Gothic Instruments Cinematic Libraries for Kontakt Buyer's Guide

Gothic Instruments Cinematic Libraries for Kontakt Buyer's Guide

Over the past 2 years, ever since the release of the first module, Gothic Instruments have quickly built up a strong reputation for developing incredibly expressive and intuitive sound design tools for Native Instruments Kontakt that are easy to use and sound great.

The mastermind behind Gothic Instruments is British producer and sound designer Dan Graham. Dan has produced sample libraries including Animato and Rise Designer (Zero G) and is also the founder of Gothic Storm Music. Alessandro Camnasio is the sound designer behind a lot of the sounds found in Gothic Instruments titles, and has worked on countless Hollywood films and movie trailers.

There is now a large selection of titles accross the 2 different ranges (DRONAR & SCULPTOR) including various bundles and if you're new to Gothic Instruments it's difficult to know where to start! This buyer's guide should hopefully clear things up and help you with desicions, whilst at the same time inform you about all the products availiable to you. Let's kick off with the bundles!


Gothic Instruments also offer a selection of attractively priced bundles that group together these modules, whilst knocking off some money that saves you from buying them individually! Here they are:


Immerse yourself in the world of DRONAR with this bundle that includes all of Gothic Instruments’ expressive DRONAR atmosphere creator tools in one. With 11 titles in the series so far and more to come, you won’t be running out of sounds and ideas to explore; let DRONAR take your music to the next level! Click here to see the product page and view the included products.

Requires: Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher


This combines all 4 of Gothic Instruments’ SCULPTOR sound design tools into one bundle. Featuring everything you need to create excitement, momentum and intensity in your music, this bundle is perfect for media composers and dance music producers. Click here to see the product page and view the included products.

Requires: Full version of Kontakt 5.6 or higher



The ultimate collection of Gothic Instruments. Including everything you could need from the colossal impacts and energetic whooshes of the SCULPTOR series and the rich and dramatic atmospheres and soundscapes that can be created with the DRONAR line. These tools offer limitless potential for film, tv and video game soundtracks as well as electronic and ambient music. Plus, the bundle saves you over 50% compared to buying each title at its full price! Click here to see the product page and view the 15 included products.

Requires: Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher


Developed for Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player, the 30GB (50GB uncompressed) Master Edition combines all the raw audio and 2,000+ presets from the first eight critically-acclaimed DRONAR modules into one huge beast of an instrument plug-in.

Ideal for creating dark and chilling soundscapes as well as uplifting ethereal and ambient music, the DRONAR Master Edition makes it easy to create and play highly expressive pads, patterns, textures and atmospheres for any genre. Click here to see the product

Requires: FREE Kontakt Player 5.8 or higher


If you're struggling with choice, read on!

Are you...

A film/TV/game composer?

The DRONAR & SCULPTOR series offer modules suited to all types of music-for-media compositions but here’s some advice to help narrow it down. Looking to combine electronic and acoustic sounds? Take a look at these DRONAR modules: Live Strings, Brass & World Flutes, they’re the perfect hybrid instruments as they allow you to balance acoustic and electronic layers for full creative flexibility. If it’s soundscapes you’re after, DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres and DRONAR Hybrid Module offer deep textures ranging from dark to light. If you’re working on trailer music, SCULPTOR Live Impacts adds excitement and high quality energy to actioned packed picture.

If you can’t decide between all these great products, the Gothic Instruments Complete Bundle is for you! It contains the perfect mix of atmospherics, sound design, organic instrumental textures and more. Following this, you can then go on to get the DRONAR Master Edition for 93% off it’s original price!

A dance music producer?

We’d recommend looking into DRONAR titles such as Dark Synthesis, Glitchscapes or Vintage Synth; they are on the more energetic side of the DRONAR range, and applicable to pretty much any genre of dance music! We’ve also found DRONAR Rolling Percussion to be very applicable in dance music, useful for both rhythmic layers and pads!

If you’re after FX transmissions, check out SCULPTOR Epic Risers and Epic Drops; they allow you to step away from just using samples and allow you to create your own transmissions for more originality in your music.

A sound designer?

Any of the 4 SCULPTOR modules would of course be very suitable for you, depending on what you’re after, the titles should give you some guidance! Though we’d recommend looking into the SCULPTOR Bundle that includes all 4 titles, it’s incredible value for what you get and saves you lots compared to buying the titles individually!

Some DRONAR titles to look at would be DRONAR Glitchscapes & DRONAR Metal and Glass, they offer some great source recordings that allow you to go on and sculpt complex textures suitable for sound design.

Ambient/Experimental producer?

