Applied Acoustic Systems – free player or full software?

Applied Acoustic Systems – free player or full software?

Have you been keen to purchase some of AAS’ great value expansion packs, but haven’t because you don’t own the original software? Then it might surprise you to know that all AAS sound banks can also run through the free AAS player included with your purchase! This means that you can purchase and use their sound banks right away.

So what’s the difference between the free player and the full software?

The free AAS Player is available on Mac OS and Windows as a standalone application and supports VST, AU, AAX Native, RTAS, and NKS plug-in formats. The free AAS Player allows you to browse sounds from the different Sound Expansions to play them. However, these sounds cannot be edited except for the output volume. The sound quality is the same as if the sounds were played with the synth they were created with.

With the free AAS Player, you will also get a copy of Swatches. Swatches is a free sound pack for the AAS Player which comprises of 8 sounds or more from each title in AAS’ Sound Pack series.

AAS currently have 30 different titles in this series and a total of 250 sounds inSwatches which represents a great way to discover the sounds from their
different synths.

However, if you use the expansion packs within the software synth that they were created for, the sounds are fully editable. This includes access to all of the different synthesis parameters as well as controls from the onboard EQ, compressor and multi-effect processor. The sounds can, therefore, be fully customised, and new presets can be created from them.

To summarise, if you just want the sounds as they come and won’t need to customise them, then the Free Player will be fine for you to use. However, if you want to customise these sounds further and save your own presets, you will need to use the expansions with the software they were built for.

For example, you can use the ‘Cinematix Expansion‘ for Chromaphone 2 on it’s own in the free player, however, if you use it within Chromaphone 2 you can then fully customise these 100 extra presets, and combine them with the existing presets to unlock a whole new level of sonic capability!

This includes AAS’ brand new expansion Pop Rocks, but if you want further customisation options then it makes sense to use them within the Strum GS-2 software it was built for.

There are tonnes of different AAS expansions to try out in a variety of different genres for some of AAS’s top plugins. These include titles such as Ultra Analog VA-2, Chromaphone 2, String Studio VS-2, and more! Click here to see them all.