DRONAR: Cinematic Atmospheres – our verdict

DRONAR: Cinematic Atmospheres – our verdict

Gothic Instruments have just released their most terrifying instrument yet! If you thought that DARK SYNTHESIS was spooky, with its Stranger Things 80s synth vibe, then get ready to experience the nail-biting dread of CINEMATIC ATMOSPHERES. Don’t worry though as it’s not just for the horror aficionados! I got inside the new DRONAR library to see what was going on under the hood – and it’s not all doom and gloom…

Open up Kontakt and you’ll be greeted by the intuitive DRONAR front panel. I would like to say that the CA artwork is just amazing, and definitely captures every style that you can create with this library of instruments and FX. Preset banks crafted by the professional sound designers and composers involved have a range of names from ‘Quarentine’ and ‘Blue’ all the way to ‘Hellscapes’. Inside the presets you’ll find a wonderful blend of rich harmonic pads, and atonal – dread-inducing FX. This sound library is going to be a must buy. It isn’t only for multi-media composers, but also for sound designers, sonic artists, and those looking to add some darker edges to their music.

The DRONAR: Cinematic Atmospheres interface is inspiring and intuitive!

Heavenly FX from Hell

This DRONAR library definitely has it’s fingers deep in the sound FX pie, and Alessandro Camnasio (a Hollywood trailer sound designer) talks about how he recorded, warped, and sculpted the FX for the Cinematic Atmospheres Module. You can find out how he did precisely what he did here: http://bit.ly/2fxBzvS

Where would I use this library? In anything that I wanted to add a dark or ethereal edge too. The rich pads and synths let you explore the more harmonic side of your compositions, then the FX let you go to town, subtly adding texture, or inducing the most hardcore fear imaginable. There is so much bang for buck in this library, that it’s firmly usurped my love for HYBRID and DARK SYNTHESIS – and it now sits atop the throne of best DRONAR release to date.

Does CINEMATIC ATMOSPHERES completely replace the other DRONAR titles? Absolutely not, each one of the DRONAR titles is so unique that they couldn’t step on each other’s toes. You could create some huge dark soundscapes with HYBRID and add in some lead synths with DARK SYNTHESIS. Then perhaps you include some background melodies with LIVE STRINGS. Finally layer in some more harmonic pads and texture FX with CINEMATIC ATMOSPHERES.

See what I’m raving about at Time+Space, or check out the trailer below. I created the soundtrack using only the Cinematic Atmospheres Module.

Other titles in the DRONAR series include:

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