Alessandro Camnasio – Creating the sounds for DRONAR Glitchscapes

Alessandro Camnasio – Creating the sounds for DRONAR Glitchscapes

Regular readers of our features will already be familiar with Alessandro Camnasio and his incredible sound design work on Gothic Instruments‘ DRONAR and SCULPTOR series of tools. His sound design has also been used in countless Hollywood movie trailers including TransformersCaptain AmericaTHOR and many others. This week, Gothic Instruments released the ninth instalment in their DRONAR series – DRONAR Glitchscapes – which is quite possibly the most strangely addictive, dramatic and emotive DRONAR to date.

Think David Lynch movies and award-winning TV series Twin Peaks – that surreal dreamlike imagery heightened by slow building, ominous and lingering background noise. Uniquely discomfiting soundscapes brimming with strange industrial humming and hissing, interrupted by odd threatening noises that can’t fail to induce incessant tension and uneasiness.

We caught up with Alessandro to find out how he created the sounds…

Hi Alessandro, how did you create the DRONAR Glitchscape sounds?

I recorded various kinds of electromagnetic sources with special pick-ups such as faulty hard-drives, broken electronic devices, power chargers, electrical junction boxes, phones, electric noises from welding machines, radio interferences and everything else that produces some kind of electric noise I could get my hands on.

Then I processed and edited the raw sounds with convolution and FFT processing, enhancing, distortion and a ton of other effects, classic

How would you describe them?

Gothic Instruments Dronar Glitchscapes The sounds of Glitchscapes are technology related and they recall a universe of movie scenes and tales that are part of our culture and imagination. Strange broken glitches, soft radio atmospheres, electric pads… All these remind me of high-end horror, sci-fi and art films that made the history of cinema.

In which types of scenarios/contexts do you think they would work particularly well?

I can see Glitchscapes find its way in projects such as movie soundtracks, documentaries about technology or paranormal mysteries, ambient and noise music, music for media and more experimental cross-overs which tend to blur the borders between different musical genres. 

Are there any other DRONARs that you think compliment Glitchscapes?

If you aim to work with abstract imaginative noises and atonal stuff, I think Cinematic Atmospheres would be a nice companion to Glitchscapes. For a more synthetic twist, I guess DRONAR Vintage Synth or Dark Synthesis could form a nice duo with it; the Hybrid Module could be also quite interesting, if you are up to more intergalactic and paranormal power. While the Metal & Glass Module could add more ethereal and glacial ambient stuff to the table.