Exclusive! Chase & Status on using Spectrasonics in the studio

Exclusive! Chase & Status on using Spectrasonics in the studio

Unless you´re not a radio listener, tv viewer and a newspaper reader, it would have been a mean feat not to have heard mention of Chase & Status in recent months, particularly here in the UK.

For the past few months, the producer/song writing duo from London have been meticulously balancing their time between DJ sets, live tours, and extensive studio sessions whilst working on the much anticipated follow up to their debut album, More Than A Lot.  Along with the new single ´Let You Go´, the new

album will feature their street single ´Heavy´, the critically acclaimed collaboration that saw Chase & Status fuse Dubstep, Grime, and Dizzee Rascal´s classic ´Boy In Da Corner´ to create the highly revered club banger of the year. 

The album will also feature ‘End Credits’, their top 10 smash with current album chart topper Plan B, which was released last year to coincide with the Harry Brown film featuring Michael Caine.

We heard that Chase & Status were using Spectrasonics Trilian and Omnisphere in the studio so we caught up with them to find out more... 

Hi guys, what got you into producing music?

Since we were kids we´ve loved music - Will was DJing hip-hop since he was 12 and Saul was playing the guitar from 12 too - producing our own music became a natural progression for us. We wanted to become DJ´s and also felt that we needed to make music to get the opportunity to play in clubs.

What are your main influences and how have they changed over the years?
New ones have been added over the years such as the Neptunes, but we´ve been inspired by Stevie Wonder, The Prodigy, New Order, Joy Division, Andy C, Konflict - the list goes on...

Can you tell us about the music software you use in the studio? What are your favourite plug-ins?
We use Steinberg Cubase 5 as our sequencer, we´ve always used Cubase. Native Instruments Komplete package with Massive being a firm favourite, and a whole heap of great EQ´s and plenty more that would possibly fill this whole page!

We understand that you use Spectrasonics virtual instruments, which ones do you use and how do you use them?
We´ve used Trilogy & Atmosphere for many years - Trilogy became a staple to our sound for a long time with excellent sounds that we manipulated to how we wanted them to be and Atmosphere does exactly what it says on the tin. Recently we´ve been using Omnisphere and Trilian for pads, bass layers, lead noises etc.

You have had a meteoric rise through the ranks in the last 5 years, did you think it would happen like that?
Thank you - we´ve always believed in ourselves and have set ourselves goals and timelines that we´ve pretty much kept to - however, we´re no way near where we want to be and are still trying to climb that ladder to where we want to be.

What are your plans for 2010 and when is the new album released?
2010 has been about making the new album and touring with the live band. The new single ´Let You Go´ is out Aug 16 and the as yet untitled album is out in November.

Check out Chase & Status´ forthcoming single ´Let You Go´ below: