Rob Papen Go2 – The Press Verdict

Rob Papen Go2 – The Press Verdict

Since Go2’s release at the end of April, Go2 has garnered swarms of praise and acclaim thanks to it’s depth of content, usability, and extremely generous price of £41.95 / $49. And we have a feeling there are going a lot of happy faces once they hear that Rob Papen have just dropped a major update for Go2!

This update introduces full NKS compatibility and a whole host of new presets to Go2, and demonstrates the fact that there has never been a better time to pick it up.

Still deciding whether or not to add it to your arsenal of tools? Here’s what the press have said about Rob Papen’s latest synth so far…

Computer Music

Computer Music“Go2 effortlessly blasts out the sorts of big, rich, heavily modulated modern sounds in all categories – basses, leads, pads, FX, keys, chords, sequences, etc – for which Papen’s superlative instruments have always been known.”

Computer music awards“Versatile, intuitive and enjoyable to work with, Papen’s funky new synth could indeed become a go-to instrument for any electronic music producer or sound designer.”


Sound on Sound

“Go2’s sequencer section is a gift for those working in the EDM field. And if you love textural sounds that move and evolve, there’s a lot to love. It only takes an hour or so to find your way around this synth, and the time spent is well worth it as there’s a lot of sonic capability here for very little outlay.”

Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor All in all, Go2 is hard to fault. Rob Papen appears to have achieved what they set out to do: create a cheap, workhorse of a synth with enough bite and depth to keep you entertained in the long term while not being too complex.

The extensive morphing and modulation system is enjoyable and simple to use, meaning it’s just as easy to dig into unique, wild-sounding synthesis as it is to knock up the most basic of patches. Its price, sound quality, versatility and ease of use mean that Go2 might just live up to its name.”

The Samplecast

The Samplecast“In conclusion Go2 is a winner, especially at the price point of around £40. There’s very little wrong with this synth. The preset manager is comprehensive, and it’s really easy to find and save favourite presets from the hundreds available. Just like the name suggests I can see this becoming my ‘go 2’ synth for many things.”


“I really didn’t expect a $49 synthesiser to contain the functionality that Go2 has and I didn’t expect to be able to get the kind of sounds out of it that I did. I have a substantial arsenal of soft synthesisers that I use on a regular basis and I would never expect to be saying that this is going to be holding a prominent place in my workflow because of the ability to get such immediate results in sculpting a sound.

It’s definitely not a three-oscillator-beast with all the bells and whistles of its larger competitors, but when you stack Go2 up against the simplified and scaled-down synthesisers that some developers have released of late, this one wins hands down for sound and workflow.”

“I am just blown away by this little beast.”

MusicTech Magazine

MusicTech“Thanks to it’s affordable pricing, Go2 is definitely set to appeal to an audience on a budget, so one of the questions may well be, how well MusicTech award does it stack up against the usual run of included DAW synths? Pretty damn well, actually.

Sonically, it definitely has that Rob Papen signature sound: it’s crisp and bright, with plenty of source content for making interesting tones, both with a nod to the analogue classics, but more usefully for digital textures that can morph, meander and twist over time.

Being something of a fan of Wavetable, I found this really great, and if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty with the programming, there’s plenty of preset action to keep you occupied, although the interface is so simple, you’d be bonkers not to get busy with the elements that you are hearing. The filters sound terrific, with the perfect balance of aggression and warmth, which will delight fans of both the digital and analogue sonic camps.” – 10/10

SoundBytes Mag

Soundbytes“I can’t think of many synth plugins (if any!) at this low of a price point with such high quality features and presets. I especially like the arp section with its chord and unison options, as well as the X/Y pad’s modulation possibilities. Modulation of the effects is always a bonus in my book, as you can add even more depth/texture into your presets. If you aren’t a preset designer yourself, don’t worry, as there are over 700 presets to get you going – a generous collection of factory presets is a hallmark of most Rob Papen creations.”