One of our top picks would be DRONAR Guitarscapes, Gothic Instruments really discovered an interesting sound world with this library and I can say myself that I always find a way to use it in ambient compositions. DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres would be another recommendation, perfect for the darker side of ambient & experimental music.

Above all we’d recommend the DRONAR Master Edition; it includes all the modules I’ve just mentioned and puts them into one master interface (hence the name!). You’ll be equipped with an expansive library of sounds that will cover all aspects of ambient music.

None of the above/new to Gothic Instruments or new to music making entirely?

We’d recommend downloading the DRONAR Free Edition and get a feel for the Gothic Instruments interface. Then start off easy and buy one of the titles you are most interested in. Once you feel like you’ve explored it enough and understand the features, start buying other libraries!

Get in touch with our support team if you’re still unsure, we’d be happy to help!


General Loyalty Discount

Already own a Gothic Instruments title? You’re entitled to a 20% discount!  If you've previously bought a Gothic Instruments title from Time+Space use code: GOTHLOYA20 when you checkout to save 20% off any Gothic Instruments title! NOTE: You must be logged into your account when you checkout to take advantage of this discount.

DRONAR Master Edition Discount

If you already own 1 or more DRONAR titles, you can take advantage of the following discount codes (excludes DRONAR Free Edition)

  • Own 1-3 DRONARs? Use code: DRONARUP13 and get Master Edition with 36% off
  • Own 4-6 DRONARs? Use code: DRONARUP46 and get Master Edition with 68% off
  • Own 7+ DRONARs? Use code: DRONARUP7P and get Master Edition with 93% off

These codes will only work if you bought all of your DRONAR titles/bundles from Time+Space and you are logged into your account when applying the relevant code. If you didn't purchase all/some of your DRONAR titles from T+S, please contact with proof of purchase. Please also contact us if you have ordered from T+S using different email accounts.



The DRONAR range is a series of innovative sound creator modules dedicated to creating rich, complex and expressive soundscapes, atmospheres and pads. Each module is based on a specific category/instrument with everything from organic guitars & vintage synths to futuristic metallic textures and dark soundscapes.

DRONAR: Hybrid Module

This is where it all started; the Hybrid Module was Gothic Instruments’ first release, and though they’ve come a long way since then, the quality of this module certainly doesn’t fall below the high standards of the others. Create deep, grainy cutting-edge, evolving cinematic and sci-fi atmospheres with the 300 inspiring presets, or start from scratch and explore the immersive interface.

DRONAR: Guitarscapes

The second release of the DRONAR series features a plethora of guitar-inflected textures from natural strummy accompaniments to wildly complex and awe-inspiring soundscapes. Featuring hundreds of beautiful presets and a huge set of controls designed to invite deep exploration, expression and discovery. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can create mind-expanding atmospheres simply from playing a very small number of notes.

DRONAR: Live Strings

From the delightfully melodic to the utterly alarming, Gothic Instruments DRONAR Live Strings features a huge range of string articulations which, thanks to the easy-to-use DRONAR engine, spring to life to present hundreds of evolving, highly playable and expressive cinematic presets to add emotion and drama to your music.

With 10GB of world-class live recordings being fed into a huge multi-track modular plus synth, effect, arpeggio and rhythm sequencer controls, DRONAR Live Strings is a powerful cinematic beast worthy of heaven and hell.

DRONAR: Dark Synthesis

Add tension, darkness and mystery to your music and evoke instant emotions in your audience with DRONAR: Dark Synthesis - the fourth module in Gothic Instruments' incredibly successful series of Kontakt sound design tools.

Heavy synthetic tones that are reminiscent of some of today's most popular TV dramas and complex cinematic sound design layers combine with DRONAR's critically acclaimed audio sculpting tools to make it easy to shape your own take on this sought after Synthwave/Retro Electro sound.

DRONAR: Cinematic Atmospheres

From intensely high pitched to the deepest low frequencies, eerie and haunting, dark and mysterious, not to mention those that are simply offensive to the ears, Cinematic Atmospheres will make you feel cold, tense and inextricably uncomfortable.

They are, therefore, the perfect ingredients for using DRONAR to create evocative musical soundscapes and atmospheric pads that will emotionally charge your next modern cinematic production – from mystery and horror to sci-fi and thriller genres.

DRONAR: Vintage Synth

With a retro futuristic vibe reminiscent of the classic 80's synth from which the sounds were derived, DRONAR Vintage Synth is Gothic Instrument’s sixth module in their critically acclaimed product line of atmosphere creation tools.

Transport your audience into an evolving universe of sound, building trepidation, tension, energy and wonder. DRONAR instantly adds low, mid-range and high sounds plus FX so you barely need other sounds or instruments to quickly create a complete piece of atmospheric music.


