Red Room Audio Orchestral Instruments - A Buyer's Guide

Red Room Audio Orchestral Instruments - A Buyer's Guide

Red Room Audio is a developer of passionately crafted virtual instruments for songwriters, composers and sound designers. Based in Los Angeles with staff and contributors around the globe, their mission to create inspiring tools that make it easy for you to turn your musical ideas into art.

They were founded just last year (2017) by Dickie Chapin, a musician and designer whose dream it was to create the most realistic and usable Orchestral suite out there. The end result is Palette – a comprehensive suite with numerous different expansions all recorded with the same gear, in the same room, with the same musicians, all playing the same instruments. As a result, the sounds can all blend together with effortless ease.

To celebrate their arrival at Time+Space, we’ve taken a look at The Palette series to see why it’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after orchestral plugins…

Click here to view Red Room Audio's  Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad virtual instrument

Symphonic Sketchpad is the flagship of the Palette line. It serves as the foundation for all of your scoring and sketching needs at a very reasonable price. With Palette you get strings, brass, woodwinds, choir, percussion, piano, harp, and even a large selection of hybrid trailer tools! It’s also an ensemble library, so you don’t have to worry about creating numerous tracks in your DAW to fit in all the orchestral elements you need.

What makes Palette’s ensemble patches stand out from the crowd is the fact that Red Room Audio decided to record every note of every ensemble with all the players participating at the same time. This unique approach to recording provides Palette with a much more realistic sounding ensemble than libraries with a more conventional approach to recording.

If the contents of Symphonic Sketchpad aren’t enough to cater to your needs, then don’t worry. They recorded three separate brush packs for Symphonic Sketchpad using the same studio, composer, and musicians to make sure that you can expand your arsenal of sounds without any differences in room ambience or a musician’s playing style. This modular approach allows you to get exactly the tools you need without any unnecessary sounds. Used together, the Palette line is a complete orchestral scoring solution.

Click here to view Red Room Audio's PALETTE BRUSH PACK 01 – MELODICS virtual instrument

For their first pack, Red Room Audio studied the scores of several of their favourite classical and modern film music composers and selected 17 of the most evocative melody-carrying combinations and instruments. They recorded a soaring violin section playing octaves, regal trumpets with horns, playful flutes & piccolo, creepy bass clarinet & contrabassoon octaves, a large and downright frightening low strings & low brass ensemble and many others.

They felt it was also essential to include soloists since they are so often used to deliver a melody, so they recorded 6 of those as well. 16 of the 17 instruments in the library have true legato (the exception being our Trombones & Tuba).

Click here to view Red Room Audio's PALETTE BRUSH PACK 02 – ORCHESTRAL FX virtual instrument

“Palette – Orchestral FX” is an aleatoric FX virtual instrument for media composers and songwriters. Red Room Audio worked with three outstanding composers from around the globe (George Strezov, Jongnic Bontemps and Tristan Noon) who collaborated to orchestrate a slew of useful FX for strings, brass, woodwinds and choir in 6 categories – Short, Long, Sting, Texture, Rise and Fall. Many were recorded by all four sections, allowing for easy layering. In total there are over 2,400 unique performances that you can use to provide instant drama, emotion, character and life to your music. Load up one of the 4 section patches and key switch through the categories to perform individual samples from your keyboard. Or get creative with the powerful FX Builder patch, which allows you to browse, select and layer up to 4 FX with controls to adjust their volume, pitch and timing.

Click here to view Red Room Audio's PALETTE BRUSH PACK 03 – RUNS & ARPS virtual instruments

Palette – Runs & Arps is the most in-depth virtual instrument for real recorded (not scripted) orchestral scales and arpeggios ever assembled. Red Room Audio felt there was simply no better way to capture the emotion and subtle nuances of these unique articulations than to record them in their entirety, versus trying to cleverly combine samples to produce artificial phrases. Therefore they went the extra mile and recorded both strings and woodwinds ensembles playing scales in 6 primary modes – Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Whole Tone and Chromatic – each with up to 13 variations.

There are also 20 kinds of arpeggios in 4 modes – Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented. Every run/arp has 2 round robins and can be performed in every key and can sync to your host’s tempo. In total, “Palette – Runs & Arps” includes over 1600 performances!

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