists who all performed exclusively for this intimate vocal choir. This means that not only is this the only vocal choir where you will get the combination of all three vocalists, but it’s the only vocal choir that will grant you access to each individual vocalist. But why is Les Femmes different from any other ‘exclusive vocal choir?
When developing Les Femmes Cinematique Instruments took a new approach inspired by contemporary compositions to ensure that Les Femmes offered something truly unique. It’s hard to explain, but in the broader sense, Les Femmes lets you build unique vocal harmonies, organic choir patches, and inspiring vocal atmospheres without having to leave the library. To truly appreciate what makes Les Femmes so special make sure you check out Cinematique Instruments’ walkthrough video below.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Composers looking for vocal sounds and textures to add that extra injection of emotion into their pieces/scores. Imagine the type of scene where the main protagonist’s sidekick has just sacrificed himself to save the day and ensure that the main protagonist can complete his quest/mission. With Les Femmes playing in the background there won’t be a single dry eye in the house.

Buy the Interval sample library today 

A lot of Cinematique Instruments’ products are hard to describe in words alone, but Interval takes the biscuit as one of the most unique sample libraries we’ve ever come across. Composer Theodore Shapiro probably summed it up best when he described it as a library that “has real life and breath.”
With Interval you can build inspiring pads, organic atmospheres, as well as creative arpeggios and more! During Cinematique Instruments’ latest recordings of orchestral instruments, they spent extra time recording very light and fragile sound articulations. As a result, Cinematique Instruments are happy to unveil a breathtaking and extraordinary collection of gentle and shimmering long notes from violins, celli, flutes and trombones.
As you play, your sounds will be refined by Intervals engine. Some composers said, “It isn’t quite like anything else I’ve played”. It is an easy but astonishing concept. Interval layers equal intervals (up to eight) on top of each other, and the result is a distinct cluster with timbres ranging from bright and clear to complete cacophony.

For example, if you are playing a C by a selected fourth interval, Interval will play C-F-Bb-Eb1-Ab1-Db2-B and so on, or a C with a bunch of superimposed fourth notes. What you now hear is an inspirational sound with unconventional harmonies!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Interval is the perfect partner for Les Femmes as they compliment each other beautifully. Interval, as well as Les Femmes, will also be well suited to anyone producing more downtempo and ambient styles of music.

Buy the Marble sample library today

To put it briefly Marble is a two-track 16 step sequencer with the ability to edit every single step in terms of volume, pan, filter, tune, drive, reverse etc. In total, you have eleven parameters to utilise! There are around 63 different sound sources to draw sounds from, and if that’s not enough there are also 900 presets!
It has single sounds, tonal textures, rhythmical figures, drum beats, ambient patterns, moving spheres, percussion loops and more! This and the 13 different built-in effects plugins mean there are endless ways you can use Marble.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Thanks to its vast array of content Marble can be utilised by pretty much anyone!

Buy the Fabrique sample library today 

Fabrique is a real-time pattern module which allows you to create complex and inspiring musical elements within seconds. When developing Fabrique Cinematique Instruments decided that they wanted it to cover a wide array of genres, but at the same time ensure that these genres didn’t bleed together.
The way they achieved this was by splitting Fabrique’s presets into three different sections. The first is PRIME which covers the full range of cinematic music and song production. Then there’s URBAN which meets the needs of urban and pop producers. Finally, there’s EERIE which provides patterns and sounds for horror and other dramatic purposes. Theodore Shapiro is a big fan of Fabrique, and went as far as to say:

“Fabrique is an incredibly exciting new instrument.  I love that it lets you create flexible, unique loops from scratch, and quickly.  I don’t love presets and am always looking for tools that let me create the loop I hear in my head. This does that beautifully.”

RECOMMENDED FOR: Just like Marble, due to Fabrique’s versatility, it’s suitable for a wide variety of genres. Although producers of more Urban styles of music will be able to draw inspiration from all three sections, so it’s a definite must-have for them.

Buy the Ensemblia sample library today 

Ensemblia is Cinematique Instruments’ prized pony. It’s an orchestral sample library like no other, and never before has there been a title that caters to both seasoned composers and complete novices so well. Don’t believe us? Surely the vast array of positive reviews speak for themselves!
Ensemblia was built to quickly create beautiful polyphonic chamber arrangements and textures while you are just playing chords or single notes. And it performs this role honourably. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can write organic and truly natural music with the help of Ensemblia. Sound On Sound gave it a five-star review, and ‘’ even gave it 100/100 in their review!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Seasoned Composers looking to speed up their workflow and complete beginners needing a tool to help them develop their orchestral knowledge and abilities.

Buy the Ensemblia 2 Elektronika sample library today 

Elektronika is the latest instalment in Cinematique Instruments’ successful Ensemblia 2 Percussive line. Over the last few years, Cinematique Instruments have collected and recorded a vast amount of electronic as well as digital and noisy percussion sounds. They have captured sounds from various drum machines such as the Roland TR-808, TR-909 and CR-78 and several vintage preset machines. In addition, they created sounds by setting up synthesisers such as the Roland Juno 60, Prophet 5, Korg MS-20, Moog Minimoog and modular synths. The result is an impressive library that will keep you inspired for many years to come.

