The top 5 things we love about Rob Papen Vecto!

The top 5 things we love about Rob Papen Vecto!

Rob Papen's much loved Vecto synth is 20% off this month, so we thought we'd do a rundown of our 5 favourite features of this legendary soft synth!

Released mid-way through 2019, Vecto was originally a Rack extension for Propellerhead's Reason which was then translated into various plugin formats, much to the delight of regular Rob Papen customers.

Since then it's built up a reputation for itself amongst the producer world and has received numerous excellent reviews from professionals. Now with 20% off, there's no better time to purchase it if you haven't yet!

Here are our top 5 favourite features of Vecto: 

1. Waveform type variety

Rob Papen Vecto Wavetables

Between the 4 oscillators in Vecto, you're able to choose a separate waveform type for each and the selection on offer is huge, around 350 different waveforms to be precise! This goes well above and beyond regular soft synths, diving the waveforms into separate categories: Analogue Waves, Additive Waves, Spectral Waves, Samples 1-3, Big Samples, Tuned Percussive Samples, Percussive Samples & FX Samples. This allows users to process all sorts of sounds through the rest of Vecto's routing chain, and with 4 oscillators there are millions of different combinations possible!

2. XY Vector Pad

Rob Papen Vecto XY Pad

The XY Pad has become something of a staple in more recent Rob Papen plugins, and the way that it is implemented into Vecto proves why it has become so popular amongst users. It acts as a central controller for the oscillators and allows you to smoothly transition between them for constant changes in tone and timbre. On top of this it is also a modulation source, so you can assign various parameters to each axis and record/draw in your own modulation paths.


3. Simple to use, complex results

The layout of Vecto has been cleverly designed to allow musicians, producers and composers of all skill levels to use the plugin. For starters, all sections have been fit onto one page which means no clicking through various sub-menus, everything you need is right in front of you. Sections such as the Modulation and LFO areas, which are often packed with loads of controls causing confusion for new users, have been reduced down in Vecto to only the most essential controls so it's to get the results you're after fast!

4. Preset selection

Rob Papen Preset Selection

Divided into roughly 25 preset folders, Vecto offers an abundance of presets that cover all ranges of sounds such as basses, arps, pads, percussion, choir, strings, SFX and more! We'd recommend bringing up some of the presets you like the sound of and see how they utilise features such as the XY vector pad, this way you'll grasp a great understanding of the plugin straight away!

5. Routing options

This may seem like a small feature but it is actually incredibly handy to have in a plugin, especially one like Vecto which uses multiple oscillators/filters. Each oscillator and filter can be routed in both series and parallel through a variety of distant destinations; this allows users to be really specific about which order they want the synth to perform it's processing chain and opens up the possibilities of Vecto massively!

There's plenty more to discover about Vecto, simply click on the link below to be directed to the product page where you can find audio demos, videos and more info. And don't forget to take advantage of the 20% discount throughout February while you can!