DRONAR Brass is the seventh module in Gothic Instruments’ hugely popular atmosphere creation series for Kontakt and brings a distinctively different sound to the product line.

Despite beginning its journey as recordings of a concert brass group in an English church hall, with DRONAR Brass what you DON’T get is a brass sample library. What you DO get are organic, evolving atmospheric pads and pulses with a rich brassy core that can convey a mood of peace as well as heroism. A soundtrack from a steampunk brasstopia where synths are made of brass and run on steam power...


Recorded and processed by movie trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio, DRONAR Metal and Glass was derived from hitting and bowing glass and metal objects and results in a collection of sounds that can range from pure and airy to distorted and dark.

Easily craft disquieting, anxiety-inducing audio for your latest thriller, sci-fi or horror production or forge interesting textures for your cinematic orchestral music or ambient tracks. Either way, your audio will enter unexplored territories that can’t fail to impinge on your listeners’ emotions.


Strange broken glitches, soft radio atmospheres, electric pads and more combined with an award-winning engine make Gothic Instruments DRONAR Glitchscapes one of the most strangely addictive, dramatic and powerful sounding DRONAR Kontakt modules to date.

Think David Lynch movies and award winning TV series Twin Peaks – that surreal dreamlike imagery heightened by slow building, ominous and lingering background noise. Uniquely discomfiting soundscapes brimming with strange industrial humming and hissing, interrupted by odd threatening noises that can’t fail to induce incessant tension and uneasiness.

DRONAR: World Flutes

Conjure a complete universe of sound that evolves from darkness and trepidation to hope and promise with one of Gothic Instruments’ most versatile DRONAR modules released to date – DRONAR World Flutes.

Combining rich organic Chinese dizi, Irish whistle, ocarina and pan pipes textures with DRONAR’s deep, expressive and innovative atmospheric sound creation tools, it’ll take you just a few clicks to craft otherworldly yet deeply human atmospheres, pads, soundscapes and more to whisk your listeners on a journey from fear and suspense to uplifting optimism.

DRONAR: Rolling Percussion

Don’t be fooled by the name - yes Dronar Rolling Percussion has lots of great expressive drum and cymbals rolls (and can be used just for them!), but its main draw is a massive set of beautiful, rich atmospheric evolving pads from an exotic new sound-world.

The rich organic drums were performed, recorded and further processed by sound design expert Alessandro Camnasio. As well as natural untuned drum rolls, we get tuned versions of most sounds that can be played on a keyboard for chords and rich arpeggios, all beautifully responsive to Mod Wheel expression for powerful swells and crescendos.


This special DRONAR Free Edition features five presets from four of the modules (Hybrid, Guitarscapes, Live Strings and new Dark Synthesis). It includes virtually all of the features and controls of the full versions so you can experience the power of these award-winning sound design tools.

Whilst DRONAR is currently developed for the full (paid for) version of Kontakt (v5.6.8 or higher) you can take this Free Edition for a test run in the free Kontakt Player for 15 minutes at a time.


SCULPTOR: Live Impacts

SCULPTOR: Live Impacts Module allows you to create monstrous slamming impacts, ear-splitting strikes and thundering blows in an instant with a set of simple, sound-shaping dials that also allow for a high level of customisation. With SCULPTOR: Live Impacts creating monumental events that induce panic, fear and excitement amongst your audience has never been easier!

SCULPTOR: Massive Whooshes

Create speed, excitement, tension and surprise with a compelling combination of thousands of raw sounds and SCULPTOR's dynamic features and controls.

From adding a critical rush of excitement to a movie trailer, an intensifying SFX to a video game right through to building powerful transitions in your music, SCULPTOR: Massive Whooshes gives you the tools to inject an instant shot of drama into your productions that will impel your audience to sit up and listen. 

SCULPTOR: Epic Drops

From gritty, smooth and bold synth sounds to cutting-edge futuristic textures, SCULPTOR Epic Drops delivers the highest quality raw audio courtesy of Hollywood movie trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio with the incredibly easy to use sculpting options that Gothic Instruments tools have become renowned for.

Drops (also known as falls, downers and power-downs) are an essential feature of dance music and trailer sound design: incredible falling-pitch sonic glue which adds power and professionalism to any hit and stop, and SCULPTOR Epic Drops gives you the means to create them in an instant.

SCULPTOR: Epic Risers

Packed with the highest quality raw sounds painstakingly crafted by top Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio, SCULPTOR Epic Risers will produce incredible sounding sweeps and risers from just a few played notes. Simple yet dynamic features and controls mean you can also dive in deeper to sculpt and enhance your audio in infinite ways.