Exclusive interview: Rob Tissera raves about Rob Papen!

Exclusive interview: Rob Tissera raves about Rob Papen!

Rob Tissera is one of dance music’s most top selling producers and prolific stars, famed for his hi-energy hard trance and hard house sets, he’s also rocked audiences playing dirty funk, uplifting house or big room trance.

However, it wasn’t all quite so plain sailing in the beginning. In 1991, Rob was jailed for inciting a riot at a rave by asking the crowd to stop the police from entering the party. There was a massive stand off for three hours but the police eventually got in and took Rob away for a three month stretch. In Rob’s words – ‘it was not cool at all’.

Things could only get better from there and they certainly did when Rob got his first residency in 1992 at ARK in Leeds. Since then, over the years, he’s been a regular at all the big parties including Gatecrasher, Radio One, Tidy Weekenders, Slinky, Ministry of Sound, Hacienda, Pam’s House,  Hard House Academy, Godskitchen, Global Gathering, Euphoria, Creamfields and Homelands to name a few. In 2004, Rob co-founded Kissdafunk – the award-winning House music club brand from Leeds which sees household names such as David Guetta, Erick Morillo, Steve Angello and more playing regularly to a packed house.

Rob is a fan of Rob Papen’s virtual synths so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch up with him and find out more…

Hi Rob! We hear you’re a regular user of Rob Papen virtual synths. Which do you use and why?
I produce both house music and hard trance which are two very different styles but I've found Predator to be incredibly flexible with both genres. SubBoomBass is ridiculously great too. I love this thing to bits! I also love Albino and Blue as you can stack so many oscillators on top of each other to create enormous layered sounds. His RG plug is also a great bit of kit!

Which of your tracks include Rob Papen sounds?
All of my recent stuff really. Predator is fantastic for house 'dub' bass and little square leads. I've just done a track called 'Come One' with Juan Kidd under my BOBBY TEE alter ego which is currently climbing up the Beatport chart which is full of Papen sounds (check out the demo below).

On the harder front, I've just done a track called 'Freefallin' on Tidy Record. That has a great bass sound in it that I got from RP'S SubBoomBass plug-in.

What other software/plug-ins do you use?
I love all the Arturia kit for making house music. The Sylenth Vanguard and Nexus rule when it comes to hard trance. I still use the Vstation loads too. FM8 and Massive are great for electro and I use the fab filter, camel space and camel phatt on everything.

Do you ever use sample libraries in the production of your own tracks?
I don't know where I'd be without samples to be honest. Sometimes only a sample will give you the authentic building blocks that are required.

Would you ever consider producing a Rob Tissera sample library?
I sure would! Where do I sign?? Haha!! I've often thought about it so don't rule it out.

Where are your favourite places in the world to DJ?
I love Australia and China in particular. The crowds are always so warm.... so's the weather. Haha!!  I've never DJed in Russia so I'm very much looking forward to going there sometime soon.

Do you experience a different kind of reaction from club goers depending on where you are in the world?
Sure. I think you can't really beat the UK for a huge reception. I also truly love Ibiza. Being able to blast it out in front of such a cosmopolitan audience is an immense pleasure.

Aside from the multitude of gigs in the UK, Ibiza and Mallorca over the summer, what else do you have coming up in the next few months?

We have David Guetta and Laidback Luke at the O2 Academy in Leeds on August Bank Holiday Sunday. That'll be amazing. Both of those guys are fantastic ambassadors for both production and DJ-ing. Erick Morillo joins us 4 weeks later.

And finally, what top tips can you offer the budding DJs among our Time+Space customers?
Embrace all new technology with open arms. Make a crowd smile and they'll always be your friend.

Thanks Rob!

Click here for demo of 'Come One'

Click here for demo of 'Free Fallin'

More info on Rob can be found at www.robtissera.com