RECOMMENDED FOR: With Elektronika, you get sounds and beats corresponding to Electronica (no surprises there), Downtempo, Minimal, TripHop, House, Future bass, Techno/Trance and Drum n Bass/Breakbeat genres of music. As a result, Elektronika is perfect for anyone looking to produce music that covers a wide range of modern genres.

Buy the Ensemblia 2 Percussive sample library today 

Percussive marked the birth of ‘Ensemblia 2’ – the latest evolution of Cinematique’s Instruments Ensemblia engine. To create Ensemblia 2 Cinematique Instruments created an entirely new script with new features but also retained the best parts of the original engine. This new engine allowed Cinematique Instruments to set the bar for the Ensemblia series even higher.
As the name suggests ‘Percussive’ is an instrument that contains outstanding sample content from over 200 different percussive instruments. And we’re pleased to report that it certainly hit the mark. Sound On Sound even rewarded it with an illustrious 5-star review which they don’t give out often! They went on to state:

“With such a broad palette of sounds and effects options that include convolution reverbs, tape saturation, filters and bit-crushing, Ensemblia 2 Percussive could actually appeal to quite a diverse user base.”

RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone looking to expand their arsenal of percussive sounds without compromising on quality.
Buy the Mociula Lab sample library today 

Mociula is the black sheep of the Cinematique Instruments family. While it’s brothers and sisters all tend to focus on re-inventing standard orchestral libraries, Mociula marks a turn in a different direction for Cinematique Instruments and proves they’re certainly no one trick pony! Mociula is a bundle of synth instruments that work like a modular system within Native Instrument’s popular Contact software. With five different instruments included there’s plenty to get stuck into. And, as is often the case with Modular Synthesis, Mociula has enough content and features to keep you creative and inspired for many many hours!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone looking to add a modular synth system to their setup without forking out hundreds of pounds for the pleasure.

Buy the Charakter Piano Collection today 

The Cinematique Instruments Charakter Piano Collection is an assortment of six different pianos – each one with a strong character that’s suitable for multiple different genres of music. Whether you’re looking for a warm piano that adds intimacy to your music, a robust, upright piano with lots of options, or a much more soft and fragile sounding piano, the Charakter Piano Collection offers you a variety with six different pianos. We could go into intricate detail about how great and usable each of these pianos, but then this blog post would be twice as long! So instead we’re going to let you watch the walkthrough video below and discover just how much these pianos have to offer.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone looking to expand their arsenal of virtual pianos with a collection that stands out from the competition.

Buy the Ukelele Trio sample library today 

The ‘Ukulele Trio’ consists of a soprano, a tenor and a baritone ukulele. Cinematique Instruments’ primary focus was to create a ukulele instrument with a natural and organic feel, and that’s also quick and easy to use. It is straightforward to use; you only need to draw your pattern in the sequencer and flip between dead notes and open strokes – that’s it.
But you are also free to strum manually by selecting the ‘strummed’ articulation and then play around with the key-switches. The Ukulele Trio is an instrument set that allows you to quickly and easily play to your music and enrich it with a beautiful & organic feel.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Producers of more downtempo and indie styles of music.

Buy the Hammered Dulcimer sample library today

Cinematique Instruments recorded the hammered dulcimer with two different microphone positions. At the top of the instrument they placed – in an ms stereo set-up – a pair of Neumann U87s, and at the bottom, they put a single condenser microphone. These two positions cover a wide range of sound, and you are free to mix them to meet your own requirements.
All in all, Cinematique Instruments came out with an instrument which enriches your music with a sweet and organic feel whether you use it for solos or just as a background instrument.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Composers looking for a very versatile instrument that works particularly on soundtracks with a very East Asian theme to them.

Buy the Guitar Harmonics V2 sample library 

Cinematique Instruments Guitar Harmonics consists of an assortment of electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Cinematique Instruments spent a lot of time finding the perfect setup to achieve a warm and realistic sound. In the end, they decided to record the guitars tuned in open E with 3 Round Robin variations and several velocity layers.
Each instrument provides a lot of useful scripting tools that allow you to customise each instrument further to get it sounding exactly the way you want it to sound. These tools also enable each instrument to produce a wide spread of sounds such as organic reverse guitars, fragile string notes (flageolet notes) or warm e-piano tones.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Producers looking for an assortment of chilled electric and acoustic guitars and basses.

Buy the Balalaika sample library today 

In true keeping with the history of Cinematique Instrument’s previously released string instruments, they have again set a high focus on creating an instrument with a soft and warm sound which will have an organic and realistic feel. To concentrate on the primary instrument articulations, they have recorded the Balalaika in the regular ‘plucking’ articulation in eight times round robin which is well suited for playing melodies but also offers many more uses.
Overall the Balalaika is an instrument which is easy to use, while still providing loads of capabilities to augment your sound with its soft, organic feel and extreme versatility.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Composers looking for traditional ethnic instruments to add authenticity to their pieces.

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