Staff Picks 2021: Time+Space Staff reveal their favourite plugins and VSTs of the year!

Staff Picks 2021: Time+Space Staff reveal their favourite plugins and VSTs of the year!

There is plenty of diverse musical talent amongst the T+S team, so we thought we'd ask our staff what they've been using this year and what their favourite plugins of the year have been.

This is always a hard question to answer, and 2021 has been another fantastic year for music software releases which doesn't make it any easier but we're keen to know what stuck out the most to our team!

Read on to find out their top plugins of the year!

Ross - Head of Marketing

Day-to-day I liaise with suppliers and industry professionals to get you some of the best deals on the market. In my free time, I turn into an electronic music producer focusing on Liquid Drum and Bass, with a passion for the science (and maths) of music. If there is a way to explain how sound behaves, I'll do my best to find out, I just can't help myself. 

Here is what Ross chose as his favourite plugins of the year:

Audiomodern Chordjam

As someone who knows music theory but can't play an instrument, this plugin works wonders for adding new flavours to my productions. For me, it has an easy-to-use GUI that improves my workflow and lessens the time I take to work out a great melody. Which leaves more time for being creative. It also has tonnes of chord variations which come in handy when you get stuck on a particular pattern.

Audiomodern Chordjam

Sonic Atoms Zaria: Nebulous Vocal Textures

Something that surprises me about this product from Sonic Atoms, is how complex you can craft your atmospheres from such a simple and easy-to-use plug-in. And, it sounds amazing! I use it to add depth and emotion to my intros, or add another layer to some of my more musical elements. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Sonic Atoms delivers in 2022!

Lunacy Audio CUBE

This is one of the most creative synth VSTs I have seen in a long time! CUBE offers an interesting 3D XY-Pad style interface which allows you to choose up to 8 different sound sources for the 8 corners of the cube and blend between them with 'orbit' shapes. You can constantly morph between different sound sources and create complex modulation chains, and of course it sounds amazing!

Lunacy Audio CUBE

Jack - Head of Sales/Tech SupportJack Hale Haunt The Woods

Day to day, I cover technical support for Time+Space, but by night I am a musician who plays for Haunt The Woods, and a producer for my own musical endeavours. Check out Haunt The Woods debut album 'Opaque' here! Jack's choices are:


Eventide SplitEQ

It has changed the way I think and deal with EQ! Being able to split the ‘tonal’ and ‘transient’ parts of a sound creates a great advantage of being able to control, and manipulate your sound. It also opens up the possibilities of getting a little bit creative with your EQ – which is always fun!

Eventide SplitEQ

Zero-G Ethera Gold Sahara Voices

Need I say more? Adding yet another great product to the Ethera Series released by Zero-G. With Clara Sorace bringing her angelic vocals to your very ears. An easy to use GUI, great prices (especially if you own another Ethera title), and incredible possibilities – this is a must have in your arsenal.

Jamie - Sales/New Product Assessment


I'm a composer, sound artist and occasional tuba player based in London. I write experimental dance music as Mutebody and compose other music such as film scores under my own name


Jamie's choices are:

AAS Multiphonics CV-1

As a modular synth user myself, I was very pleased to see Applied Acoustic Systems release a software modular synth plugin. This is a lot of fun to use and manages to retain the signature AAS sound with modules such as the Objeq Filter, based on physical modeling technology seen in many other AAS plugins. There is also an incredibly handy online manual which details everything from creating your first patch to individual module descriptions, so beginners will not feel left in the deep end if they purchase!

AAS Multiphonics CV-1

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Toontrack EZX Electronic Edge

Another fantastic addition to the Toontrack EZX expansion line for EZDrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3. I just love the diversity and detailed nature of the samples in this expansion; they sound very modern and clean but you can also twist them into something more harsh and gritty. This is perfect for sound design and modern dance music productions!

Rob Papen DelSane Delay

The latest release in the Rob Papen effects plug-in range is a creative delay tool that combines smooth tape delay with crazy distorted feedback signals, allowing you to switch seamlessly between the two. The GUI features a 'Disrupt Sphere-Slider' which you can map to different parameters of DelSane and modulate using the slider. I've found this a lot of fun to stick on vocals and drums, and then let loose with it!

Rob Papen DelSane

Garrick - Graphic Design

Hi, I’m Garrick! I create most of the images you’ll see scattered around the website during the day, but at night I dive into the more experimental end of ambient, electronic and drone music. I primarily focus on creating immersive soundscapes, places that feel real as you’re listening to them, and telling stories through those textures. Listen to Breachlight here!

Garrick's top picks of the year are:

Sound Yeti Revelation Scoring Grand

So I’ve played around a fair amount with Sound Yeti’s flagship Kontakt instrument and I was surprised when they said they were launching a piano based VI. Revelation Scoring Grand is amazing for me! Being a piano player and using it within some of my music I’m on the lookout for anything that will help me take a normal piano and give it a different persona. From simple, gorgeous, grand piano sounds to luscious or dark accompanying soundscapes and ambiences, Revelation Scoring Grand fits the bill nicely; more of this for Christmas please, SoundYeti!

Lunatic Audio Narcotic

I’m just scratching the surface of what Narcotic can do, but it’s incredibly addictive to play around with. When it comes to FX plugins I like to be able to hear them working subtly on one end of the spectrum, and then be unconventionally and unpredictably wild when I turn all of the buttons on – and Narcotic does that in spades. Most of the fun comes from prodding and poking the ‘mushroom’ X-Y pad, and then mix that with some really killer multi-fx chains and it’s got a whole world of potential in there. Don’t sleep on this while it’s cheap, it’s fun, powerful and has endless creative potential.

Lunatic Audio Narcotic

Sonora Cinematic Poiesis Cello

There’s just something devastatingly emotional about a close-mic’d solo cello. Poiesis Cello is a beautifully captured, raw, solo cello from Alessandro Mastroianni at Sonora Cinematic that is packed full of timbre, texture and emotion. Packed with traditional expressions, it also comes with some stellar experimental and unconventional playing notes (bowing behind the bridge, for instance), which help bring this out of the ‘just another cello instrument’ box into a really malleable and expressive soundscape machine, as well as a hauntingly beautiful solo instrument.