Sonuscore Orchestral Instruments - A Buyer's Guide

Sonuscore Orchestral Instruments - A Buyer's Guide

Looking to beef up your orchestral arsenal for the spring? Then we’ve got good news. A selection of Sonuscore’s top critically-acclaimed libraries have arrived at T+S. If the name sounds family that’s because they’re the masterminds behind Best Service’s ‘The Orchestra’ and Native Instruments’ ‘Emotive Strings’, ‘Action Strings’, and ‘Action Strikes’ libraries. Whether your sculpting desolate and peaceful soundscapes or are just looking for the eerie noises that haunt your nightmares, Sonuscore has something for you. To celebrate the arrival of orchestral einsteins Sonuscore we thought we’d take a look at our newest brand, and their incredible libraries…

Buy Sonuscore Lyrical Vocal Phrases now

Lyrical Vocal Phrases gives you the rare opportunity to harness and utilise the raw power and emotion of vocalist Conny Kollet. Described by Alex Arsov as “a gift from heaven” her voice can be heard in some of the best selling films and video games of all time. These include titles such as ‘The Hobbit’, ‘Hitman’, ‘Mortal Kombat X’, and ‘Halo Legends’. A fault of many vocal libraries is the pitch-shifting that occurs when a vocal phrase is spread over too many keys. This isn’t an issue you’ll have with Lyrical Vocal Phrases. Each phrase has been recorded in four different keys. This means that the pitch of a phrase is never adjusted more than a semitone up or down. Plus, with over 300 phrases spread across 17 different themes, Lyrical Vocal Phrases is the perfect example of a library that doesn’t have to sacrifice quantity for quality.

Buy Sonuscore Lyrical Cello Phrases

There’s no denying the force and power that the cello brings to an orchestral composition. However, sometimes that power gets lost in a clunky and difficult to navigate interface. This is something Sonuscore took into consideration when they were developing Lyrical Cello Phrases. The result? An intuitive interface that allows you to glide through the different settings with ease. Combine this with the brilliant talent of Hungarian cellist Mátyás Ölveti, who excels with his feel for soundtrack aesthetics, and you have a truly remarkable library. Now there’s no need to worry about finding a workflow that can keep up with your speed of thought. It’s sitting right here!

Buy Sonuscore Origins Vol.1: Steel Tongue & Sansula

As the name suggests the Origins series is all about going back to the origins of music and what makes it so beautiful. It provides you with unique tools that allow your imagination to run free and forge rich and diverse sonic landscapes. For Volume 1 Sonuscore shifted their focus to traditional African music. The result was the unlikely, but undeniably beautiful pairing of The Sansula and The Steel Tongue Drum. The Sansula is a recent advancement of the Kalimba, and The Steel Tongue Drum is a modern instrument played with mallets or by hand. The result is a magical, symbiotic pairing that transcends traditional African styles.

Buy Sonuscore Origins Vol.2: Music Box & Plucked Piano

Volume 2 of the Origins series sees Sonuscore take a much more sinister approach to development. Upon loading up the library you’ll be greeted by a plethora of seemingly innocent yet incredibly mischievous sounds. This paradoxical contrast serves as the perfect ingredient for your next eerie composition. Close your eyes and you’re transported to a world of scary monsters and spooky spirits. The music box may be traditionally seen as a toy, but it will definitely send shivers down your spine! What more could you possibly want from a library?

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